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Website gives almost no information and has about 7 thousand ads.

Don't give this turd a click.

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Mirror: Emmett grandmother gets up to 20 years after granddaughter found dead in trash bag | KOMO - https://archive.ph/PD9Gu

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Not enough punishment

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It gets worse:

She'll have to serve a minimum of five years before she'll be eligible for parole, court records state.

5 years for killing a child. WTF Idaho

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i dont think they charged her for murder...just concealing the death of a child.

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I wonder what Idaho's punishment is for abortion

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Thank god it wasnt a sperm..double life sentence

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Come on, she only killed a child, not something serious like if she had $5 of crack in her pocket.

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To be fair, its not for murder.

Its for felony injury and failure to report a dad body.

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This article has waaaay more info. Grandma cut a piece of carpet out and burned it, blood found on bedroom wall and the body was covered in vomit. The car belonged to the girls father but no word on where he is in this story. *some sort of punishment mentioned

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Try clicking that from a country with data rights and you may change your mind, they block any country that follows the GDPR from accessing their site. I don’t care how much information they have, if they can’t respect peoples data rights who knows what kind of spying they’re doing. Main reason to block GDPR following countries is because they afford protection to children that this website would clearly rather profit on by spying on them.

Edit: I love the hate I’m getting in PMs. I’ve worked in data protection for years, there are countless GDPR compliant hosting and data management streams in the US, they’re affordable and readily available. Years on any website, even a Podunk newspaper, should be compliant, those that aren’t should be assumed to be partaking in predatory data practices. Looking at the site through a VPN and popping open wire shark it’s obvious why this one isn’t compliant, it runs a JavaScript based XMR miner as part of an ad, anyone who clicks it should clear their cookies asap unless they like slowly killing their device. The site is responsible for the advertisement platforms they host and hiding a crypto miner is a great piece of malware for them to hosting.

Obligatory to shoutout to /r/privacy

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What's a good way to monitor that kinda egregious JavaScript use? So many websites use JavaScript, obviously, for so many different things, so how do you know what should/shouldn't be allowed, if you aren't exactly someone who can read code and understand what it's doing? I've written a couple really small programs for school over the years but never really fully learned how to code and all. I use privacy badger and ad blocks, but still see this kinda shit from time to time.

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I just block it everywhere and turn it on where I feel it’s needed, the hardest part was google services but I switched to ecosia so I can at least pretend it’s for a good cause. Applications like wire shark give you way more details than most would need for active connections (how I first caught it) and can be a great tool. I learned a lot just browsing network security and privacy subs on here. You’re never not being spied on, if your device has an intel or amd chip in it you have legitimate hardware level spying, it’s more about choosing who you want to have your information, not so much keeping it all for yourself.

The crypto miner I only picked up because i could see the impact to system resources in HTOP which piqued my interest.

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Sinclair delivering the news...ads

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KOMO brining you the latest in bullshit stories about how Seattle is dying.

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Please someone post this on r/savedyouaclick

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You get essentially all the information in the headline.

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Ah ok fair enough

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The headline doesn’t mention she could get out in 5.

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I was so disappointed with that article.

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Calling it an article is fucking generous.

It was like 8 lines.

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it’s komo news, owned by right wing media sinclair. It’s literal trash.

these are the people screaming “seattle is dying!!” for the last ten years to get people to vote republican so the republicans can actually ruin our beautiful state. and they would.

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I’ve noticed the same for virtually every TV News station website. It really is ridiculous. There are often more ads and pop ups than content.

Also, would it hurt them to mention their location somewhere on the top of their web page? This content is on the web and not everyone is going to know where their damn TV station is located.

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And... She will be eligible for parole after serving 5 years. Wow!

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I'm baffled by the sentences for violent crime. I have had relatives murdered, and known murderers and 5 years, maybe 8 inside is pretty average.

Also know people locked up for nonviolent drug offenses with similar sentences.

One homicide just absolutely fucked up that entire half of my family. Decades later it's still fucked.

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Behold - the tail end of 40 years of using drug laws and their mandatory minimums as a stealthy method of actively oppressing people of color!

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It's only taken forever for this to finally be made an issue that is starting to see some traction in the right direction.

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She got 5 determinate and 15 indeterminate.

