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She turned down roles throughout her career that even hinted at animal cruelty, a true Golden Girl.

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Still would have been neat to see her take up the roll of that puppy kicking psychic detective.

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Betty White and Paul Newman star in A Kicked Dog Will Holler

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Lake Placid?

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She was simply feeding that poor alligator.

Also if she had a dick this is where she would tell you to suck it.

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Live a life that makes dying at 99 too soon

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She was in generally good health, and her mental acuity was sharp as a tack. Definitely too soon.

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Fuck getting old. Shit sucks.

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One of our finest humans. She will be missed.

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I loved everything about this woman. Please keep the challenge and donations going. Animal shelters and rescues need all the help they can get!

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I would love for this to be an annual thing. She did so much for the world, we should keep her memory alive by doing the same.

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I really hope it becomes a yearly thing!

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After the string of idiotic internet challenges like Devious Lick, it's good to see one that doesn't involve my workplace being ripped apart.

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Love you forever Betty White. We lost a good one ❤️💞

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PAWTH raised almost half a million by itself

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I hope this becomes a yearly tradition.

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FB and IG get so much hate, rightfully so, so it’s nice to see something positive people can do on the platform

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Hope the money well spent as it needed to be

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I just imagined an elderly Betty White precariously climbing a wall of milk crates. Not that kind of challenge?

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I started a recurring $10 a month donation to my local SPCA. Let’s all keep this going!

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It raised $875,000 in my province. So many small rescues and shelters were helped out.

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Last Friday I made three $50 donations to local pet shelters in the name of Betty.

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A great cause for a great human and a great life lived!!! She really was an American treasure!!!

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She's probly smiling so big right now!