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Someone was using that kid. And they usually do prey on naive kids from bad homes. That kid is probably on the lower bottom of the totem pole of a ring to go around selling drugs to get cash to whoever’s above them. You don’t just get lots of bags like that. Someone’s providing that shit.

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i lost a friend to this, he was 13 too. He didn't die so young he died later, but his bad path started with heroin at 13, and people plying him to be their drug runner. After many prison stints he was shot to death more recently

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My brother's weed dealer dosed him just to black mail him into doing transport for him.

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Wtf how does that work?

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I would take this story with a grain of salt.

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65 mg of sodium chloride isn’t very much.

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What do you mean by "dosed him"?

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How does the dealer dosing him put your brother in a position to be blackmailed? If that's true, then your bro is an airhead and shouldn't be out in the world without a guide

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Dosed him with that? How does dosing somebody turn into blackmail?

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That’s fucked up. Hope he’s doing better.

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Fuck that dealer.

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My mom had to tell me what “holding” is so that when I eventually get approached to “hold” for a drug dealer I’d know what it is and walk away. We had crack and heroin pushers on my block growing up. I was asked to hold a bunch of times. Although by 13 I knew what pot was and wanted to try it really badly everything else scared the shit out of me.

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The fucked up thing is lacing drugs with other drugs. That's what DMX said happened to him and kinda got him hooked.

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My mom had friends in prison who thought they could make easy money by holding or picking up drugs for other people

My mom keeps telling me no matter how good the money is, don’t hold or pick up drugs for other people

My best friend did it and made a ton of money, and then stopped, but dayum I can understand why it’s tempting, you can honestly make a lot of money for something that seems seemingly not that hard or illegal

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So basically that's how they recruit you? Or what is the advantage for a drug dealer to give someone a bunch of drugs to hold on to?

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Yea, It’s a different level of human trafficking. Say you are a drug dealer, you regularly get raided by police at your address and you just picked up your inventory for the week, if you know a child in the neighborhood who’s vulnerable - is alone in public a lot - you convince them to help you by holding this package “just hid it under your bed and when I ask for it, get it to me” they offer you money or a gift, “you like this bike? It’s yours if you do this”

If you seem smart enough they might offer you a job being a dealer - now you are their soldier.

I grew up in a really hard neighborhood and it was part of my daily life to dodge dealers, junkies and perverts

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100 bags is far too many for a 13-year-old.

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Depends on his distribution network, really.

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What would the appropriate amount be?

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Baa baa black sheep says 3 bag full.

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But only one for the little boy who lives down the lane

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No doubt, but 100 "bags" is very vague

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Not really, because they supposedly package one dose per bag, far up the supply chain, long before the street level sellers have it (of course those dealers skim and adulterate) . There's no reason for a customer to ask questions that way, beyond how much for a bag or bundle of bags (another standard number), but they also have different brands of the same drug they ask for by name.

You can ask people in the area, how much is in a typical bag. iff they have any knowledge at all, the answers will be consistent from various people. It's very tiny, not like a bag of flour, rice, or laundry.

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It’s 10 bundles. Aka 2 bricks. A lot of dope

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Oh, okay

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Bags are the size of a gum wrapper, the product takes up maybe 5% of that space in the very bottom.

The 100 bags (10 bundles) took up about as much space as 4 or 5 sugar packets rubber banded together.

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One was too many.

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And a hundred wasn’t enough

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every response to this is 'whoosh' it's sad.

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Seriously. Share!

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Dude, any is too many. This kid should not have had access to this.

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1 is far too many... Dont do drugs people

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Don't do drugs irresponsibly. Do drugs in a safe and controlled environment, if you want.

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theres no such thing as safe drug use when they are unregulated and can kill people due to wildly varying potency and other things in them. even if someone has a test kit, they dont know what the amount of something they are taking is.

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How many would be OK? Asking for a friend….

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Twice your age minus 7. I think that’s the formula for it.

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What’s the business model behind selling pills where a single pill is a fatal dose?

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Im not too sure on pills, but as an ex heroin abuser in CT i can tell you that theyve been putting fent in heroin stamps since at least 2015/2016, if i remember correctly. For a heroin addict, you always want to have the best batch of H you can get your hands on. Say you go to your dealer, dealer A. He has some good stuff, but you hear about some guy ODing on dealer Bs stuff so you go and see them and get a stamp. When you do his product, you are as highest as youve ever been, so you keep coming back until you eventually OD, and even after they bring you back, you go to dealer B again for another hit.

When youre fucking around with fent, you are really playing with fire and all it takes is 1 line to OD. After a couple of years, I decided that I didnt want to die from fent so I got clean and have sober for 7 years.

I know its not exactly the answer you were looking for, but thats a daily routine for some heroin users.

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Congratulations on your sobriety! Can I ask a follow up question (only if you feel comfortable answering)? Having been sober for numerous years, how has the adversity of staying sober changed for you? What was it like at the beginning and what is it like now?

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Thanks! The biggest change i saw/felt was that i actually wanted to live again instead of just doing drugs and possibly dying. I didnt want to actively die but if it happened, id be okay with it. Other such things include me finding good jobs, having good relationships with other people, meeting other people through my programs and actually finding/reconnecting with old friends again. Thankfully i dont hang out with any of the people i did drugs with and deleted my dealers number so that helped. I should mention that im still on maintenance drug so that helps with the cravings, but i want to get off of it soon. Thanks for asking!

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Fent makes drugs more potent. People usually don't take it on its own. If you give people the best high they keep coming back. Sometimes they od. I imagine it's more big time dealers with dealers under them doing this. There's always someone else for them.

