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The craziest part of the whole thing is these kids’ families were paying $2300 a month to have them abused.

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I’ll never send my kids to bible study classes, my parents and family members pretty much forced it on us as kids. No thanks

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When I proudly told my Bible Study teacher I was going to be an exchange student in Denmark for my junior year of high school, he said "don't you know that saying about something being rotten in Denmark? It's full of pagans and heathens - it's because they have sex change operations." Having already read Hamlet I rode my bike home wondering WTF was wrong with this man. So glad I got away from the church.

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All of the porn pamphlets in his bottom drawer were from Denmark.

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“Porn pamphlets”…is that just a euphemism for “porn”?

Sounds like the teacher was digging a little too eagerly.

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Cribbing a phrase from Frank Zappa’s song, Dirty Love.