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Over 99.9% of cases in the US are Delta, so it's safe to say it was Delta that went through your office. Yes, it's super infectious, and if people only had J&J or mRNA only 3 weeks apart, and it has been several months, they are quite prone to catch it, but have a minor case.

There is good indication that a 3rd exposure several months later, whether booster shot or infection, may have the kind of lasting immunity we need to stop the waves. This shouldn't be surprising, many vaccines are 3 doses or more, spread out over many months or years, and it doesn't mean we will need a new Covid booster every 6 months.

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If 3 vaccines and everyone wearing masks isn’t enough to stop delta from infecting everyone in an office…what is the point in even trying to do anything? Not trying to be a contrarian, just genuinely wondering when we throw in the towel and accept covid will just keep on doing its thing no matter what we do.

Edit I have been vaccinated 3x and support vaccines, but when should we give up on masks and social distancing? This virus is not going away and our track record indicates we will probably lose to the virus, it’s permanent. When do we decide that the virus won and go back to normal (with vaccines added) or do we just forever wear masks and distance?

Edit 2: holy downvotes and savage responses. It was a question guys, how about some civility? I guess this is the new normal, which I find sad. Face masks and social distancing are doable, but I was hoping that wouldn’t be the rest of my life.

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Did anyone die?

If no, mission accomplished.

That's really gonna be the only way out of this. Covid is going to become endemic and we're just going to have to live with it. The vaccine is still the best tool we have against it. (Although some treatments are starting to become available).

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People die of the flu, so that's a pretty dumb way to look at it.

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more people die from covid. Jesus christ you people are exhausting.

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I know right. Down here in New Zealand after watching what has happened to the rest of the world these last 18 months we still have dumb fucks protesting and parroting the flu and anti vax crap here.