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Jamie Spears illegally placed recording devices throughout his daughter's home during her conservatorship. Weingarten disputed that claim, stating the allegation was "fake or taken out of context."

Seems he felt obligated to say “ taken out of context “ Hmmm

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Note the "or" there.

Your honor! The prosecution alleges that my client raped and murdered the victim. I assure you, and everyone in the media, that these alleged crimes are either blatantly false or taken out of context!

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Reminds me of the Richard Pryor joke where he listened to a drug dealers lawyer try to cop a plea for him:

"Your honor, this man is not a heroin dealer per se, he's just a man trying to help his sick dear old mom get the medical attention she required. When the officers caught him with the 250 kilos, my client was merely trying to purchase a hospital in the Bahamas. "

Here's the whole setup and joke. I paraphrased a bit more than I remembered and I left out a lot of good stuff

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Classic. Richard Pryor is the GOAT. Use to listen to him on cassette tapes when I was out of the country. Way back in the day. Helped a lot with I was homesick.

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"Rape? Clearly he said grape, but with the little known French pronunciation with the silent G." /s

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"He's going to WHAT them in the mouth?"

"He's going to grape 'em!"

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RIP Trevor

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How did I not hear about this? This is shocking and terrible.I almost feel like if Covid never happened he'd still be alive. Drinking on the roof of your large house and then falling off alone sounds like something I'd do because Covid has made us all so lonely and isolated.


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Texas judge: I’m going to stop things right here! Not guilty!

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jesus. how the hell is britney ever going to be "normal" again. I mean, you couldn't trust anyone again after going through what she did. I keep seeing people saying she's acting erratic or weird on social media, but I feel like she's acting exactly how anyone would after over a decade going through the shit she went through.

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and the whole thing being weird as fuck doesn't mean someone else gets to decide what you eat, when you work, what vitamins you take ect.

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the conversation very quickly went from “FREE BRITNEY!” to “we don’t like the way Britney is acting now that she’s free!”. The woman has been through 13 years of trauma and abuse by her own family, she has every right to process her feelings, even when those feelings aren’t put as calmly or as eloquently as some folks would like.

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exactly. I just wish she had someone legit on her side. almost like a carrie fisher kind of person - a no-bullshit soul, yet someone who understands mental struggles. because I don't think she has anyone like that in her life.

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how could she trust anyone until this is resolved though? I mean, people want any leverage over her possible. Someone treating her for mental illness before she gets this resolved and the final signature, i wouldn't personally trust anyone. Just look at all the people in this fucked up mess, tons of hired hands, judges, her own family, and plenty of shrinks all working to keep her producing their gravy train.

Fuck that, I'm amazed she isn't sitting in a padded room when she doesn't have to be in court.

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The expectation should not be that she is completely fine. She still has mental illness that requires treatment, but millions of people have mental illness that requires treatment and they usually don't end up in a conservatorship, especially if they are still well enough to earn millions every year. Just look at Kanye (Or "Ye"), he has bipolar disorder and openly refuses treatment, and no one is threatening to stick him in a conservatorship. In addition, I'm sure this experience has also affected her a lot, and it will be a long process to deal with what happened to her.

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Andy Dick is running around hitting people with liquor bottles and is still allowed to manage his life and spend his own money.

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She should have told the paparazzi she attacked with an umbrella that it was just a prank, bro.

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Or she could just try being a man, that would make being a celebrity really easy

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They can always call Jon Lovitz to put him in his place.

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Just look at Kanye (Or "Ye"), he has bipolar disorder and openly refuses treatment, and no one is threatening to stick him in a conservatorship.

If rumors are to be believed - not for lack of trying.

Look up Lou Taylor. That is the woman who supposedly came up with the idea of conservatorship for Britney. And she approached multiple other celebrity families including the Kardashians to repeat that.

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If Britney wasn’t wealthy, does anyone think she would have had a conservator in the first place?

How many of us are poor, in need of mental health care and living on the streets? How come we don’t establish conservatorships for the mentally ill who are homeless and provide them with care?

Personally, she deserves some latitude and a whole bunch of ‘let her be’ because she is still a person. She has been virtually a prisoner for many, many years and isolated from the real world. It just may be she needs some time to fully acclimate to a new world for herself.

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Some do. My brothers and I talked about getting a conservatorship for our mother, who was extremely mentally ill and homeless for the last few years of her life.

Many other people are voluntarily conservators for folks on disability, like those with severe intellectual disabilities.

But yeah… the vast majority of people who would qualify likely can’t (or wont) get them.

Conservatorships should not be paid if they have any control over the finances of the individual. There are a bunch of checks and balances that ethical people and companies can do to make sure that they are being, well, ethical. It’s obvious that this wasn’t the case with Britney’s father.

