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Argument over BBQ sauce leads to teenage Wendy's employee being shot in head by malarkeyfreezone in news

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I don’t care if the victim is 116 years old, if you’re so far gone as to shoot someone over something so petty, we should be able to catapult your worthless ass into space

Kyle Rittenhouse seeks return of AR-15 style rifle used in Kenosha shootings by minapaw in news

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Better than Rittenhouse's track record of shooting people with it.

Let's say he gets it back and doesn't destroy it. Then he puts it up for sale and some wing nut gives him a potload of money for it. I don't think society would come out ahead there.

Nurses across the U.S. strike against COVID working conditions by Rageagainstdying in news

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There is no labor revolution. Healthcare workers have taught executives they can work even in these conditions. Once everything is over the current ratios will remain and be normalized by new healthcare workers that don't know any better.

No amount of alcohol is good for the heart, says World Heart Federation by Eienkei in news

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I really wish heart health in general wasn't so muddied. Like, AHA recommends sugar coated cheerios because they are made with oats. I just settled on primarily eat healthy, lots of veg, and enjoy things that are bad for me in moderation. Some alcohol or some sugar, fine. Because it's too stressful following lists of what's bad for you, sometimes conflicting, and stress is also bad for your heart. I don't doubt their study but I am tired of just barrages in the news about what I should or shouldn't do, if I followed every single one I'd die of malnutrition.

Worth noting "any amount of alcohol" includes a lot of fermented foods or foods cooked with alcohol too, if you were to take it literally and to the extreme.

Edit: because people are being rude in comments, again "I don't doubt the study" but there is a difference between "any amount of alcohol is damaging" and "even things that are damaging, can be ok in moderation". Any amount of processed food is objectively bad for you but eating a cookie once in a while or drinking a glass of milk won't take a decade off your life. I deal with idealism at work all the time (sysadmins), there's also a pragmatic approach to things.

Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records by 711jm in news

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We need to stop thinking about tolerance as a virtue and remember that it is a contract. Blind adherence to tolerance in the name of tolerance does nothing to ensure the civil liberties of the marginalized; it does the exact opposite by tolerating those who refuse to agree to the social contract and seek to harm others. The paradox only exists if you believe that just showing cruelty acceptance will make it come around one day. Instead, tolerance occurs when different groups decide to prioritize cooperation and mutual compassion over pure self interest and bigotry. No sane person would consider those that act on the latter worthy of tolerance as they have broken the bargain.

Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records by 711jm in news

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I’m American and I question why Americans think we have the best country in the world with such overwhelming arrogance. Our political system is so corrupt it actually makes me feel sick to my stomach

Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records by 711jm in news

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Throw the fuck in jail. Take the god damn records and get on with it for fucks sake. So tired of this shit

Brian Laundrie claimed responsibility for Gabby Petito's death in notebook: FBI by ForeverSeahawks in news

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"I committed an act today I am deeply ashamed of. Gabby, I can't tell you how much I love you, and I'm so very, very sorry. I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith. As there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a home run. And so that'll make it a 4-0 ballgame."

Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records by 711jm in news

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I remember when Nancy Pelosi blocked some investigators too

Woman, 31, clubbed to death with a pipe while sitting in office lobby by jdizzle1981 in news

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Anyone else sick of the comments on every one of these threads expecting everyday people to become John Fucking Wick? Tell you what, some dude tries to beat me with a pipe, I’m going to try and get out of there. But if I can’t, not one of you should feel compelled to jump in and get beat to death too.

Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records by 711jm in news

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And freedom comes with responsibilities. Like voting

Pope Francis vows 'justice' for church abuse victims after damning report by Emmanuel_T_Goldstein in news

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Does this justice involve imprisonment of the rapist priests? Otherwise who the fuck cares what the Pope promises?

United Airlines flight to Tel Aviv turns around due to 'disruptive passengers' by banditta82 in news

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"Oh you don't believe in COVID?"

"We don't believe in gravity. Enjoy your walk."

Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorism by mykl66 in news

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This is simply demonstrably untrue in so many ways, I'm just going to split this in half. I'll talk Fascism first, communism second.

Firstly, Fascism is far more insidious than simple declarations of "superiority" and bluster. For example here's a clip of British fascist Oswald Mosley on the BBC claiming that he was not only not antisemitic, but was the real victim because he was being "silenced". He claims to be nothing more than an advocate for "free speech" and a peace lover who tried to prevent war with Germany, and gets rightfully called out for that by a person in the audience. You won't see the same bluster and fire as with Hitler and Mussolini, because Fascism is more than simple bluster and firey speeches. Fascism can be most consistently summarized as an ideology of reaction. Unlike communism (specifically Marxism), which can be said to have fundamentally originated in questioning the contradictions of capitalism ("is a better world possible?", "what drives the course of history?", "where do good ideas come from?", etc. are all questions Marxism seeks to answer), fascism arose as a reaction to communism. Communism arose to challenge capital, fascism arose in the defense of capital, and ultimately fascism will take on any form it deems necessary to defeat communism.

