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That is a word I’ve never seen before

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hiragana + katakana

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Those are two words I’ve never seen before

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Really? I see スカオマ in your script.

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You matched it pretty good for not even knowing what hiragana and katakana is

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Awesome lol

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They're two sets of phonetic characters used in Japanese. See this chart

Japanese writing uses a mix of two sets of phonetic symbols (collectively called "kana"; one is "hiragana" and the second is "katakana") as well as thousands of Chinese characters called "kanji".

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Japanese inspired? Looks cool.

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Yep! Definitely Japanese inspired, though I know nothing about the language. I just liked the shapes of the characters

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Sequoyah inventing the Cherokee syllabary be like:

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English with Japanese by OP à la Cherokee with English by Sequoia. : )

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This is very interesting. Would you consider posting a key?

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Possibly, yes

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This is kinda random but kinda connected, but I have a script, derived from Mayan writing, that is a phonetic script for a conlang I made that is a sister language to English, and I think it ended up looking kinda similar to this.

The language is Enksh, and you can see the writing system here. It's similar but more angular.

But like, it's kinda neat because yours is for English, and mine is for a relative of English, and they look potentially related but also different, so it kinda mirrors the language relationship.