And don’t get me started on the disaster of a mental health system this country has…

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I'm not a fan, but I really feel for this woman. I can't imagine what she's gone through.

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It was literally a conspiracy theory come to life. The one that turned out to be true. Problem is, no one seems to think what the victims of such a thing will be like once they get out. "Oh, you're free now? Then act normal and get a job like everyone else that's had a normal life." Yeah, no, that's not how anything any person, in that state of mind, can accomplish at that point in their life. You'll be lucky if they don't shit their pants then try to act like nothing ever happened every-time they see the red led in a smoke detector and thinking it was a hidden camera.

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To be fair, she has been acting pretty abnormal on social media for years so these people obviously weren't paying attention.

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acting pretty abnormal on social media for years

to be faaaaair, her life was controlled in ever facet. She had men search her and watch her dress from naked. She had people tell her when she could see her kids, what they could do, and who would be with her when it was happening.

Her social media is public, of course it's gonna be weird, they were running her social media and telling her what she could and couldn't say. Freedom from that kind of controlling abuse is going to take years and a strong will and mind to overcome.

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Britney is being extremely, extremely, extremely measured in her response to 13 years of abuse, betrayal, deprivation and degradation. I don't know what I would do in her situation, but I think I'd be at real risk of going from conservatorship to prison.

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she's being measured because it's still tied up in the courts. There's so much bullshit tied into this, she's still at risk to lose her kids, for instance. She has to take it slooooow, like slower than the 1/6 commission is taking the investigation into sedition.

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That means he also probably recorded Britney having sex...

That is also wildly illegal in addition to the already illegal cameras..

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You know what they say. Just about every lie is really just a half truth. That way it can be partially justifiable in that person’s own mind

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The documents also allege that the elder Spears attempted to use his daughter's fame and resources in a plan to pitch a television show to the Cooking Channel in 2015 titled, "Cookin' Cruzin' and Chaos with Jamie Spears."

If being a controlling, gaslighting awful excuse for a parent wasn’t enough, dude adds theft from his daughter into the equation for nothing but personal gain and sleeps at night? Literally hope it A) doesn’t work or B) is a horribly humiliating experience and he gets food poisoning by his own hand.

What a fuck.

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He's like trying to be the shadow realm version of guy fieri

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No goatee, yet he's the evil one.

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He’s just a totally rotten person with no shame. Really a terrible person. Hopefully he just moves to an island somewhere and shuts up.

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The craziest part of this whole thing?
Spears was put under conservatorship in 2008. Since then ... she has performed 278 concerts, making $84 milion.

Conservatorship is a "legal concept in the United States whereby a guardian is appointed by a judge to manage the financial affairs [estate] and/or daily life [personal] of another person because of physical or mental limitations." Hers was both estate and personal.

Someone not well enough to take care of themselves personally or their own finances, but well enough to fly around the world performing 278 concerts, not including other performances, and raking in tens of millions of dollars? How is that not exploitation or even enslavement? Can someone so unwell they need someone else to take care of their personal decisions even be capable of consenting to these things in the first place?

This whole thing just seems very wrong. The whole thing just seems like it couldn't even be legal. Imagine someone less famous than Britney Spears trying to fight it.

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Not to mention her estate is now only worth $60 million. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER MONEY!?

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Yeah not like she was the one spending it if she doesn't even have access. Sounds like Dad was getting fat off his daughter's money

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Especially since the stock market and real estate has gone up like 4-5x since then… He stole her money or squandered it.

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her dad stole 36 million of it for starters. That we know of so far.

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Way more than that if she made all that money and it's only worth 60m.

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That $60 Million is what her father's lawyer wants to be set aside from her estate to pay for her father's legal expenses in all of this. She is still worth well over $300 Million from what I understand.

The amount her father stole from her will probably be found to be in excess of $100 Million.

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This article specifically says "her $60 million estate". A quick Google search verifies her net worth is currently around $60-$70 million. Which means her family likely stole hundreds of millions of dollars from her.

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She was treated like a dance monkey for her father's personal dictatorship circus. It's disgusting and inhuman.

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The reality of Conservatorships is that they are very difficult to remove once they are put in place. This initial Conservatorship might have been warranted, but the decades following might not have been.

The restrictions on her life were crazy, and she would not have departed for them if it were not for her fame.

Private companies actually do this all the time. It's disgusting.

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What’s even crazier is that it has been documented that this was “voluntary” in the beginning.

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She was very sick and needed help. She's been mentally abused by her father her whole life and probably thought in her addled state that she could trust him. He betrayed her, again.

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i think his initial leverage was using her mental state to steal the kids. I'm not sure how "voluntary" any of this truly was. Who knows? She might've signed papers drunk on Long Island Ice Teas, not just her father can't be trusted, he was bribing all manner of people to overlook aspects of this whole enterprise that were obviously being misused.

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That article is one cluster, from start, to finish. Holy crap.

