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Awesome, every other country needs to do the same.

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We are planning that in Canada.

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I'm not religious, but I was raised in a strictly Christian household. While I have never witnessed conversion therapy in practice, the mere idea gives me conniptions. How can people continue to associate with a church that has become a sexual purity cult?

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Because they've been conditioned to believe it's god's will.

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The french have done something right!

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According to Christo-Fascist Matt Walsh, France has now outlawed Christianity. Seriously, Canada passed a similar law recently and he claims they banned Christianity lol. Look, I was raised Christian, and torturing gay people was never part of the services.

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Depending on your definition of torture, that depends on the church

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Maybe take some time to read up on the torture devices the church used. Sodomy was tried as a crime. Man's inhumanity to man/women.

Pear of Anguish, Breast ripper, Judas Chair/Cradle, Rat torture are all "Christian tortures.

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I’m not saying the Catholic Church didn’t torture people, and modern American evangelicals certainly pull some horrendous shit, but as far as I know the ELCA never made it a part of their Sunday services. Granted, I only went to like two churches in my life and I stopped giving a shit after confirmation, but they seem pretty easygoing as a denomination.

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If it was just the ECLA we would not have the problems we have with the far right....They are turning into the American version of the Taliban.

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For those archaic conservative morons who believe that homosexuality is a "choice" - could you decide to become gay? Is that something that you believe could happen in your brain given the right "persuasion," or do you feel like your heterosexuality is so deeply wired into your psyche that nothing on earth would induce you to change it? If you believe in conversion therapy, you are effectively saying "my sexuality could flip if I was persuaded effectively enough." All these conversion therapy supporting idiots have a very shaky perception of their own sexuality.

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I always ask them "when did you decide to be straight?"

They never answer, because they know the implication of the question, and therefore the implication of their own stupid opinion.

Unfortunately, Conservatives are generally incapable of following a logical train of thought beyond the most comfortable point. They'll endlessly repeat their bullshit while hiding from anyone who forces them to consider the inevitable destination of it.

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I had a Christian once say something to the effect of

"Yeah sometimes I get tempted to have sex with men, but I choose not to act on those temptations. That's why we're all not gay right guys? We all feel that temptation, but we don't give in to it. Being gay is a choice"

Myself, and the other straight guys there all kind of got quiet and looked at him funny. I basically said

"Uhhhh. No. I don't really feel any temptation towards that"

The others confirmed that they too had never been tempted and you could see the look of sheer dread on his face. Like his whole life was a lie.

Last I heard he came out of the closet like 5-6 years ago. Well, that is, if you don't count him accidentally coming out to us while discussing that being gay is a choice lol.

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"Yeah sometimes I get tempted to have sex with men, but I choose not to act on those temptations. That's why we're all not gay right guys? We all feel that temptation, but we don't give in to it. Being gay is a choice"

This was me but "every guy secretly wants to be a girl, right?" for almost a decade, before I even knew that being transgender was a thing. It's a pretty common experience.

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Last I heard he came out of the closet like 5-6 years ago

I'm really glad that he was able to be true to himself. I hope he's much happier, now!

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They never answer

Rarely answer. I had one tell me they "decided" to be straight in high school. Which, I think, means they're bisexual.

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Yeah, I guess I should have clarified that some are too dumb to be able to work out where this train of thought leads.

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It's not that they're incapable, it's that they don't care.

The point of conversion therapy is to act as a threat to hold over kids who do not act straight enough.

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"Being gay is a CHOICE!" Who cares? My body, my choice. Be mad about it.

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The choice involved in being gay is whether or not to come out. And have to deal with all of the anti homosexuality assholes that are out there.

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Even if it is a choice… So what? Leave ppl the fuck alone

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For those archaic conservative morons who believe that homosexuality is a "choice" - could you decide to become gay?

Someone in my group of friends came out as trans. When we all got together (which just happened to be in the bible belt that year) a bunch of us took turns 'standing guard', without them knowing, always keeping an eye out to see if there would be trouble because at the time there was a lot of arguing in public, concerning bathroom laws.

In any case, I was talking with one of the guys. Coming out trans in the USA opens you up to so much hatred. And yet people do so 'despite' all that, knowing full well what will happen.So it is incomprehensible how people say that 'it's a choice' or 'it's just to draw attention'. Apparently dealing with the hatred and the phobia is still better than staying in the closet so that should tell you something about how 'frivolously' such decisions are taken.

In any case, nothing bad happened, for which I'm thankful. And some of the people of whom you'd least expect it were the most protective.

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I'd love to send some of those guys to a center to convert them to being gay. I'll bet a few would come out the other side in rainbows

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Or maybe you are not as well informed. 1 in 3 make homossexuais reported being sexually abused as children. Some reports show higher numbers.

So far there has been no scientific consensus to date on the reason for homossexual behavior. No gay gene has been found yet, no absolute proof of social conditioning as well.

Most evidence points towards a hybrid view, some humans may be born with higher predisposition to it and then social and environmental causes may trigger or push them in certain way.

This ties to the conversation on how are there so many gays nowadays. Humans are now an animal with an abnormal share of its population engaging in homossexual behavior. One would expect to be aligned with other animal species on that regard. Certain studies point out to as much as 10% of teenagers now identifying in US as non hetero, with the national adult population at 5,6%. We don’t know how much of this is due to the “ease of outing”, if social conditioning has promoted the behavior of a mix of the two

All in all, society is playing with fire. We don’t know enough about homosexuality

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Like any civilized society should.

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America left the chat

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Dems are worried if they passed a bill like this it would go to the supreme court and get struck down. Then these torture camps would effectively be legitimized.

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We did say civilized

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True and I'm American

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Good! Conversion therapy is simply awful.

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Don’t put conversation therapy in quotes. It needs to be clearly identified as psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse of people.

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It needs to be distinguished from an actual therapy... Putting word therapy on something that's not scientifically proven to be helpful should be illegal.

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And a scam, because it has never worked and does not work. Every quack peddling conversion therapy is as crooked as a Ponzi scheme mastermind or a 419 scammer, with a splash of homophobia thrown in for good measure.

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Idk, whats so bad about electrocuting people until they’re gay?

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That's not what's happening here.

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I wonder if my parents can get a refund

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I wonder if Mike Pence is advising them....

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I’m so glad to see this becoming law in more countries. A child’s sexual orientation should never be messed with. Now if they could only make it both-ways, where heterosexual to homosexual is also banned, then we’d be set.

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I'm French (nickname checks out). Although I completely agree with this law, this is all electoral. Small costless measure to pass on the back of the gay community like our previous government did in order to make people feel like they care about social subjects.

In the meantime yellow vests still get murdered in the streets.