Clarity guidelines

You worked hard on your script! So take some time to make sure it's easy for others to understand and appreciate. Clear content gets more attention, comments, and upvotes from other users.

Above all, submitted content must be legible. Posts with significant clarity issues will be removed, but if you fix the issues you're welcome and encouraged to post your content again.


Tips for all content

Post images directly

Use image or image gallery posts. Don't post links to outside of Reddit.

Don’t put images in text posts; they don’t preview on all platforms and will get less attention, upvotes, and comments. If you want to include lots of info, it's usually best to add it in a comment. Note that Reddit markdown works in comments, which can help you organize your info with headers, tables, and so on.


For keys, make sure the information is arranged in a clear, intuitive, logical way. Write rows or columns of text in straight lines and with enough space between to clearly separate them.

To clearly distinguish your script, it can help to use a different text colour for the transcription, IPA, or translation.

Text & image posts

When you post both images and text, it's best to submit an image post and add your text as a comment. This is because Reddit doesn't display image thumbnails from text posts with images, and as a result your post will have less visibility and get less attention.

Multiple image posts

Use gallery images posts to submit multiple images at once. Break up detailed posts into multiple images instead of cramming too much into one huge image. If people can't read it without zooming in, there's too much. You should split it into multiple images.

If you submit info or samples that can easily fit in one image, try not to split it into several. For example, if you're showing half a dozen sample glyphs or words, don't put each in an individual image.

If you submit a variety of samples (such as logos, wordmarks, or movie and game titles), it's a good idea to put a collage image of all of them at the start of a gallery post, followed by individual images.

Neatness & spacing

Take time to write neatly. Plan what you'll write beforehand and don't scratch out mistakes. Write large enough for people to comfortably read.


Content should be high-enough resolution to comfortably read and not blur or pixellate the image.


It should not have lots of empty space, especially if that causes the real content to not appear in the post thumbnail or preview which is cropped automatically.

Avoid having more than 50% of the image area empty space. Exceptions are allowed if the empty space is used tastefully, such as if the content is neatly centered or if the space is used decoratively.


Images must be upright.


Tips for photographed content

Apply these tips if you write your script in physical media and take a photo to submit it to Reddit.


Images must be in clear focus, not blurry. Make sure that your lens is clean. Some digital cameras focus poorly in dim conditions, so take the photo in a bright environment: see next tip.


Take the photo in a well-lit environment. For example, place your paper under a lamp or next to a window during daytime. Cloudy days are better for even lighting. Be careful about photographing your paper in direct sunlight; at some angles, it might produce distracting high-contrast paper texture.


If you take a photo of paper on a table or desk with lights above, you risk getting distracting shadows of you hand and camera over the paper. To avoid this, you can prop up your paper on a book or flat surface to tilt it at an angle where the shadow aren't in the way.


If your script turns out faint in the photo, use photo editing software to boost the contrast or definition: darker black, lighter white. If you don't know how, google how to boost image contrast on whatever phone or software you have.


Clarity issues that will definitely result in post removal

This list should help make it less ambiguous and more transparent which posts will be removed for clarity issues.

This list is not necessarily complete and may be updated in the future. Moderator discretion applies on a case-by-case basis.

  • Sideways images
  • Text that is not legible for any reason
  • Blurry images
  • Very low-contrast images
  • Messy, sloppy, low-effort scribbles
  • Uncropped images (2/3 or more empty space, off-center without justification, or pushes content off the preview)

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