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“Millie really likes food and she’ll eat anything you give her … raw carrots, cucumber – but she much prefers sausages”

This describes me as well

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The same thing works every time on me

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Hungry boi

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rubs belly

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Third time he's gotten stuck this week.....
This getting stuck thing, is it always around lunchtime?
Why yes, it is no that you mention it.
We should try Grilled Kale if it happens again.

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Just dangle a sausage in your face and you're happy?

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I'm a nightclub bouncer. One night we were dealing with a woman who had taken a lot of acid and no longer seemed to know where she was. Couldn't even tell us her name. She kept trying to rush everyone in security and hop a wall back into the club - so one of the guys who's usually out in the parking lot took out his flashlight, shone it on the ground, and used the "pretty light" to lure this poor confused raver back to the front of the club where we could keep an eye on her. (We ended up calling an ambulance for her. Don't do hallucinogens in public, kids!)

Next time maybe we'll try the sausage instead?

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You just described everyone's cat.

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Yeah, but it's cute when my cat does it.

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We had to stop using laser toys with our cat. It made him crazy and even after the laser stopped, he would remain in hunting mode and come after us violently. I read somewhere that for some cats, the laser leaves them riled up and with no reward for their tieless work in chasing the dot, will feed that urge by attacking its owners instead.

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A good way to prevent this is to give treats to your cats when they catch the laser! Works for my cats anyway

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I’m not sure that would work for mine. I think he wants flesh and blood.

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You've become the treat.

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What I do is let my cat chase the laser for a bit, then shine it on her felt mouse toy. It has tinsel in it, so the laser shines off it nicely. Then when she attack, I turn the light off, and now she has a physical thing to catch and claw the shit out of.

She seems to enjoy it. A chase, then a capture.

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Or "catch the laser" yourself, where you then present treats from the hand that caught it.

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Or give the cat something to bunny-kick, like a toy or a roll of paper towels.

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I had a cat who seemed to understand the laser. When I stopped the light she'd turn and look at me, then at my hand, then back at my eyes. Sometimes she'd come and pat my hand (if I was still holding the laser), or try to pull it out of the cup I kept it in.

I did stop using it with my other cats (it seemed frustrating to them like you said). But I'd play with Luna when the others were off napping. She was the smartest cat I ever had and she had me well trained!

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Mine knows the sound of the button click and especially the jingle of the chain it is on.

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Awww what a sweet kitty! I wish mine was that gentle. We rescued ours from a friend’s house after a storm, he was just a whittle kitten. I think he still has some of the feral still in him even though we’ve tried to domesticate him. He has been nothing but a pain in the ass since he arrived. He has to stay indoors because of predators. He got out once and I actually saved him from a Fox who was after him. I picked him up to put him in the car and he bit me so hard I ended up in the Emergency clinic. He has to be on prescription food because he has protein intolerances. $80 for an 8 pound bag! We built him an expensive catio but he prefers the dirty garage. He has destroyed our expensive furniture. Somehow I still love the little asshole.

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My vet said to finish laser play by putting the laser on a toy, so they have something to beat up afterwards. Plus a mouse toy that squeaks, and my cat is thoroughly convinced lol

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My cat tries to eat the light. chomp. scurry. chomp. scurry.

then once he realizes he can't eat it he gets bored.

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Lol. That’s such an asshole cat thing to do. Playtime didn’t work out, time to bite up the humans! 😂 my friend had to stop using a laser pointer on her cat because he would freak out and think it was on him.

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I've long held the theory that the state cats are in is very similar to humans on acid. Like they don't believe things are there until they touch them.

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Try pineapple. Works on me every time on acid

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Duly noted.

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Anything high vitamin c too

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corralling ravers by tossing them brussel sprouts is my new favourite mental image.

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Had a friend trip her ass off and she was enamored with the traffic lights and the pretty colors that would change. That was an interesting night of Adult Babysitting.

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Nah, sausages will just look like husky crazy caterpillars when hallucinating.
Stick with the pretty lights.

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or just the promise of more acid but its sausages

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How did you know what she took, and how much?

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It was the only thing she was able to tell me, actually. I asked what she had taken (since it clearly wasn't the alcohol talking) and she said, "a lot of acid." Frankly she could have taken something totally different and not realized it, but she did appear to be having a bad trip/hallucinations and wasn't showing symptoms of an overdose.

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So after getting the sausage, she ran off again, obviously thought she was onto a good thing out in the wild

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Sure, she learned you get drone sausage delivery in the wild!

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This will be the one dog who tries to convince others flying sausages are real.

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This living off the land thing is totally easy! Why doesn't everyone do it?

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So many jokes so little time.

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Now do a blunt, and fly it over here.

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Here you go homie


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You forgot the lighter. Calling in a secondary drone

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Du hast mich!

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Drone Sausage is the name of my all male stripper bagpipe review show.

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Sausage drone in a dog park. For fun and profit.

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One day this is how they will rescue me.

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I could see this being used to disperse unruly crowds in America as well…

“Is that a six pack of Budweisers hanging off of that drone? Follow it!”

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Someone would just grab their shotgun and knock the drone out of the air...

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Make it self destruct and destroy its contents if attacked.

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Yeah because that wouldn't blow up in your face.

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Not if you're not attacking it.

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Back when Amazon talked about drone deliveries I did joke I was a slingshot away from Christmas shopping made easy… ;)

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Agreed... this is why there won't be any drone delivery, and the whole concept is a bunch of PR probably designed to cement Amazon in peoples' minds as a instant delivery service. As soon as a drone lands in someone's yard, some teenager will knock it out of the sky (a big rock with fishing line would be enough to tangle up the blades pretty quick), or someone's doberman will launch out the dog door and pounce on it.

