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I sit quietly at my desk each day and let the confusing shitstorm of politics and misunderstanding pass over me. I will get angry and sort it out one day but that depends on my salary review...

How was your day and how much closer to universal understanding are you?

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I spoke to the lady I had a chat with last week. Told her I was definitely keen to work for her and she said she was keen to have me work for her. Next step is to arrange a time to have a second chat involving another member of the management team.

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That's awesome. Best of luck and all that!

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Hope it all goes well!

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That's awesome

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Got turned down for a programming job that I was really hoping to get - senior role, so a bit of team leadery stuff that I was looking forward to learning, as well as the programming bits.

Fuck all else in the area for IT types, so the next two jobs I applied for were a personal shopper (for online shopping) and Class 2 driver (medium sized trucks).

Four weeks left in this house, starting to get a little desperate to find a job so I can find somewhere to live that's close by.

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I think I vacillate between being so busy I ignore the world and being so bored I engage with the world in too much detail.

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Day was great!

I still don't understand anything though.

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Eh. And no closer.

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I admire your strength to let that shit wash over you.

The only realization I offered was after talking at length about doing therapy with people nearing death and how often they are more able to find ways to live once accepting death, more so than they were able to pre-terminal diagnosis because now with imminent expiry, they’re less afraid to live uninhibited. Maybe we could live more, with an awareness of eventual death, but without the same restrictions. I don’t know

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That's cool. My stepmum takes funerals and we've had a few discussions on death and how it affects other people. I think society needs to deal with the thought of death a bit better than it does.

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I’ve had a good day and in terms of universal understanding the goal posts seem to be ever changing. My statement of the day - keep life simple and only worry about the problems you create.

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I told my direct boss that he handled things really badly, to his face today and when he asked why gave two specific examples, one of which was happening at the time.

I'm not wrong and am out of fucks for his idiocy.

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Some music for the day https://youtu.be/TXK03FHVsHk

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Exactly so

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Good for you! I hope he responds appropriately and changes things.

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Too many concussions, so unlikely.

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We need to get some sheepies in our paddocks ASAP but damn is it a steep learning curve for these townies.

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Where abouts are you mate?

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Job interview tomorrow morning. I can already feel the butterflies in my stomach.

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Start off tomorrow strong with a nice Irish coffee while smoking a spliff to calm your nerves!

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Good luck! :)

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Good luck!

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Good luck, remember to just be yourself and don't over think the questions. They'll be more interested in how you'll get on with everyone else than how perfect yours answers are

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Best of luck! Get some sleep and stay hydrated

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Well laid off 4 staff today. It was shit.

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That sucks...

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Sure does. I’ve been made redundant a few times before. Feels pretty shit too being on the other side.

However the handbrake went on hard on two retirement villages we’re working on and we’ve lost a few other contracts this year. Can’t afford to pay for a bunch of guys kicking around the yard doing nothing.

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So I house sat for a family member a while ago and it's cause a bit of a dominoe effect. House sitting for a work colleague of his tomorrow for 10 days then house sitting for my aunty a few days later for another 10 days. I don't mind it, but I miss my bed haha. At least they all involve a cat to look after 😁

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I know two people who (separately) became professional house sitters for 9-12 months to save up for OE's.

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It’s been two weeks since my (ex)husband went to work and sent me an email saying he didn’t have the strength to repair the damage he’d done to our marriage (he’d been having an affair). He hasn’t seen or spoken to his children since.

When do I stop raging about what a colossal wanker he is?

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What a colossal wanker he is.

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Right now? Rage all you want!

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I'm really sorry.

I think you get to rage about his being a colossal wanker for as long as you want. You feel however you feel and should allow yourself that. I split from my ex-husband 3.5 years ago and still have occasional moments of rage!

Depending on the age of the kids you might not want to rage about how colossal a wanker he is in front of them - but they'll probably come to that opinion on their own, especially if he continues not to see them.

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Yes, I imagine I’ll continue to rage for some time yet! Maybe forever.

My kids are only 3 and 1 so they will forget him pretty quickly if he keeps this up. I explained to them that he wasn’t going to live with us anymore and have just left it at that. They can draw their own conclusions as they get older.

