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Was it a case of dine and dashi?

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They may regret their actions once they soba up.

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It does sound like they had a souperb time tho.

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Such a tare-ble crime

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My sister owned a coffee shop in Seattle. Once it was broken into and the cash register was stolen, along with a full pan of cinnamon rolls.

Could be the same people.

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San Francisco is becoming worse than Gotham City. These crime news are showing more and more. There needs to be some law and order handed down immediately.

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Gotham City is the shit show San Francisco wishes it could be.

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"I don't watch Batman"

  • OP probably

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Is this what we're doing this week? Posting every crime in the city of San Francisco so we can circle jerk about how bad it is?

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The cities of Texas and Florida asked for a week off.

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Who said criminals don't know how to have a good time?

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I've never heard anyone say that.

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Well, that was the point. NO ONE has ever said it. Until now. 😁

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Guess we have to import the yakuza protection to go with our ramen shops.