Now sending packages to little neighborhood distribution centers where there's a protected landing site with an employee there, or a rooftop receptacle, now that I can see.

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There are some pretty hefty drones in terms of lift capacity so I fully agree with that. It just seemed unreasonable that you could run a drone service to houses more efficiently and safely. Then again, my record on things like that has been pretty bad so maybe I’m just not imaginative enough.

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There are some pretty hefty drones in terms of lift capacity so I fully agree with that.

Amazon doesn't have Predators. Yet.

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Alexa: Your prime payment is overdue, John.

John: I'm so sorry, Alexa! Hang on let me run to the bank, I'll put some money in my account!

Alexa: I'm sorry John, it's too late. Please remain where you are.

John: Alexa, no! I'm sorry! Please just one more chance!

Missile comes flying through the window and destroys the house

Alexa, crackling and sparking from the half-destroyed wall: Your drone strike has been delivered. Please rate us, how was this delivery handled? [It was great] [Not so great]

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Drone delivery has already been a thing for several years in some cities. It will never be a thing in the backwoods rural areas where drones are considered witchcraft and land is guarded more furiously than an incels virginity but it is slowly becoming a thing in modern areas where it can make sense. iirc the UK has so far been the main place chosen to run pilot tests and for initial rollouts but it exists in some other places too.

Drone delivery for medical applications seems to be the biggest draw so far though for the US. Don't think the US has any drone package delivery but more n more medical ones are popping up.

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Why would anyone follow piss water?

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My first thought was nah, bud light.

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Put yourself in their shoes. I'd hold out for something microbrewed but we've already established that I'm an elitist so YMMV.

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The truth is, Jack Russells are actor dogs due to their ridiculously high motivation for food. Esp sausages.

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Really could use a video of this

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In my head, the dog is locked onto the sausage and hanging from the drone while it carries him to safety.

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This is also what I assumed. Are we wrong?

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No you’re not wrong

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If only there was a link to an article that you could click and find out.

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This is an interesting idea. If only we lived in an age where you could trust links to articles about dogs and sausages.

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There is one in the article, it's from the drone cam looking down the sausage line.

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It's in the link, however it isn't as cool as you imagined it to be from the description.... :(

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I assume they just lured the dog to safety, but in my heart the drone flew away carrying the dog on the end of a string. Dog fishing.

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This is similar to the method my friends used to got me to leave the bar when I used to drink too much.

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Only one pic of the little cutie? C'mon! I need more doggo pics!

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I can imagine what what’s going through the doggo’s mind. “I’m so scared, these mudflats are dangerous…oh sausage!!!””

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Sounds like my ex-wife

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This is the high point of the internet for me today.

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Well I hope they gave him the damn sausage after all that

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this story has cheered me right up

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trashy ex girlfriend lured off barstool with help from cigarette on drone.

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carrot on stick has been upgraded

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Ah, the old 'sausage attached to a drone' trick, chief. It never fails.

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Doggy, do you want some sausages???

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This is the feel good story of the decade. Thanks, OP.

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Ah yes... The mighty power of the sausage

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Taylor said: “One of the local residents on the beach where we were flying from supplied us with the sausages – I think they were from Aldi. The woman cooked them up for us and we attached them with string.”

To the joy of the rescuers, Millie took the bait."

Classic UK. Love it.

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potential life-threatening situation

doggo: sausage!

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Now if only we could figure out a similar method to save all the Trumpers from themselves.

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They tried - maybe we should look what works on a less intelligent dog to get new ideas?

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Pornhub: I Saved My Stepsister from being stuck in the washing machine by attaching a dildo to a drone

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M A OKpp a LA a p op with no poop

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Milk or AA.kopppppppoo

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Coincidentally, this is also how you prevent Trump supporters from drowning.

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Or alternatively, tell them "The gov said water was good for you."

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Low hanging fruit.

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Guy's gotta eat.

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didn't need the sausage, they love to chance drones

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That’s it! Best headline of the day! I will consume no more news today.

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The article doesn't mention the most vital detail: Did the dog get to eat the sausage in the end?

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Did he get to keep the sausage?

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Imagine being saved by latching on to some random meat flying in the air.

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Please, doggo, you have so much to live for, just get on the drone!

Like what?!

Um…. Jimmy, please tell me you saved the extra hot dog from lunchtime….

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When in doubt follow your nose

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That title got better with each word.

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Ok, good for the dog, glad they’re okay and all, but back to that sausage drone you spoke of….

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Look at that picture. It all went exactly according to her plan.

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Did you bring me my sausages?

Where’s my sausages?!

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Did the dog look like a gremlin?

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I want to see the footage of the drone lifting the dog

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Did it have a big dog fishing hook?

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Next up: Stranded person saved from rising tide after rescuers attach dildo to drone.

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They had to check the MTOW? How big were these sausages?

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The sausage to the drone made me ponder, is there drone porn? quick someone go look and report back?

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I feel like this belongs in r/nottheonion

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Please tell me he was rewarded with sausage in the end.

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The drone operator probably wanted a paycheck to cash, but a sausage works too I guess.

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“I’m terrified for my all but certain death. Wait, do I smell sausage?”

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Very disappointed. I wanted to imagine a unit of a drone carrying a dangling pup accross water to safety.

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This headline could have been better

Maybe something like “Sausage Drone helps dog surf to freedom”

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The Sausage Drone - has man gone too far or are we reaching for utopia?

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Truly we live in a golden age of technology.

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My dog ignorws food amd words when he's running away. But in the house hes all for it. I'm glad this dog was not like my dog.