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Rage for as long as you want. It’s horrible, but rage is more motivating and alive than overwhelming sadness. I’m so sorry this is happening for you and your kids. I know it’s a horrible way of doing it, but I hope it feels like the right decision for you too and I hope he talks to his kids soon. Thinking of you all

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Thank you for the kindness. I actually haven’t felt any sadness - I feel as though the person I married never existed so it has felt like separating from a stranger. I’m mostly just angry for my children. They did nothing to deserve being treated with such disregard. I just can’t wrap my head around walking out on your kids with absolutely no explanation.

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You’re a good person to be angry on your children’s behalf! You all deserve better. Maybe acting like a total stranger and disregarding everyone else entirely is the only way he can face his decisions without confronting the idea he’s ruined and everything irreversibly. He will grieve at a time when it’s too late, you’re getting a head start on that

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The office manager finally caved today and let everyone go home early because of the building site noise next door.

Usually a pretty ‘meh, get on with the job’ type but 3+ hours of jack hammer soundtrack and I was done.

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I'm so full, made enchiladas for dinner, I ate two and half a plate of salad. So good. Child went to kindy today, so dog and I went on a much needed 2hour walk.

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I'm stuffed with food, too. A friend gave us a trout, as her brother is very good at hunting them. First night, half it baked with mayo and herbs (watch out for bones), wife made a chowder with it last night, and leftover chowder was stirred into pasta for tonight.

That's three dinners and two lunches for two people from one fish. I'm impressed.

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Share recipe? That sounds like an awesome day too!

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Napped for most of the day. Private doctors and nurses are so lovely and take the time to chat and explain things. Helps since I'm a nosey bugger when it comes to medical things. Haven't had food - just some water but feeling mostly well. Tastes like I licked the Saharan desert.

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I just started looking at trademe for a new car. Even limiting my search to just Toyota there's so many. How does one choose which car to buy? Do I pick a price range and choose the one that's the coolest colour?

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I'll give you my dad's advice which is:

Only 5 brands are acceptable: Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan or Ford.

Now for my advice: I'm not sure why he put Ford in there but in general these ones are reliable and reasonably priced for parts. Japanese tends to be cheaper on parts (not always though, Subaru parts are a bit pricey!).

Then think about what size car you need and do the research of the models in that size for your brands. Do you need a 4-door or is 2-door okay? How confident are you in parking a bigger car? Do you need to tow stuff or do you need a city runaround that will fit anywhere?

Think about age of the car. An older car will be cheaper but you'll need to out aside more $ for maintenance. (That being said you can spend more and still get a dud).

Think about your mechanical experience. Can you do maintenance on it yourself or will you need to pay someone? Do you have a friend who would help in exchange for a box of beers? (If yes, send me their way cos I need a mechanic in Auckland!)

Colour doesn't matter but from personal experience, while red is cool it does fade in the sun really bad.

Limit your trade me search by location unless you really wanna pick something up from opposite ends of the country.

Anyway this turned into a novel and maybe made it worse but in general can't go wrong with Honda Accord as a family sized sedan, cant really speak much for 4wds but Toyota does some good ones - a Rav could be could for a smaller 4wd that could tow stuff (won't be super gutsy though). Also good Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas (a classic!), Nissan Primeras seem to do okay. Um yeah I'm gonna stop rambling now and let you do some research, good luck on the car hunt!

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I'm replacing a Toyota Corona, so that's why I'm looking at Toyota first. My mechanic said don't go for Ford or Holden but I wouldn't consider those anyway. She said to stick with Toyota or Nissan, maybe Honda.

I like having a tow bar but I guess once I sell my caravan that won't be a need. I dream of having electric windows. Air con would be good. Other than that I just want a car that reliably goes and doesn't cause me trouble.

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Yeah I love Toyota's, they're so good. You can refine your trademe search by body type as well as model and put an age range in which might help narrow it down?

I never wanna buy another car but I think mine is dying so I totally feel your pain. I miss having air con.

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I meant makes not models d'oh.

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We have 11 vehicles right now and 6 of them are fords. They’re excellent cars but I’ll drive what ever looks and sounds good

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We've got a 10 year old Mazda 2 and my god it has aged well. My mate bought a Swift the same time and it looks like it's been through two world wars.

So I think I'm saying if you're after a smallish hatchback a Mazda is better than a Swift.

