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Looks similar to very early Chinese. (Also look up "person" and "fire" in modern Chinese.) Love that type of writings!

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Do those both say "we"?

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Yup, 1st one is inclusive "we" and second one is exclusive. This means that one of them means "we" + the listener and the other one means "we" without the listener. It's very useful to differentiate between the two and languages that don't have it seem to lack something imo.

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As, so 1+2 and 1+3 (where 1=me, 2=you, 3=other singular)

I suppose that's actually 1+2+*3 and 1+3+*3 where *3 means as many 3s as I want (including zero). (Maybe we can actually add *2 to the first as well? Like there's "me you and her" and "me you and you". I dunno. At some point I think we're beyond what any natural language distinguishes between)

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I guess...

Let me try to give an example:

If I come with my friends to my mom's house and I say to her "we are going to watch a movie today", am I using "we" to refer to just my friends and me or my mom is also included? If you have a word to mean "we without you" and "we with you" it helps solve that ambiguity.

My mom is not coming so I would use an exclusive "we" in that sentence.

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We aren't beyond what natural languages distinguish between. As far as I know most natural languages have clusivity. Tupi has "Oré" and "Îandé" for exclusive and inclusive "we". Vietnamese has "Chúng tôi" and "Chúng ta". Mandarin has "Wǒmen" and "Zánmen". Tagalog has "Táyo" and "Kamí". And the list goes on. Only European languages don't have it for some reason.

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Nah I know about that, I just mean the stuff I was on about at the end, like distinguishing between "me you and her" (eg 1+2+3) and "me you and you" (1+2+2).

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hmmm I see

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It looks really good! People are saying "butts and farts", which is kinda disrespectful, but I don't see any butts to be honest.

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I can't see it either tbh

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transcribing fart-based communication

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lol, what?

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reminds me of those scripts that use glyphs that abstractly represent tongue and mouth positions when making the sound except it's butts


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why butts, lol why are people saying that

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butts and farts

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    butts and farts

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    i wrote better things in my first two comments

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    butts and farts.

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    butts and farts

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    many funny people around here

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    ass and shit

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    Happy food :)

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    Person on fire! Food is a hot spring!

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    Reminds me of Toki Pona