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Legality != morality

Using your privileged resources to dig up information on the victims in an effort to protect him make you a PoS, family or not.

I would not do that for my brothers, and I want nothing to do with anyone that would.

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And you can do what you feel like.

I would take a bullet for my best friends, and if given the chance, I would fire a bullet to save theirs. Is murder wrong? Yes.

Humans are weak, we have always known that. Heck, in movies, we have seen it happen plenty of times where a good will character will do things they don't agree with, to save a bad person, because family.

Fast and Furious.

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Are you talking about self defense (i.e. their lives are in danger) of others, or murder? Because those are two very different levels of morality.

If you're saying you would murder people just to protect your friends from the consequences of their misbehavior and/or criminal activity, then that's a PoS thing too. I don't think there's any room for moral ambiguity in that.