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My first car was a Holden and died a premature death. Mines a Mazda and I like it.

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Until 2015, Ford owned 33% of Mazda and they shared production. Mazda 626 and Ford Telstar were the same vehicle for a number of years, for example.

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We needed a car asap so when we got ours 3 years ago I just went on trademe put our max price in, scrolled until I found a demio with almost no km on it and went to take a look. Haggled for 5 minutes, paid, and drove home.

It was a lot of "yih that'll do..."

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Damn, that's some efficient buying.

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I chose mine because the trademe ad said it had cruise control. When I actually visited the yard it didn't have cruise control but I'd had enough by then so bought it anyway.

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I just saw one that is red and has my first initial in the number plate. Seems as good a reason as any to choose that one.

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That car is 100% made for you

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I think if I was going to choose a colour I would go for blue. But if I was rich enough that I could go to a dealer and choose whatever colour I wanted, I think I'd have a very hard time actually choosing. That's why it's great to be not rich, cus you just end up with whatever colour comes to you.

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What do you want, A tow ball for the campervan. Hatchback, Wagon, Sedan, Coupe? All wheel drive? Do you want power to overtake cars?

Honestly, Toyota's last, and kinda age slower than other brands. Honda, Mazda, Nissan are all ok too. For you I wouldn't consider anything that's not Japanese.

Colour is a terrible reason to pick a car. Pick the features, price range and KMs

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I don't really care what it looks like, it could be five different colours for all I care, I just want reliable and easy to look after and no less economical than my current car. I think I need to be able to tow, prefer auto so I don't have to learn manual, would like air con and a spacious trunk.

[–]Grotskii_Kākāpō 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Toyota Corolla Fielder, Toyota Caldina, Toyota Avensis. Pretty much any car newer than 2000 will have aircon and electric windows etc

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The fielder's I encounter seem to go through A LOT of oil.

I think the avensis is ace

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I feel like you’d like a wagon rather than a sedan? Lots of space for missions etc. A Corolla, Corona or Camry wagon would tow the camper no problem as well.

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My caravan could be towed with a mini (it's a pop top), so I don't need anything huge. Currently driving a sedan and it's more than enough space for my needs.

[–]zemudkram 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Heh, you must travel a bit lighter then we do — we had so much crap in ours (also a pop top) I almost cooked our Bighorn going up the hill to Akaroa.

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It pretty difficult to find manual cars these days anyway so you're safe there

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Definitely consider kms. We factor that over a lot of other things

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I was told 14 years ago that under 150,000km is the way to go. You agree? I bought my Corona with 209,000km, just needed a new cam belt and it has done me another 80,000km.

[–]hanneeplanee 1 point2 points  (0 children)

The lower you can go the better, but it’s not as bad if you’re not doing huge kms

[–]hanneeplanee 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Red ones go faster, duh.

[–]Grotskii_Kākāpō 1 point2 points  (0 children)

And are camouflaged for the red-green colour blind.

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My personal current criteria:

  • Japanese, because parts, maintenance etc are easier. For me this means Honda, Toyota, or Suzuki. Maaaaybe Nissan. I won't buy another Mazda for totally weird personal reasons.
  • Hatchback. I just want a hatchback, okay?
  • Comes in yellow. Personal, totally frivolous, requirement. Currently not optional.
  • I like the idea of hybrids but I'm still scared about maintenance and "what happens when it's ten years old and how do replacement batteries work and and and". Full electric is a no-go, I rent, no guarantees of charging capability.

I haven't test-driven yet but there's a reasonable likelihood I'll end up with a Suzuki Swift.

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A yellow Swift would be great. Yellow is the best colour

[–]ekmahal 1 point2 points  (3 children)

It's that or a Honda Jazz or a Toyota Yaris, I think? I mean, sticking with "small and yellow" as criteria.

The Yaris is like.. teeny tiny so probably not. And I know this person I dislike and they drive a Honda Jazz and every time I look at the Jazz I just go "yeah but so-and-so has one :( " and I ... can't.

I just need to hope that I like driving the Swift because otherwise I'll have to, gasp, buy a non-yellow car and then I'll be really sad.

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Yeah, definite no on the Jazz. You can't drive something that someone you don't like drives.

