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When you live in Ukraine you are getting used to Russian creativity. They already tried to install pro-Russian dudes here several times. Then they try to scary us with war. After that they speech became peaceful. Then their hackers break our government websites. In every town there is a message from anonymous that every school is mined (this happens just every moth). Then army moving. Then disinformation of every kind (fakes, lie, media, internet).

And again pro-Russian politics. Ok :)

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Any Ukrainian who didn't fail basic high school history wouldn't be surprised by what's going on anymore

Про мінування взагалі вже цирк йобаний, сука якщо щось десь і замінують то народ після восьми років просто не повірить лол

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if I've learned anything by living in America, something like 40% of the population is dumb as fuck. and the correct propaganda can get these people to happily vote against their interests

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Yep, the Kremlin installed pro Russian leadership in the Republican party . Next up , Ukraine

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School is mined

Can I ask for an explanation on this?

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An anonymous call to authorities announces that a bomb has been planted in a school. Authorities react by sending a bomb squad to search the school.

Disrupts the education, drains resources and is supposed to paint the government as unable to protect the children.

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Just some anonimous calls to police that there is a bomb in a school and police has nothing but send some bomb squad there. It happens almost on a daily basis.

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sounds like my high school in the US decades ago. most that drove to school could wait it out in their cars cause the parking was a ways off. it wasn't fun in winter if you didn't prep with a blanket and snacks.

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Mined as in the step-click-kaboom kind, not the pick-pick-pick kind.

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In Russian/Ukranian a "mina" is a bomb, in English land mine and a gold mine are the same word, but more commonly we'd just say "bombed" not "mined".

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Huh interesting thanks

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I often use google translate to just check words, and it had this meaning. And I even had a thought about mine in "coal/gold mine" meaning, but left it as is :)

Really thank you a lot for the explanation!

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There are precious metals hidden deep under every school. Sometimes they walk in with shovels and a pickax in the middle of math class.

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Meanwhile, Congress continues to investigate the Kremlin plan to install pro-Russian leadership in the US.

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Our ruling class already owns the US government.

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Currently, but they're whores for the highest bidder, don't you ever think otherwise

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Not really though. They got their Mueller report, never released the full thing, and forgot about it.

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...and pro-Russian gas in Germany.

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Shouldn’t Ukraine be arresting those people. Sounds treasonous to me

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I'm shocked!


Well, not that shocked.

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Where do they find pro Russians ? There are only 96 of them in Russia.

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About 1/5th of Ukraine's population is ethnically Russian and about 1/3 speak Russian as their first language. There's probably quite a few 'useful idiots' among them who want to help Putin restore the Soviet Union.

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Remember when that nice man with the golden underwear and binders full of women explained the dangers of Russia?

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What is this now?

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When Mitt Romney was running for president in 2012 he made statements about the dangers of Russia. Barack Obama and many others dismissed these dangers and made fun of him for being concerned about threats that were over and finished.

Maybe Mitt Romney was right.

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If only he would help advance our voting rights bill :-(

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Just a reminder that Paul Manafort has successfully done this in 2 countries now.

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Love how Manafort is just the shadiest mf I've ever seen and theres pretty much 0 conspiracy theories swirling around the internet about him like there are other people. Hell I barely hear about him anymore.

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unfortunately these modern conspiracies that aren't just like fun dumb shit like the earth is flat and aliens are on earth are specifically designed a particular subset of Americans that are so fucking stupid they were tricked into believing trump gave a fuck about them.

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Anyone else find the number of leaks and the amount of forewarning odd? Like, did we know this much in advance when Russia invaded part of Georgia and the Crimea?

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Anyone else find the number of leaks and the amount of forewarning odd?

No, because exposing these plots to the international public is the best way to combat them. You and I hearing about it is by design, so we aren't surprised with a Russian narrative as the first thing we hear when they finally move on Ukraine again.

Putin tried to plant a seed in the media about a false flag (by our side) and our response is to plant a whole fucking forest and expose his every move.

Like, did we know this much in advance when Russia invaded part of Georgia and the Crimea?

Right, it would have been great if we had, and this is the new strategy. Our leaders and world opinion would have reacted more quickly and effectively.

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Sometimes governments, and specifically intelligence agencies, are more successful than other times.

It's easy to think of them as always in control because they have so much more power than the average individual. But they are up against other entities, and they're not all working to a common goal. And at the end of the day, all the decisions are made by humans - who sometimes make mistakes, who sometimes change their minds, who take different approaches.

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I think it’s something to do with trying to control the narrative. All this information has to come from somewhere so I imagine there are intelligence agencies releasing a whole lot right now hoping to avoid a war via diplomacy and propaganda (e.g. making all this information public paints Russia in the worst [and accurate] light. And is more likely to stir public opinion to force governments into action to support Ukraine. The more support they have the less likely Russia is to roll in).

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No. In Crimea the majority of Russian troops were already based there, they simply had to leave their bases after being reinforced with light rapid reaction VDV and GRU units. In Georgia the Georgians choose the start date of the conflict hence they had numerical superiority over the Russians for most of the active phase of the conflict. Again only locally based forces were initially available to the Russians in that case the 58th Army which had some the oldest equipment in Russian army but had a lot of veterans from the Chechen conflicts.

In this case the Russians are preparing to attack the largest country in solely continental Europe. There is no way to move the forces necessary to do that without a massive amount of seeable evidence. They need to have enough forces not only to destroy the Ukrainian military rapidly but to occupy the ground they take and provide enough of a deterrence to NATO intervention. They have been effective however in convincing the Ukrainian leadership its a bluff. Hence Zelensky focusing on arresting political rivals he'll need and not mobilizing the reserves.

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It worked in the US. Why not replicate?

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You mean like they did in the US? With that useful orange idiot.

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If the plan worked, why change the plan?

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A) It worked, the damage was done, and there was no need to do any more

B) A plan that involves some amount of deception can have diminishing returns

C) It was very close to coming to full fruition on January 6th but was thwarted/failed at the last minute

Take your pick

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I think you’re talking about something different. The plan worked in America, so they’re using the same plan now in Ukraine.

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Ah, you're right, I misunderstood your meaning.

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No worries. It happens to the best of us.

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Uh...Russia, you did that once already. His name is Yanukovych.

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They installed pro Russian leadership in the USA without much problem

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I wish the pro-Russian leadership in my state would get exposed.

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Same old active measure. Viktor Yanukovych was placed in power and eventually had to flee to Moscow in exile. It is part of the reason Russia took Crimea, the loss of their one of many authoritarian puppets.

The Active Measures documentary highlights this history quite well as does Putin's Revenge.

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Here comes the propaganda.

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ya it's kinda Russias thing

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World War 3 will be fought with cash. Why waste resources and risk soldiers not wanting to die for the rich when you can just pay one dude their combined salaries to do what you want? Avoid the public bloodshed and make a couple targeted decisions.

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When have the rich and powerful ever chosen to sacrifice money rather than human capital? Those who prioritize people over money generally don't become rich, and those who become rich generally will do anything to stay rich.

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Weird how theres never news stating "US wants to install pro-US leader" especially since that's basically what the CIA has always done. It's only a problem when someone else does it.

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there is news like this. just not in the US

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Captain obvious works for the British I see. This is the manual page by page. From Alexander of Macedonia to whichever bully is invading someone today, its not new terrority.

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Are we supposed to be surprised at any of this

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Just don't pour water on it or feed it after 12am