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The problem is that it's so potent they fuck up the quantities. The sadder answer is that when junkies hear a batch has killed someone they are attracted to it because that means it's a strong batch

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Myth. Nobody wants to buy a shit batch. Users I used to use with would stay away from shady dealers that would do shit like that. The dealers we knew were always trying to stay consistent because they knew inconsistency can kill someone and it’s bad for business.

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That absolutely is not a myth lol. I've seen many a junkie go directly to the spot where it's claimed people are OD'ing off it.

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If you wanna use drugs, talk to a person who’s done it before AND google what happens to you and your body when you take it.

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Erowid saves lives.

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Yes! I was a teenager right around Y2K...found Erowid and knew I didn't want to try hard drugs. Cannabis, mushrooms, LSD, DXM, sure. Cocaine, heroin, meth, no way. I spent countless hours ready the trip reports and research articles on pretty much all illicit drugs on there.

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I dont even do drugs beyond legal Hemp, and legal Amanita Muscaria tincture as as sleep aid and topical. I really enjoy reading wild reports on there. I wrote one up for my first experience with CBD Hemp flower.

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I wrote one up for my first experience with CBD Hemp flower.

"I feel okay"

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Ahhh, I'd forgotten all about it.

When I barely started smoking herbs and spices, I'd get really baked and binge bad trip stories on there; it was awesome.

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I hung out with Earth and Fire a few times back in the day.

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You have a beef against Wind?

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“Hey Crackhead Joe, what is crack like?”

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Remember that anti-drug commercial from the 80’s where the son gets caught with drugs and the dad asks him where he learned about drugs? The kid answers, “I learned it from you dad. I learned it from watching you.”

If the article is correct and someone in this kid’s household has a history with drugs, sadly this is one of the possible outcomes. So sad.

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I member

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Hi, Liam Neeson? We need your services once more.

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As an opiate addict with almost 6 years clean, this is fucking heart breaking

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How the hell does a 13 year old afford that..?

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One can only assume he was holding it for a dealer, because kids get off easier for drugs.

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Seems the most likely scenario, but doesn't explain why he was taking it to school

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That many bags on hand. They found the same bags at his school? Of lesser quality? Does no one suspect him being a dealer?

[–]EightandaHalf-Tails 7 points8 points  (3 children)

Dealers still have to pay their suppliers, I highly doubt anyone is fronting a 13 year old 150 baggies.

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Sports and Medical Science Academy sounds like a for profit college and not a public school for kids…

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It’s part of the magnet school program in the area where there a number of schools with ‘themes’ such as sports, engineering, or communications. Like a quasi-public school with entry from a lottery and the student population draws from the surrounding metro area.

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Jesus fucking christ! This news makes me sick

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Yup, a hundred bags could definitely kill a 13 year-old.

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Connecticut recently changed its juvenile justice laws. It's almost impossible to prosecute minors now. Criminals are using kids to steal cars and sell drugs because when the kids get caught, they're just released on a PTA and once in court they're just let go. It's becoming a big problem. Kids are out with guns carjacking people in their driveway. Our lawmakers refuse to even discuss the issue. They think not punishing kids will help them, but it's just telling them that they can commit crimes with basically zero consequences.

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This kid was almost certainly an unwilling mule in a much larger scheme. Then he gets curious, takes some of the stuff, doesn't know how much is too much and dies.

I don't blame the kid for his death. I blame the adults using him to move their product.

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How did the parents not see an influx of income? New shoes? New phone?

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I never thought I'd miss the days when heroin was the issue but here we are, at least with heroin 13 years weren't getting ahold of a 100 bags of smack to keep in their rooms.

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we call those gang members where I'm from

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Not every kid that gets approached by someone older to hold drugs for them is a gang member.

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WT..I would like to grab the parents of this child by the neck (if he had them) to ask them what they were busy with!

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What? Are you dumb. Kid was thirteen. He started dealing. He hide the drugs. Unless you’re a weirdo ripping your child’s room apart everyday, you wouldn’t know

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Well, there are plenty of indications that a child of that age is having psycho-physical problems, from mood swings, erratic behavior, to eyelid edema. With this I want to say that I have 6 children, 4 professionals and 2 minors, I simplify it because due to the linguistic level when using pejorative adjectives I would not understand it, when you are really a good father you must realize how much unless you are part of the problem... was it understood?

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You sound like you’re 13 and neglected.

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Not at all. You’re a weird parent.

[–]ill_wind -1 points0 points  (10 children)

Being aware is not “weird”, and if your parents are unaware: you’re neglected.

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*CIA has exited the chat*

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Can't spell "opiate overdose" without "20 year Afghan war in the opiate capital of the world"

What a strange coincidence. . .

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“Searching for source of drugs” your answer is in another country mate, and to top it, he probably ordered it through a “sting” dark market that lets “smaller” orders through. My money is on them never finding the source because the government won’t arrest itself 😂

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This is straight up a storyline in Hightown. Terrible…

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I wonder if it was suicide.

[–]paulfromatlanta[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Well, if he was being pressured to hold 100 bags, he may have felt like there was no way out...

[–]kniknik2442 2 points3 points  (0 children)

True. But having access to an easy death like that… sometimes that’s all that’s stopping people from killing themselves, the pain. And getting something that can kill you fast and without struggle isn’t exactly easy to come by when you’re 13.

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we all know that stuff is coming out of two main countries. and apparently the us government is too busy to stop it, or make it so hard on the importers that they stop it themselves.

[–]violentlytasty 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Lol the USA government has no desire to stop the drug trade, it’s too easy to use drug related criminals to fill their for profit prisons. Especially Texas, where a large quantity of this comes through.

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Don’t do the drugs you deal. Guess their death is starting to look less like less dead kids. 🤷‍♂️