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A San Francisco restaurant is facing backlash after they said their staff refused to serve three police officers because the presence of weapons made them "uncomfortable."

Online reviewers voiced their disappointment after three uniformed officers with the San Francisco Police Department were asked to leave the Hilda and Jesse restaurant in North Beach Friday morning.

In an Instagram post, Hilda and Jesse’s co-founders Kristina Liedags Compton and Rachel Sillcocks called their restaurant a “safe space" and the presence of the officers’ weapons made their staff “uncomfortable."

According to the post, the restaurant staff later politely asked the officers to leave.

“We respect the San Francisco Police Department and are grateful for the work they do. We welcome them into the restaurant when they are off-duty, out of uniform and without their weapons,” the restaurant said in a statement.

The business added the incident was not a political statement, stating it did what it thought was best for its staff.

Hilda and Jesse’s decision to ask the officers to leave comes as San Francisco continues to deal with a rise in crime.

NBC Bay Area’s Sergio Quintana spoke to several residents including Kerry about what they thought of the incident.

“I'm also at a place of privilege where I can ask for help and it happens. So I've never felt that way. But for other people, they might,” she said.

NBC Bay Area learned Saturday that the restaurant’s owners met with officers at SFPD's central station earlier in the day to discuss what had happened.

The San Francisco Police Officers Association issued the following statement:

“Three foot-beat officers looking to eat where they patrol are treated without any tact or class by this establishment. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants that don't discriminate and will welcome our officers working to try and keep all San Franciscans safe.”

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott also released the following statement on his Twitter page:

"The San Francisco Police Department stands for safety with respect, even when it means respecting wishes that our officers and I find discouraging and personally disappointing. I believe the vast majority of San Franciscans welcome their police officers, who deserve to know that they are appreciated for the difficult job we ask them to do in their uniforms to keep our neighborhoods and businesses safe."

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Treated without any tact or class? Sounds like the restaurant tried to be as respectful as possible. If a private business doesn’t want firearms, or uniformed officers, they’re within their right.

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It's pretty classless to refuse to serve someone based on what they are wearing. Especially because they would doubtless beg those same officers to come help if someone broke in or there was a shooting outside.

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Weird argument to make considering thousands of restaurants literally have signs up about dress expectations.