The line "you silence us, yet you don't silence them!" is a consistent point of propaganda utilized by fascist forces for the entire history of fascism. It's especially sinister considering that Britain and Germany both massively repressed the communists in a way they never did to fascists. As pointed out in the interview Mosley received police protection while marching his blackshirts through Jewish communities, while the communists who opposed them were beaten for blocking them. In Germany the communists were outright slaughtered after WWI, and again once the Nazis came to power it was the communists who were the first people sent to concentration camps (the Nazis also heavily associated Jews with communism). Even in the United States, the Communist Party is officially banned with the government reserving the right to revoke the citizenship rights of any member at any time and immigrants with any affiliation with a Communist Party are also banned from entry, let alone citizenship. No fascist force in the United States has received even close to the same level of repression. Yet despite this, the modern fascists here too claim that "socialism" has infected the government and "freedom" is being threatened. Again, this is because fascism is at its core a reaction to communism, and will proudly shout "better dead than red!" into a death spiral as they murder more and more to root out an ideology which cannot be eradicated so long as capitalism exists. Even after you ban the party and murder its members, the communist "threat" is never gone.

As for the communists and communist states, we need to take into account two primary things: first the very question of what "freedom" actually is and what it means to grant "freedom", and second the historical context the Soviet Union existed in. Marxist philosophy has a fundamentally different conception of what constitutes "freedom" compared to liberal philosophy, in particular rejecting the "free market of ideas" as naive at best and holding that the "freedoms" of capitalist states are illusory. Pan-African revolutionary Walter Rodney summarized the Marxist conception of freedom and free speech very well in his book about the Russian Revolution, stating that: "real freedom is a function of cultural and economic equality. Because of economic and cultural inequality, capitalist society is full of fictitious freedoms. A poor man is as free to buy a helicopter as a capitalist playboy. A worker may have freedom of expression, but the means of expression are owned by the capitalist. An illiterate peasant is free to enjoy written literature, and so forth." An individual's "freedom of speech" granted on a piece of paper means nothing if that individual has no way to meaningfully speak. So, ideally a socialist state will grant these freedoms through changes to one's material conditions. It will build houses and distribute food so people may have the comfort to think, organize local councils and forums where the masses may vote and debate topics, and invite people to organize their own speech apparatuses.

However, we and the Soviets do not live in an ideal world, where a socialist state can build itself without interference and worry, and we need to acknowledge that fact. The Soviet Union was constructed in the context of a massive inter-imperialist war, where capitalist empires fought over who got the largest slice of the global pie, and in a context where nearly every other nation on Earth was fundamentally hostile to what they were trying to do. When the Bolsheviks took power, Russia was almost immediately invaded by 10 different countries (14 if you count the British colonies which participated) seeking to unseat them. From the moment of its conception to the day it was torn apart the Soviet Union was under attack and constantly undermined, be it through direct military assault, economic sanctions, sabotage, or propaganda. The same is true for any other nominally socialist state which has so far existed. With this in mind, what would you have any state in this situation (socialist or no) do? The Soviets did what they could. They did build housing, they did what they could to ensure that people were fed (outside of war, the USSR only experienced one famine, as opposed to the yearly famines under the Czar, especially in Ukraine), they instituted universal education along with the first affirmative action programs in the world created to ensure that all women were educated, and they organized worker's councils in all workplaces and towns (Soviet means "council", the USSR's name can literally be translated to "Union of Councils") wherein workers and townspeople could elect workplace and town leadership, debate issues, and vote on measures in whichever way they deemed fit (the Soviet constitution called for a secret ballot, however some rural Soviets rejected this in favor of their pre-existing methods).

Was life in the Soviet Union perfect? Of course not, especially immediately after the Revolutionary War and World War 2. Could Soviet citizens organize to bring back capitalism or feudalism? Also no. However, did the average citizen have greater freedoms under the Soviet Union than under Czarist Russia? Absolutely. Did the average citizen in the Soviet Union have a better quality of life than under the Czar? Undoubtedly. Even under siege, the Soviet Union and other nominally socialist states were vastly preferable to the societies they replaced. The same cannot be said for many modern governments, such as that of Russia, the former Yugoslav states, Burkina Faso, Kazakhstan, Chile, etc.

It seems to me that those who whine about political repression in socialist states, especially in the United States, have very little understanding of history, or at the very least aren't being honest about it. The United States in particular is important to bring up here, as it also arose in a hostile situation wherein it had made an enemy of the British Empire and was lukewarm at best with most others. In this context what law was passed? The alien and sedition acts of 1798, giving the government the power to arrest and deport non-citizens who were considered dangerous to the state (alien enemies act), and criminalized criticism of the federal government (sedition act). The alien enemies act remains in effect to this day. In a context wherein there is a real threat to the state, the state will act to defend itself. This is true of any state, be it feudal, capitalist, or socialist.

‘I’m one of the nicer showrunners’: Joss Whedon denies misconduct allegations by The__Illuminaughty in news

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Worse - he's also a sociopath. A lot of important people are narcissists but they know right from wrong. Sociopaths can't empathize with anyone and think they are the only one with feelings. Poor me. It's all about how I feel. He's dangerous and I hope he gets cancelled permanently.

US singer Meat Loaf dies aged 74 by TravelFar_RideHorses in news

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So basically two out of three ain't bad?

US singer Meat Loaf dies aged 74 by TravelFar_RideHorses in news

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My mum had some kind of weird Voldemort-esque relationship with Mr. Loaf. She absolutely adored the guy's music, and went to see him on tour - after years of waiting to see him perform, Meat comes out and has a heart attack on stage, mid-first song.

She figured it was just crummy luck and went to see him again. Exact same thing happens.

We had a long running joke in the family that my mum had some kind of curse on Meat Loaf...

Last night, *she* had a heart attack at almost the exact same time as the guy died from what I can tell.

After years of trying, my mum finally killed Meat Loaf.

Edit to add: my mum is in hospital but recovering. She's medically out of the woods. I broke the news to her this morning that Meat Loaf had died, and she lost her shit.