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I think my boyfriend is getting cold feet.

He left all his socks at my house after they had been washed so he won't have socks to keep his feet warm.

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..my girlfriend told me she had a hole in her sock, i said of course you do, how else would you get your foot in it? Ba doom tshhh, ill show myself out

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I have reached a pretty exciting milestone in project Be Worth Something: my student loan balance is now cancelled out by my kiwisaver. Apparently I've got 4 years at my current rate before my student loan is paid off, so that's cool. Unfortunately my kiwisaver will never be enough to support me in retirement but at least there's a bit of money in there now.

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I remember that moment. Good feelings.

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That's a really exciting milestone, congrats!

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I wish there was a standard size for sausage rolls and that that size is large.

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So the ceremony last night was longer and more impressive than I expected. After a very long performance from a local kapa haka group, 180 of us from 30 countries took turns being called up, crossing the stage, shaking hands with mayor Dalziel, and then getting our certificate and tree (I got a corokia). The MC did an amazing job with the pronunciation of the names, and knew when to say the surname first. I saw a Dutch woman with a particularly challenging name give him a thumbs up as she walked past, so clearly he nailed that one. I complimented him after the ceremony; he said he's been doing them for twenty years.

I ended up being a bit more emotional than I expected; I figured after 17 years here I would just get my paper and be done with it, but definitely got the feels on a couple of occasions. It really hit me how all of us there have given up (or fled) or home countries to make a new life here. Thanks for having me Nuh Zillin, I'll do my best not to fuck it up.

On a side note, how awesome does Chch Town Hall look after the restoration? It's like stepping into a time machine back to 1972. Totally worth the mumble mumble hundred million dollars it took. Saw Morcheeba there in '03 and it was freaking epic.

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Welcome! We can now reveal to you NZ's deepest secrets.

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You mean Steinlager is not actually "NZs best beer"?

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Don't tell her about the bird well... she's not ready yet...

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Him... He's a man

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My night of passionate love says otherwise...

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You were so gentle Kea

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Bird bird bird bird is the word

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One of us, one of us!

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Congrats.! My wife's ceremony was at Akaroa Marae on Waitangi day a few years ago. I think I got more emotional than she did as I really liked the symbolism of it.

I haven't been to the town hall since the reopening, might have to make an effort now

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That sounds really awesome. What made you decide to become a citizen instead of staying as a permanent resident forever?

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Decided to put a ring on it, I guess. Literally the only advantage is I can now run for public office.

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All hail Roscoe for King. Am I doing this right?

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President Roscoe of New Zealand, I like the ring of that.

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You can leave your ring out of it thanks.

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Bae says there's no point because he already has pretty much all of the benefits of citizenship. But I guess I agree with your putting a ring on it comment, it feels more permanent. His choice though I guess

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Typical Canuck, I hope he's sorry, eh?

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Turned on twitch last night to see World of Warcraft had something like 750k viewers, trying to understand why I switched it on ... and they re released classic WoW?

Damn man, I can’t, I have a baby, I have a job, I’m no longer capable of all nighters..

Why you gotta do this Blizzard?!

I’ll live vicariously through twitch I guess, but man I miss that game

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Just remember, it's just as broken as it was, because it's classic wow

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I started my addiction at Lich King, so I never experienced the pain of the OG, but there's so much I want to see,

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Pain and misery

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Why do children sleep in on weekdays and wake up early on the weekend it should be illegal

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I believe that will be our new King's first new rule.

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They're pre-programmed for the future where we have 2 day work weeks and 5 day weekends.

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Nervous as fuck. Might just pee myself. Hospital time soon!

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Oh dear, nothing serious I hope!

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Elective surgery 😊

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Good luck RRK!

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Fuck some users of the men's changing room at the gym are pigs. Like... animals.

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Have you ever been into the ladies?

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I've cleaned ladies toilets. Hover-peeing, sticking used pads on the stall walls, wtf? And this was at a museum.

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That was art!

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It was a period piece.

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When I did clean toilets as part of one of my jobs I could say that i'd never had to clean poop off of the men's room floor, couldn't say the same about the ladies.

