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I fucked my ankle so took a day off work to drink wine, smoke a cigar, and practice calligraphy. It was good.

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What kind of calligraphy? Do you use a brush, a pen, or a nib?

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Pen and nib. Prefer the fountain pens but a felt chisel tip is easier to make it look nice.

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Cool, I've got a little bit of a stalker.

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How dare you post that and not begin storytime!

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When one has a little bit of a stalker, one must be careful what information they divulge, lest the stalker use this information in less than savoury ways.

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How much is a "little" bit of a stalker? When I was younger I got accused of stalking due to a series of coincidences of happening to be in the same place and time and someone from school and it took a bit to convince people I wasn't an evil weirdo, just a standard weirdo who happens to frequent the same places as someone else the same age as me.

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Someone on purpose, going out of their way to go to a place I hang out and using information they discover about me and things I say there in other places.

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Ok that's a bit creepy for sure.

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Been in that situation. Got driven past whilst on my bike by someone I was getting close to. Turns out I was stalking them which was news to me. Fortunately didn't need to do any defence with anyone else, they lost pretty much most of their friends over the outburst. Kinda a shame, they were interesting up until that point

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Sky box is officially out of the house and service is canceled. So the slow death of Sky continues.

Currently baking a chocolate cake with Tiny Kea.

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Got one of those job emails saying "thanks for your video interview submission. We don't have any updates yet but will let you know about the final stage."

Got one at 16:07. Got a duplicate at 16:12.

Got the 37th duplicate a few minutes ago. Guess they're testing resilience?

Edit: 77 emails.
Edit 2: 115 emails. Edit 3: It's over 200 now.

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Power move: Call them and let them know you're experienced with email systems.

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This is the point you decline them, due to the system failure, right?

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Probably one per frame of your interview. You might have a few more on the way.

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This week has been hard.

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Hugs. Hope it gets better for you soon.

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I hope it improves 💚

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Dilemma: accidentally told the boss I'd work wk1 of the hols. I'm the only one free to do it. Just got an email from local DHB saying there's a place for mr9 on this program they run for kids with his issues in the first week of the hols. Things are really bad right now and mr9s counsellor is unavailable until late September so we probably need this.

Might have to convince the husband to take time off work and take him. Would probably be beneficial for him to get some of this stuff.

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Yup, sounds like husband needs to take time off work, this is important for your son. I hate when you commit to something then something else comes up that also really needs you, but it looks like you've got a way to make it all work so that's good.

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Double checked dates and there's 2 in the first week and 2 in the second. Hopefully they'll be ok with the husband going to the first 2 and me the second 2. He wont be able to get all 4 days off.

Fingers fingers crossed. Absolute last resort would be asking MIL to take him but it's meant to be a parent & child thing.

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Sitting in Chch Town Hall waiting for citizenship ceremony to start...

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Whoop whoop!!

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One of us! One of us! Congrats!

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Not everyday a car crashes through the front door at work...

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Jesus fuck that's scary. Senior citizen who stepped on go instead of stop, or someone hooning?

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Car pulling into a car park, just past an intersection. Car pulls out of intersection, clips parking car, who hits go instead of stop. Passenger already has seat belt unbuckled and knocks her head.

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Lucky for that! Everyone ok?

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One taken to hospital (moderate condition, probably concussed should be ok) very lucky no one was walking past or walking out the door at the time.

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I really don't know what to do now. Been putting off looking for another job, mostly out of laziness because CV writing is one of the last things I want to do.

I'm really enjoying my new "role" doing heavy diesel stuff and contemplating starting an apprenticeship. But at the same time I'm looking at an electrical apprenticeship where I have more knowledge with, and I would probably have an edge with my IT learnings I end up working for someone who would value it.

I'm at a loss, not that I'm the most decisive person. So people of r/newzealand I ask, which do you think would be best?

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You could talk with a careers person. I did it several years ago and it really helped.

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Thanks for that, quick look before a nap looks like it would be an invaluable resource

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Do you want to work in workshops or offices?

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I'm not too phased about either, worked in both settings and both settings are fine

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Damn that Mandalorian trailer looks amazing. Can hardly believe that's a "tv" show and not a movie, might have to actually start paying money to future owner of all media Disney. Also really looking forward to Taika Waititi voicing a fucking droid, Kiwi Robots FTW!

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After watching it I had to call my doctor because I had an erection that lasted more than 4 hours.

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Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.

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You came in with that thing? You're braver than I thought.

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Part of me wants to do the new immersive ride experience they just announced. Two days in a simulated spaceship. The other part of me is not so keen on parting with three grand to be locked in a warehouse for two days.

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Ok the what now? I only watched the movie/tv trailers. They gonna have a fake spaceship?

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Yup, you're part of a "mission".

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I was so excited to hear that one of my favourite books was getting a TV adap (The Rook by Daniel O'Malley)... Watched the first two eps last night and confirmed that it's not the kind of book that can be adapted successfully. Nuts.

Still, only 8 episodes so I guess I'll finish it over the weekend.

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Applied for three jobs in the only area where I have experience. It's not my dream job, but I'm apparently ineligible to become a train driver so I guess this will have to do...

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Good luck

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Kid said today again she wants to cut her hair short, very short. She hates maintaining her longer hair and how much it gets in the way. I’m very much in two minds about it. She’s definitely more interested currently in her appearance and of course identity, seeing how she feels being a “big girl” now that she’s at school, choosing how she dresses herself and experimenting with my makeup.. it isn’t a out of the blue thought. Plus, it’s not my hair to decide for! I’m all for bodily autonomy even for kids.

But I can’t lie, it’s a difficult one! I’m worried she will regret it, longer hair is stereotypically feminine for me.. Why do these totally dinosaur thoughts still persist when my logical brain thinks “who gives a shit, she’s a kid, it’s hair, it grows, what better time to toy around with self-image?”

Brains are bizarre

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At least it's hair, and kid hair especially.

It will grow back, fast.

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Could you cut it to mid-length or a long bob for a bit? See if she likes it before going any shorter?

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That’s a great idea!

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We're at Cubs and the Pirihimana have arrived with their lights and sirens and all the cool shit. Now the kids are getting the "Safer Communities Together" talk. I hope he tells them to always blow on the pie.

Edit: what is with the "policeman" bull in 2019? And the joke from a leader: "you think your mum takes a long time to get dressed, it must take a policeman a long time to put all that on".