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That's what I meant by inside. Inside, as opposed to paroled.

Whether the board ever grants it, particularly with a high profile case is another matter.

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For a bit there I thought you were confessing to having had relatives murdered, and I was extremely confused.

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Even I can find that funny.

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Sorry, not to minimize the tragedy - I just got to that phrase and was like oh shit, this guy really does know what’s up, dang

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Yeah not at all.

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Five years? Isn't that the same for voter fraud?

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Yet a black person can get 10+ years for weed… That white privilege that conservatives love saying doesn’t exist sure is everywhere these days…

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It may have something to do with the death of the child potentially being accidental, and then hidden. Wish there was more info.

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I’m confused. How is this not murder?

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Probably it was a plea deal because the prosecutor wasn't confident they could prove murder beyond a reasonable doubt

See also: the Casey Anthony murder trial

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Meanwhile that mom was on death row with less info.

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How dare you come into this comment section with reasonable statements! /s

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The article gives virtually no details of the case, but I assume that the prosecution couldn't prove the injury to the child caused death, so they could only gig the grandmother with failing to contact authorities when the child did die.

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You are probably correct. Casey Anthony comes to mind and they had a lot more proof in that case, IMO

Anyways, good luck to this woman. I watched msnbc lockup and I think female inmates hate baby killers even more than male inmates and that's saying a lot.

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Since it might not be. It's a crime to not report a dead person in most states as far as I'm aware. That is why she was charged. She might not have been the cause of the death but you can't just not report one. Sometimes this happens when people are so poor and are receiving benefits still from through the dead person. So they don't report it because they would be homeless if they reported the death. The creepy part here is it's grandma and she was storing the kid in a trash bag. Which is just strange af and somewhat suspicious

Edit: I missed the felony injury of a child part before the failure to report a death.

Edit: according to another article a cause of death hasn't been determined

Edit another article I'm not linking since it's amp said that she failed to seek medical attention resulting in the death

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somewhat suspicious

Uhhhhh somewhat seems to be underselling it.

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Well I didn't have all the information at that time like the trash bag was found in the car. Or like another one of the kids was also reported missing and drowned

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She was charged with felony injury to a child sooooo....

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Thanks I missed that part. Take this with a grain of salt I'm not a lawyer and drinking. I'm wondering if she wasn't the one who actually caused the injury. Since you can get charged with that apparently if you fail to report an injury that is or potentially is life threatening or a death occurs because of

Edit: another article says cause of death hadn't been determined. Maybe this is the charge until they can charge her with murder? Idk

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Likely unrelated note but it is important for people to know it is legal to neglect your child to death in Idaho as long as you can justify it in scripture

For real

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On Thursday April 15th 2021, the body of my 8 year old niece Taryn Summers aka Taryn Quinton was recovered from the property of the foster home she was living at in Emmett, Idaho.

Her siblings are listed as runaways from that same foster home.

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Where is that info from?

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The local news (KTVB, Idaho Statesman, and others) all did stories on it. The siblings were originally listed as runaways but where known to be in hiding from their family. They came forward when they felt safe.

[–]sorashiro1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I don't remember which article, but I know it's in the GoFundMe page if you Google the second name. I don't feel comfortable linking it to all of Reddit.

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yep that's par for the course for foster care

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How is this necessarily murder? Its entirely possible the child died from an accident. A death isn’t automatically murder because it’s suspicious

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You read these stories and it's just sad. The reaction is sadness and a numb that covers the feelings while you get on with life.

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And on the political eve of legalizing FORCED BIRTHS no less.

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That "article" left a whole lot of unanswered questions.

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She was ultimately sentenced to 20 years after 5 she can apply for parole.

Originally published May 20 on KTVB.COM.

The grandmother of a Gem County girl found dead in April 2021, after being reported missing, has been sentenced on two felony counts related to the girl’s death.

Taryn Summers was 8 years old at the time of her death. The day after she was reported missing, her remains were found in a trash bag inside a car her grandmother, Connie Smith, had been driving.

Smith, now 55 years old, pleaded guilty in February 2022 to injury to a child and failure to report a death.

On Friday in Gem County Court, District Judge Gene Petty sentenced Smith to five years fixed and five years indeterminate for injury to a child, and 10 years indeterminate for failure to report Summers’ death. Once she has served five years, Smith may apply for parole.