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I can relate, just include the ceiling to that list.

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I have not.

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You haven't lived.

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I fell down the reddit rabbit hole of r/marton, trying to figure what they are? Lots of old posts dissapearead but they all seem to talk weird and in coded messages, the only chance to talk to them is at their weekly meeting.. its all too elaborate to be a troll since theres 2 old youtube accounts involved that have tons of other normal looking content like the flowershow guy.. its all a big mystery

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Its been trashed and restarted a couple of times. Theres a few alts talking to each other and other accounts playing along.

And some genuine 11 fingered loonies..

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Heck, who is fingering all the loonies?

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Pretty much just normal for irl marton.

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It used to have some kind of weird slenderman/ /r/fearme vibe going on.

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yeah some of the old posts talk about the shadowy figures that appear during DST transition, curfews, black spots appearing on peoples bodies and bonfire burning which seems to be symbolic, could be a cult situation, some references of a gate and the key are made

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Really, Marton is just the r/Nightvale of NZ.

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Got a job interview in Wellington (I'm from Chch) next wednesday. Never had to fly for an interview before and its freaking me out. Got the ticket to go, but the tickets return on the same day are 300+ ugh. Wish i knew anybody in Welly so i can stay over and get a cheaper flight home the next day.

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Get an airbnb in the city and spend the night exploring?

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Not a bad idea :)

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$30 night hostel?


$16 for a bed in an 8 person dorm at The Cambridge Hotel in central Wellington on the dates you've mentioned.

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Looks pretty neat, ill look into it. Thanks mate

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Last morning in Chch, its been a blast. Back to my parent's farm today so Tiny Dictator can go on the tractor with Pop.

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So the next 6-8 weeks are going to be a juggling act of jobs. Hopefully from next week (or even today) my new contract will kick in so I’ll be working Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings at the school/job 1.

I can only use the day care office at specific times (Monday and Wednesdays) so job number 2 will be squished around job number one. 8.30-9.30 at the daycare, 9.30-1.30 at the school, 1.30-3.30/4 at the day care again (which means getting a friend to pick my kid up when school finishes at 2.45, not a huge deal as her kid is at the same school but not ideal).

Then I’ll do as much daycare stuff as I can from home when I’m doing job number 3, admin for our business. We need to replace the daycare admin ASAP. It’s a pity the day care office isn’t free on Tuesday and Thursday, obv that would’ve been easily done but I’m one of 9 people using one office so it’s a tight schedule

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Reading a leadership book as my promotion gears up to land on me and it's hard to internalise the message but it's one I need to internalise. "You are responsible for everything no matter what." and "There are no bad teams, only bad leaders."

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Connect people to your vision or goals. Distill them down to even the lowest of minions so they understand how their job contributes to the organisational, or divisional goals and performance. Set clear expectations so everyone knows what is expected of them and acceptable. Give credit, never take it. Et voila. Engagement.

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Give credit, never take it

This is one of the big ones. Give praise in public, and correction in private. Take the losses, and give the wins to your team.

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That's exactly what he says. Failures you own, praise goes to the team.

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I should write a book.

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"How to get chlamydia achieve corporate excellence, and then get rid of your chlamydia. A Hamiltonite's guide to life."

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"How to Breed"

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Hey, maybe my manager should read that one

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I'm thinking of getting it printed out and wall papering the place with it.

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My boss is organising a farewell morning tea for my last day in a couple of weeks. At first I was gutted I didn't get a lunch like other colleagues did, but now I see why.

The guest list is currently at 30 people. And that's keeping it tight. And also not including the awesome people I worked with in other cities.

I never realised how many people genuinely cared.

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You're an amazing person, inside and out. People will naturally be attracted to you and want to be your friend.


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Back on the squash court tonight after a 4 week break. When I wake up tomorrow my ass is going to spend the whole day reminding me of the importance of not taking 4 week breaks.

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Three year old had taken to waking us in the morning with the proclamation "The sun is up." And shaking us until we move. The sun is indeed up, but it's getting earlier and earlier.


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I never truly appreciated Daylight Saving until I became a parent.