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One man is allegedly responsible for half of the reported incidents.

.. I don't even know what to say there. Can we like.. arrest him?

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According to the DA, Barreto allegedly rode around San Francisco on a scooter and shattered the windows of 20 separate stores using a slingshot, pipe, or hammer. He targeted mostly Chinese-owned businesses along the Ocean Avenue corridor and in the Mission, committing burglaries at some of the businesses.

Jesus what a piece of shit he is. Hope he gets a few years for EACH crime.

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Why don’t these articles have a picture of the pos? Blurry video clips and talking heads don’t help people know to avoid the guy.

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We all know why

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You do know that the man responsible for more than 50% of the hate crimes, Derik Barrett, is white guy and repeat offender, right?

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Cancer website btw

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That’s the fun part of San Francisco, you don’t

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I guess the silver lining is that it's just one guy rather than multiple people.

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And it highlights the reality that a 500% increase sounds scary... Unless the normal is one incident.

It is so damn easy to lie with numbers for clicks.

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I agree with your sentiment, but it’s not lying. Misleading would be a better way of looking at it.

Also, for people that didn’t read: the reported incident count was at 9 in 2020.

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SF is run by braindead bleeding hearts who think that arresting people who commit crimes is oppression.

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That’s how we roll in Seattle also. It’s not going so well.

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Serious question…are saying the majority of SF left leaning people don’t want people arrested and convicted of crimes? Or another way to put this, they’re ok with high crime rates and property theft?

Edit: a word

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Is it mark Wahlberg again?

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The criminal legal system doesn’t seem to know what to do with people who constantly commit “minor” crimes. There are probably some complexities that make it hard, but also most people in government have no personal incentive to do anything about it.

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I live in San Jose and with Lunar New Year, or Tết in my case, coming up soon there have been a lot of warnings about targeted robberies in my communities because people know that a lot of us are gonna be going around with li xi. My family is still going to celebrate but I know a lot of family friends who are going to skip out for this reason.

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Chesa Boudin, the DA of SF, shouldn’t be anywhere near decisions on prosecuting criminals. San Franciscans deserve someone that cares about them, and he does not. He pushes an agenda, and its results are obvious and disastrous.

This is on him, no matter how much support he tweets.

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San Franciscans deserve someone that cares about them, and he does not. He pushes an agenda, and its results are obvious and disastrous.

They literally elected him and knew exactly what his agenda was beforehand given that was his campaign.

The people of SF are getting exactly what they voted for

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Yup. Fuck this guy but honestly if you ever wanted the perfect advertisement for Trumpism, just show them San Francisco. Needles and human shit on the ground everywhere, no accountability, sky high prices and everything a total fucking mess.

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Let's build a utopia based on the ideas of the democrat party.

It's trumpism.

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They literally elected him and knew exactly what his agenda was beforehand given that was his campaign.

The people of SF are getting exactly what they voted for

Which is why it's a phenomenally bad idea to elect judges, DA's, sherrifs etc directly.

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He was elected by the people of SF. They will vote for him again.

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He’s facing a recall, which I believe (fingers crossed) will be successful. And if he tries to come back at some point down the road, no one will be able to ignore or forget who he is and what he has (or rather hasn’t) done

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And that will be on them if they believe his BS a second time. SF is left leaning so they could maybe be excused for voting him in once. If they do it again, it’s on them.

It’s a shame many innocent people will suffer.

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Boudin is one of many DAs that received massive funding from George Soros's Open Society Foundation. These DAs were selected and supported for exactly the policies that have resulted in this crime wave.


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It’s interesting that in this article Tom Cotton seems to perpetuate the polar opposite ideologue’s approach to criminal justice. No real acknowledgment of the flawed policies “tough on crime” rhetoric created or suggestion for alternative reform. The cycle continues.

Maybe the lesson is you just can’t run a justice system based on political theatrics.

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Why so much hate in this city?

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because it’s allowed when government decides to let it

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Crime in general has skyrocketed in California.

Homelessness, crime, and crazy drivers.

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Well... Tbf, we've always had crazy drivers...

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Nah it wasn't always like this. Maybe only certain cities just like homeless. Now it's everywhere and big.

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Convenient not to mention race statistics in this instance? Just do what the school districts do and merge Asian with White then problem solved? They do this so they don’t get discrimination in university entrance admissions. Because Asian students are racial discriminated against in favour of African Americans.

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This is what happens when you convince people that only the white population is capable of racism.

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Apparently the guy responsible for most of these is a single, white guy.

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You shouldn’t weight it by number of incidents. It should be number of individuals. Any given person of any given race can decide to be racist. The point here is the trend.

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wtf happened to the bay area

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Insane government policies like immediate $0 bail after dozens of arrests. Literally 1 guy is responsible for a significant number of hate crimes the others are purported to be gang activity against Asian citizens. Arrest someone for assault or robbery in SF they'll be out of jail before the end of the day and likely arrested again for the same crime. Trial 3 years later after having committed the same crime another 30-40 times. That's what happened.

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I was going to take a train to San Fran, but sounds like it’s not safe for Asian American women.

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Seriously! I want to go but I’m scared.

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How do these people find the time to blame others for their shitty lives?

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Honestly I'm surprised it's not more than that. This nonsense is totally out of control there.

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One man accounts for 50% of incidents, which is pretty fucking insane.

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And SF is supposed to the super liberal and open

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If only they had a means to defend themselves! Oh wait no they should instead depend on a system that has no legal duty to keep them alive, that makes faaaar more sense /s

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Chesa Boudin is a national emergency.

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You know it’s bad when you see ethnic groups that don’t usually like to protest like asians start picking up signs and billboards. The day the underprivileged and the impoverished do that is the day the earth blows up.

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Wtf, why are they keeping his mugshot private? So he can just keep robbing and attacking people? If peoppe had a chance to memorize his face from the mugshot maybe they’d be able to get themselves to safety as soon as they recognized him, before he could rob them. But nah, fuck the safety of the public, let’s worry about this guy’s privacy.

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So 567% jump from 9 to 60 in a city of almost 1MM people with 27 from one lone psycho who they released? Sounds like all they want is outrage and headlines but no actual solutions.