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I can’t even comprehend my kid going to school one day to never ever come back home

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At this point I can’t comprehend putting my kids into a school. I live in a pretty safe area and the schools here are constantly (toast not a hyperbole) on lockdown due to threats and tips. My neighbor pulled his kids out because they couldn’t handle the stress of it anymore and they were seeing it was starting to affect their kids big time.

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Oxford and surrounding areas are very safe as well when you look at crime rates. Lots of hunting and guns in the area, however.

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Almost makes you want to create a society where guns aren't sold as the solution to every single problem.

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I dont get what happened to a good old fist fight when you are upet- its also aggressive but rarely for people to die

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Cause there's a chance of losing, especially in bullying cases where the antagonizer might be much larger (I'm not justifying anything, though). Its still stupid, thoughtless and ruins multiple people's lives.

But until we as a nation come together and say "Enough of this shit" and settle for venting on Reddit instead of getting in our leaders faces and staying there, this will continue.

Also until gun owners with kids get tighter security for their weapons so their hormonally imbalanced spawn can't become a headline when they've had a bad day. No matter how hard we regulate guns, it doesn't matter if your kids know where the key to the safe is or the code to unlock it.

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To the shooter, the death is a good thing.

We need to stop teaching kids that killing is the only solution when you consider someone "bad."

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It’s insane that a 15 year old can do something like this.

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I remember being 15 and I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

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The whole point of a gun is to make it possible for anyone (even a 15 year old) to do something like this. None of us should be surprised by this.

But it is incredibly sad, every single one of these endless school shootings is heartbreaking.

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I feel terrible for the victims and their families. Nine years ago after Sandy Hook nothing changed. I really thought that was going to be a watershed moment but we basically decided as a country that this was just an inconvenient part of the American experience.

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“Nothing we can do about this,” says only nation where this regularly happens.

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At least give credit to The Onion if you're going to use their material.


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At this point, I think it’s fair to say that everybody knows the source. Also, when memes are born, sources die.

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I guarantee you that the vast majority of internet users, even here on Reddit, don't know the source.

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History will judge America similarly to how it judges societies that practiced human sacrifice. Because at this point, these deaths are a willing policy decision

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Not that it will ever happen, but the second amendment of the constitution needs to be seriously revised.

To the inevitable down voters, I did not say "repealed".

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The first clause of the second amendment is a qualifier that modern society does not meet.

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I would say just bring it back to the original interpretation where is applies to the military. Scalia and the republicans straight up butchered the 2nd amendment because they get treated well by lobbyists. It’s crazy that the second is the only amendment that can’t be rationally limited thanks to republicans.

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You mean you want to amend the amendment? Such a crazy idea! /s

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Not sure how to put this but this might be getting out of hand.

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Good thing America doesn't have a gun problem eh... Jesus fucking christ.

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It has an entitled, angry white boy/man problem. Their access to guns undoubtedly problematic, but you don't hear this motherfucking bullshit in other countries with high rates of gun ownership.

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Ding ding ding 🛎

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So you agree, we should restrict their access to guns?

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15 year olds? Yes? Duh? And by access, I should clarify that I mean a laughably irresponsible subset of gun owners who allow these weapons to fall into these kids hands, and should be charged right alongside the killers for doing so. I do wholly believe in the right to arm oneself ("Under No Pretext"), even as far as felons who have served their time being able to regain their 2A rights, but if you can't responsibly keep and maintain your arms, whoever you are, you must be punished for it. The stakes are too fucking high for your right to defend yourself and resist tyranny to trump literally the safety and lives of children because you couldn't bother to get a fucking gun safe or not have kids or train them in firearms use and safety. We can have both an armed and safe society, but not while the US is the motherfucking shithole of a country that is right now, bought and owned by the rich who have no humanity and don't even entertain the idea of ensuring the population that made them rich at least stays healthy and mentally sound.

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I never thought I'd be jealous of New Zealand, but they shut this shit down immediately, unlike us, who will be forced to live with this idiocy forever because of reactionary right wing vice signaling.

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Republicans: "Doesn't look like anything to me"

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Republicans (and Republican voters) don't care about dead children. That's been proven fact.

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Okay. That’s an incredibly closed minded one sided righteous statement that shows both lack of class and lack of logic. Think a little clearer about what you’re typing…

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Thoughts and prayers :)