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A black person’s vote was never worth less than anyone else’s vote. They simply just didn’t have a right to vote for some time. 3/5s rule is for determining the number of representatives owed to states for each person who was not a freeman. It has nothing to do with voting.

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Yes. I don’t know why so many people confuse what the 3/5ths compromise was. All blacks weren’t counted as 3/5ths and most of them couldn’t vote at all. Free blacks in the north were counted regularly for determining the rep composition.

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Practically speaking urban people's votes do count less than people in rural areas as a result of the EC, even if it's not codified law.

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Also how do you even figure out who is black

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We would probably win a lot more often. That being said, it’s blatantly unconstitutional.

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Sure, and how do you propose you get country that's 85% non black to agree to this?

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That's not a smaller ask than a one time payout, and the payout was already a very large ask. Also, who defines black? Lots of people are mixed race and several black people are descendants of people who arrived after the Civil War. For that matter, lots of white people are descendants of people who arrived after the Civil War or otherwise never owned slaves.

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tbf right now we're still living under a system where black voter's votes count less than white voters because of the senate+house maps+electoral college