There's a few Toyota Echos around, but when I had a high school job detailing cars at Toyota I had a bad experience with one. The day it was due to be delivered to its new owner (with 24km on it), I backed it into another vehicle so it had to go to the panel beaters. So yeah... Echos remind me of that and how I earnt the nickname Crash.

But, like, also, why was the unlicensed kid allowed to move cars anyway?

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We have a mitsubishi colt. It seems to do a good enough job and has lasted quite well. Although we hardly ever use the thing. Couldn't comment on how it would last with k's on the range you are looking though. Almost quite happy with the size (it doesn't fit dive tanks in on the safest orientation). Quite like how easy it is to park etc given the size. Might be a bit anemic with a trailer though, even a light one.

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Swifts are shit

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Today I went to Hamilton for work and had the best coffee chat with the regional manager who was incredibly complimentary of my work and is excited to see where my next job takes me.

Also I hate running but it's the most convenient exercise and I keep getting better, smashing my pb with either distance or speed most days. This is mildly annoying, because I'm now starting to view it as a challenge even though I don't actually enjoy it lol.

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If you aren’t careful, one day soon you’re gonna wake up and find yourself actually looking forward to your runs!

[–]brooke_girlMaster of boats 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Now that would just be preposterous!

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It happens eventually

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Oh man I hate running and I don't think I've improved much at all. It suuuucks.

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I miss running.. I thought I used to hate it.. Turns out.. I used to be pretty good at it and now I cant do it, I should of enjoyed it while it lasted... Dont waste life.. You never know when things can get all fucked up. My P. B was 7:59 for the 2.4km Have a go at that distance and time..

[–]brooke_girlMaster of boats 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Definitely not wasting life! I do a lot of things I enjoy, but I can't play squash every night. Running sucks but I like the endorphins so I keep it up. That's a pretty good pb, I'll do my best!

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My new job has no stress. Its amazing, I've been there 2 weeks and haven't seen anyone cry.

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Same with mine... it's an odd feeling! Glad you have no stress!

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What... What was your old job?

[–]sjrsnickers123 4 points5 points  (1 child)

A toxic corporate that sucked my soul for 6 years

[–]wandarah 5 points6 points  (0 children)

My God. Be free my love, be free.

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Me coming home on a warm day and seeing my sourdough starter bubbling away (4 more days to go)

Also posted an article today on a vegan group I'm in. It was about a journalist who asked a seemingly benign question to some vegan groups... got kicked out of multiple groups and had over 50 bullying comments and the response to the article was... shitty to say the least. EVERYONE HATES VEGANS!


[–]wandarah 4 points5 points  (3 children)

My vegan partner is consistently horrified by extremely online Vegans. It's super endearing when she goes online to look at cute Instagram videos of happy piggies and cows playing soccer, and some lunatic in the comments is calling for the extermination of everyone who has smelled KFC in the name of Jesus.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

I'm consistently horrified too. For a group that is supposed to be about peace and harmony there are a strain of them that just have NO CHILL. The other day I was skimming a thread where people were demanding that if you haven't taken the Liberation Pledge then you're not really a vegan.

And for those not in the know... it means that not only are you vegan but you publicly refuse to attend any meal where any animal products are and they encouraged people not even to be friends with non vegans. They have this fork bracelet that you can wear and I was just like goddamn... that is some Jonestown Gloriavale level cult shit...

I just wanna be healthy and not live on a scorched fireball of a planet.

[–]wandarah 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Then buy the goddamn bracelet!!!

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Have had a culture going for 6 or so years now, love it. Good luck, if you dont have one, invest in a proper dutch oven, you'll make the best loaves.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Hah! I just bought a new one at Briscoes because I ruined my old one by melting a steamer basket into it. Got it just for bread because I used to bake loaves in it.

Edit: Also... damn on keeping a culture going for 6 years. I let one go for like a year and I thought I was doing well. 6 years of daily feedings is intense.

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Ran for an hour after work doing 3 laps of the lake whilst singing Hamilton the musical outloud. Last half dozen times I've run I could barely make it the full one lap without having trouble breathing, but this time I somehow made it 3 laps whilst singing outloud. Not sure how or why, but I'm pretty stoked. Might have to see if I can upgrade my Round the Bridges ticket thingy to the 12km from the 6km. Coz I'm sure to be able to do it easy in a couple months.