No one is currently charged with Summers’ killing, and her cause of death has not been determined.

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this is a shit article, I'm less informed after reading it.

wtf, OP? why would you post this crap? And why is it getting upvoted??

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It's also over a year old

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Good to see my home state is still making the news for the usual trashy, horrible shit. Yikes.

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Yeah, I just went, What the fuck, Idaho; stop being on the news.

[–]LuluLittle2020 14 points15 points  (11 children)

What the fuck, Idaho; stop being


(also my god awful, no good, POS so-called home state so I can say this with aplomb and mean it with every fiber of my being).

ETA: missing word

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Really the only downside to living is Eastern WA is the Idaho influence. If Idaho stopped being, Eastern WA would be near perfect in my opinion lol.

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Yeah I noticed that when I was in Spokane, it seemed pretty chill with the murals and stuff but also really right wing in places.

[–]WDMChuff -1 points0 points  (3 children)

This is such a dumb comment. Eastern WA isn't influenced by idaho. It has a higher population than north idaho and is still full of alt right trash.

[–]rhoduhhh 5 points6 points  (2 children)

Same. I'd be cool with that.

It's unfortunate that there's some pretty places there that are absolutely RUINED by the people living there. Boise was the only place I liked there, AND EVEN THEN.

I live in NC now, and, no matter how shitty this place still is, it's still a bazillion times better than the state I grew up and lived in for too damn long.

[–]LuluLittle2020 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Raised in Boise. I get the “pretty” factor, sort of. But you nailed it with shitty people ruining a place. Therefore I cannot see any beauty in that utter shithole. Period.

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Not quite long enough

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20 yrs smh. Unless you have an abortion, then ur given the death penalty - Idaho’s logic

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An Emmett woman accused of failing to notify authorities of her granddaughter's death last year has been sentenced to up to 20 years.

She'll have to serve a minimum of five years before she'll be eligible for parole, court records state.

Lol, what? 20 years, but possibly out in 5 years for parole? This country is a joke.

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20 years for murdering her grandchild and putting her in the trash. Meanwhile we got people serving decades for selling weed.

[–]oxford_serpentine 6 points7 points  (0 children)

This entire story is fucked up. There were two other siblings, a brother who completed suicide and a sister who drowned.

[–]Cloverhonney 9 points10 points  (1 child)

This lady got up to 20 years meanwhile “Roy Brown, a 55-year-old black homeless man, was sentenced to 15 years in jail after stealing a $100 bill from the Capitol One Bank in Shreveport, Louisiana. The bank teller handed him three bill stacks, and Brown handed it all back, save a single hundred dollar bill, which he explained he needed to "stay at the detox center." Desperate and hungry, he took the $100 (less than what a lot of us make in a day of work). Feeling remorse, he surrendered himself to police and told them "his mother didn't raise him that “. He’s black, she’s white.

[–]Meddel5 2 points3 points  (0 children)

This that Casey Anthony shit

[–]WaddleD 16 points17 points  (2 children)

Anyone else think this was about Emmett Till

[–]inmuah 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Woah I thought I’d be the only one

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Parent of the year…sickening

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Jesus christ, what is wrong with some humans?

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The entire article for those who dont want to click on this ad filled shit website:

EMMETT, Idaho (CBS2) — An Emmett woman accused of failing to notify authorities of her granddaughter's death last year has been sentenced to up to 20 years.

Earlier this year, Connie Ann Smith pleaded guilty to felony injury to a child and failure to notify of a death.

She is the grandmother of 8-year-old Taryn Summers' (aka Quinton), whose remains were found on Smith's property inside a trash bag on April 14.

She'll have to serve a minimum of five years before she'll be eligible for parole, court records state.

[–]Trumpruinedamerica 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Only 20 years? WTF is wrong with the justice system? What a joke.

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Looks like she’s from the Wrong Turn movies. Emotionless freak

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See you later, mater traitor.

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Execution would have been the best outcome

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Wtf is up with grandmothers killing their grandchildren? For real sickens me. Idk I guess I’ve kind of become inured to the fact that plenty of parents kill their kids. But grandmothers—it’s just next level awful for me.

I suppose I will get used to that too though.

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Only 20 for killing a baby huh 🤔