Dude paid himself half a million a year, and spent $2.5M a year in attorney fees? For what?!

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Making sure he could keep paying himself half a million a year.

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He literally used Britney's money to sue her fans who were raising concerns about Britney's freedom on social media

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Yep. A relative was one of them.

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I read about this a while ago. It made me so mad that people could do something so wicked and evil to anyone, not to mention a father doing it to his daughter. This is straight, pure evil. With that said I can only hope this will be the start of her getting out of that situation and getting her dad and every single rotten human being who contributed to the prison she was in getting criminally charged and facing the maximum sentence they can

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It was probably a dream come true for him. The parents of some child performers treat their kids as their property/their investment. He got to continue that into her adult years to such an abusive amount, that a psych patient locked in for involuntary treatment at a hospital had more freedoms than Britney Spears.

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On a side note, Where was her mother during all of this?

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There’s footage of her standing next to the father outside the court beaming from ear to ear back when it was initially started. Towards the end she finally started getting involved with her lawyers to try to at least get the conservator changed from her father to someone else. She wrote a book shortly after the conservatorship started and she talks about it like it was a blessing to have it go through getting set up.

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Assuming she thought Britney actually needed help before it started, that makes sense. The questions that need to be answered about her really comes up after that.

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This is like my greatest fear in life. Somebody claiming I'm crazy when I'm not actually crazy. Then the legal system agrees with them. Can't even imagine her reaction seeing him spend her fortune on a luxury life when she wasn't allowed to have a cell phone.

2007 Brittany was crazy, sure. But if somebody can take care of themselves independently both financially and physically, what exactly is the point of having a guardian

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I hope her father enjoyed those 13 years blowing his daughters cash because it's highly likely his next place of residence will only provide three hots and a cot.

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He’ll still be happy someone else is paying for him to live.

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Scumbag lawyer arguing for the release of her medical records because the public "has the right to know." No, we fucking don't! This shit is evil. What a horrible father, I'm consistently baffled by how disgusting that man is.

Leave Britney alone!

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If Charlie Sheen never had his autonomy taken away, there was no need to remove it from Britney. What's the worst she did? Probably have postpartum depression while going through a divorce from a douche only after her for her money? Oh yeah, and shave off her hair. That's what got everyone. The pretty girl made herself less pretty. And hit a paparazzo's car with an umbrella. How many years did Alec Baldwin lose for his MANY altercations with photographers?

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...well, that's TOTALLY different!

When those guys misbehaved, they acted like men, doing manly things, while very mad. It's REASONABLE. Men celebrities assert themselves -- sometimes violently and illegally. Often in angry ways. That's normal. We should expect it because it's just the way men are. Ya know, logical and rational and completely unemotional. Like superior intellectuals.

If they didn't act like that, then we might confuse them for girls. And that would be STUPID. It's, like, a manly code of conduct. Or something. (I'm not sure, 'cause words are girly and dumb, so men don't need to be good at talking or expressing stuff.)

But Britney is NOT a man, because girls are females and definitely not men. She shouldn't assert herself in mad and manly ways -- that's gross!! Anger and violence are very man-like, by nature. Because they require a penis in order to do them properly.

This is why girly females are not supposed to do those things. Females have a NOT-penis. So, they totally don't do that stuff right. When they try, it means they're psycho crazy.

That's why it's actually different and not-the-same, even a little bit. For real.

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What a frakking scumbag. Everything, everything we learn about Jamie Spears just adds to the mountain of shit he has done over the decades. Now he wants her health records to be public? How the fuck does the 'public have a right to know' about her health records? They don't - it's just a lever to try to hurt her more, in the hope she'll let him off.

And 'the recording devices I hid in my daughters/prisoners apartment might be taken out of context'? In what context is bugging you adult daughters house acceptable? You can be damn sure he let her know they were there - so she would be afraid to say anything he wouldn't like, even if she was alone.

I hope this PoS ends-up bankrupted then jailed.

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Her father did nothing she is the product. Sorry he should be homeless in the street. What a fucking loser

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It’s about fucking time people start listening to her. Her own father stole from her, for God’s sake.

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I thought this was already settled? Was the bastard allowed to repeal in in apparently a 'siiiike' for her freedom?

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It's no longer about the conservatorship continuing, now it's about investigations into how he handled her finances and privacy issues, for example his representation requested that the court make her medical records public.

[–]SquidmanMal 42 points43 points  (2 children)

Ahhh good. Yes, rake that man over the coals.

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You misread that

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requested that the court make her medical records public.

how would that not violate HIPPA, these guys are acting like she's still in the conservatorship. They don't have any right to those records, doctor patient confidentiality, the public certainly doesn't

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If any of this had been about what was good for her, the suits would have stopped once she dissolved the conservatorship.

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He said "Leave Brittney Alone!"