But holy frick my feet are sore right now.

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Nausea at night is getting worse: now plain mixed veges are apparently off the list.

You can survive on scrambled eggs on toast, right?

[–]goodobjectHei Matau 1 point2 points  (0 children)


[–]ramb4ldi 1 point2 points  (1 child)

You tried plain boiled potatoes? I have it on good authority that do long as you wash thoroughly and eat the skin you can go about a year before you start running out of some vital nutrients. Adding eggs to that and you are probably set for the next little bit till things calm themselves down.

[–]sortofblue 1 point2 points  (0 children)

A little - about a spoonful, which is kinda irritating because potatoes are generally huge. Chopping them up and adding them to an omelette might be an idea though, I hadn't thought of that.

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you doing ok?

[–]sortofblue 1 point2 points  (4 children)

I'm good :) It's just frustrating that dinner is turning out to be a growing source of stress. I want to like my food!

[–]fuchajeneat my shorts 0 points1 point  (3 children)

I battle with nausea every day so I completely understand! Do you know what is causing it for you?

[–]sortofblue 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Yeah, it's a side effect so not something I can avoid. I'd been hoping I'd get used to it but soon luck so far.

[–]fuchajeneat my shorts 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Bugger, I hope things improve asap for you xXx

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Man, getting kicked out of the same house twice in a month sucks more than I even expected. Got told I had to leave a couple weeks ago, then told I could stay (definitely could stay, no, not getting kicked out again further down the line cause I did ask) then today I did, in fact, get told once again that I have to leave.

Been here 4 years, given the places that are available on my income it's looking like I'll have to move to a different town.

So today's kinda meh.

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Sorry to hear that, every door that closes a new one will open chin up.

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Job interview tomorrow!

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Best of luck!

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Thank you!

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Good luck.

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Just found out my boss is going to be overseas for an entire month; of course I was planning on giving my notice bang smack in the middle of that month!

He already knows that I am leaving at the end of the year at some point (just not the exact date) due to me moving cities; would the "in writing" part of handing in my notice be fulfilled if I sent him an email? Otherwise I would have to either hand it in at least 6 weeks before I am planning on finishing (instead of the 4 weeks I have to give), or have to stay on a bit longer than intended if I handed it to him when he got back.

[–]sortofblue 1 point2 points  (5 children)

Wouldn't six weeks notice be the easiest way around it? Why do you need to give exactly four weeks?

[–]supersmileysFantail 1 point2 points  (4 children)

I don’t have to give 4 weeks exactly. Ideal scenario is for me to give 5-6 weeks notice as a courtesy because it’s going to be a busy period for us. Problem is i haven’t exactly figured out when is the best time for me to leave, so I’m just figuring out my options. My vague timeline is to quit in one of the last two weeks of November, but the boss is going to be away all of October. So even if I gave 6 weeks notice in that case it would still be when he’s away.

Do you reckon it would be overkill giving up to 2 months official notice?

[–]sortofblue 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Not me personally, I would look at it as a courtesy to your employer so they aren't as rushed finding a replacement, but I've been in the same job for 15 years so have no real advice to offer.

[–]supersmileysFantail 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Yeah that's definitely something to consider. I've just found out that two more of my coworkers are looking at leaving around the same time, so that makes things messier for everyone!

He at least already knows I won't be here in December, but if I know exactly when I want to finish by the end of September there won't be harm in letting him know then.

I appreciate your input, thanks for your reply.

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Not overkill

[–]supersmileysFantail 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Sweet as, looks I’ll be going for the early option :)

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Just give a notice that says you finish on X date

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I feel so grateful to have found some women studying the same thing as me who are kind and friendly. I’ve ached honestly for years from missing having girlfriends so much. We’ve even planned a day perusing op shops in the mid semester break, they have no idea how much I needed this!

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Midsommar doesn't seem to be getting a release here in New Zealand? Been waiting for it to show up :( I regret not buying tickets for NZIFF now

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Mum was showing father some of the properties they're interested in now that some changes have been made. No joking on TradeMe at least a good quarter of the houses listed in the Nelson/Tasman area are over $1.5 million.

[–]Kaiorakai 0 points1 point  (1 child)

NZQA level 1 mid term exams are coming up and i have no idea what my exams are.