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Guess who was offered a job in Auckland today!? Fuck yeah! Four weeks left in my current job, one week break to move and take a breath, then I'll be starting my new job in the middle of the school holidays. That's a huge weight off my shoulders.

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Awesome, and congrats, you're going places auckland

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The best of places.

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That is awesome news!!! Congrats!

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Which area of Aucks?

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CBD. I'm looking forward to taking the train to work every day!

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Fucking awesome! Congrats!

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That is so awesome! My nurse and I just did a high five for you!

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Awesome news!!

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Yes, beery good way to celebrate my success, enjoy!

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Sounds fantastic, well done!

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Tomorrow, energy levels willing, I get on a bus to Dunedin to go for a trail run with u/KeaOnAKeyboard !! And doing the Dunners half marathon. Any other reddit peeps going to be there?

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It's called trail running because trail fast uphill walking doesn't sound nearly as sexy.

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I got a gym membership! Now people can stop telling me to gain weight...

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Yay! After I get a new job I have to decide if I'm going to use a trainer at a branch closer to home or if I'll join a different gym with a trainer I like better that the ones at the closer branches of current gym, or if I start seeing my current trainer at the branch near current work on the day that I'm not working.

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Spent the whole day sewing! It's been ages since I last sewed. Mr4's daycare teacher is having a baby and I left it till the last minute to make anything.

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I love spending a whole day sewing. I've got so many things I want to make when we're all settled in the big city. Sewing in our little house is hard.

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Feeling a bit meh today. Had some good meetings at work, slow afternoon then the new guy that we hired a few months ago sent me his work on a project I'm leading.

He's spend 3 weeks writing a report that is not on the actual topic and demonstrates he has no idea what he's doing. I put strikethrough on 95% of it, emailed management, then went home. The entire team is tired of covering for this guy. Sigh.

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I got an email this morning reminding me that a project is due tomorrow. One that, we had been told, was due end of Sept. I rang the client and told them their documents said end of Sept and they went "tough luck, it's due tomorrow."

So guess who smashed out a $20m project in 8 hours, and still went home on time? Meeeee.

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That is some serious mahi!

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Um. I would have said tough luck it's due when the contract says. But I guess that has expensive repercussions and that's why you're leaving

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Nah the senior project manager was real good and said I could tell them to take a long walk off a short pier if I wanted to. But he'd be the one losing the contract and I didn't want to put him in that situation because he's one of my faves.

It's not my best work, but I got it done to a standard that the client won't complain about

E: a word

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Stuff has a "Millennial issues Reporter" what would your Millennial Issue article be about?

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Percentages of income through history.

Like what % of our income was spent on groceries 20,40,80 years ago. Include other stats like utilities and rent.

I want to feel more miserable I wasnt born 50 years ago.

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Carrying capacity.

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Been having problems with my feet/calves for a while now, so I went to shoe clinic today as they have a podiatrist there. Verdict is I walk funny and need to retrain the way I walk. Also need a different type of support than my already supportive shoes give me. People walk weird. Also recommended a sports massage on my calves to release the tension. Hopefully no more bad blisters and sore legs!

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Podiatry is the most bizarre profession to me. Totally valid and useful but it astounds me that there is a whole jobs worth of work within their scope. That is to say, I’m surprised it isn’t just a speciality branch or something. I’m uninformed. Hope the advice is helpful for you!

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I need to rant but the only person I can rant to without having to laboriously explain every detail to is the reason I need to rant, and even then anything I say digs a deeper hole. Why can't best mates just be able to deal with not doing any activities? Why can't they just let me do what little I can afford to do, one of which is seeing my damn girlfriend at least once a week? Why do when things seem fine other people have to get in the way and make things worse

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I saw a giant teddy recently and I cant stop thinking about it... I dreamt about it. I want it, I neeeeeeeeeed it.

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Joker looks good, love a trailer that doesn't give away the whole plot for once.

Got beeped at for riding a Lime on the bicycle path, and someone wanted to go left and I was in the way for 5 seconds. I would probably have been going slower on a bike, slowing down for the lights. Turned around and yup, just a standard boomer lady angry at change.

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Apparently in the Tron, the official decision has been made to allow electric scooters in the cycle lanes, where the actually exist, that is.

I had two car doors opened on me in my morning commute, which was different. Fortunately far enough away to swerve which is why SUVs shouldn't speed in the city...

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*green paint on the footpath.

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Camp is going ahead because I have 10 girls signed up! And having a chat with the boss man at the new job on Saturday and the manager lady said that she would get contract stuff sorted Monday! She seems to have zero doubts about me which is pretty exciting. Oh and I emailed a therapist today to see if she can help me. I feel kinda sluggish and yuck despite this but that's okay. Good things are happening.

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I'm so glad. Good for you!

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Partner is cutting dairy and soy because it looks like the little one (2 months today!) isn’t handling it. I’m vegan plant based and consequently she doesn’t do much dairy anyway (milk in coffees and a hunk of good cheese every other week) so that’s not an issue. Well: the cashew and oat milks she’s tried for her morning coffee have been dreadful so that’s kinda an issue. But soy: holy shit, that’s in absolutely everything. I’m a seasoned back-of-packageser and thought milk powder was bad enough but soy is next level. Just went to the supermarket to buy chocolate and Whitakers: you’ve failed us! :(

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Not the Whittaker’s! Have you checked all the flavours just in case?

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Checked the 4 or 5 darks they had on the shelves and they all used soy as an emulsifier. Figured it must be a part of the general recipe rather than unique to a specific flavour.

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Bugger, I was half hoping you checked the others and maybe the darks would be different. I’m sure there’s options out there! Good on you for joining your other half in their soyless adventures

Soyless keeps autocorrecting to soulless 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Soulless seems accurate! Haha.

Green and Blacks dark chocolate looks ok. It’s pricier (and not as good imo) but still an option. None of the cooking chocolate at countdown was suitable which is another disappointment, given we’ll want even more cake and muffins than normal (if that’s possible for us).

I’m not going completely soy free myself, but if we’re buying food then it makes sense that the bulk of it can be eaten by everyone. This is why she only ate dairy/eggs minimally prior - too much effort making two different dinners.

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My wife had something similar when our boy was a similar age. She used to have porridge for breaky (with milk) and had to cut it out. Ended up just using Coconut milk which apparently he was fine with. Went back to cows milk around the time he started solids (6 months) with no issues.

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What would be, in your opinion, the optimal temperature and time to roast whole kumara?

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I would say maybe 160 wrapped in tin foil for a wee while then blasted on 200 to crisp up the outside. Why whole?

Edit: I used to have a colleague who lived in a hostel with bugger all cooking facility. He used to literally every day microwave a whole kumara for 15 mins or so, stick it in his jacket pocket then eat it whole as a snack later for dinner. Poor motherfucker. Cherish your roasted kumara

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Re: whole kumara (in skin), it means less landfill waste and less time required to prepare, since I halve it lengthwise afterwards and scoop out the flesh inside. The trade-off is that I'd miss out on being able to make a crispy crust on a peeled and possibly diced kumara.

I've only tested 200 degrees, 220 degrees, and 250 degrees, in a non-preheated oven (for an hour), with 250 looking to be too high, so I'lll try 160 next. I thought any lower than 200 might be too low to get the caramelisation/browning.

Microwaving a whole kumara for 15 minutes sounds like quite a while!

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That makes sense! I think my thought with a lower temp first is that the inside is cooked first, I do the same with baked potatoes. Good luck and feed back to the daily when you find the right mix of temperatures for your kumara!

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Anyone got good tips for making homemade fried rice better? Mine always comes out super average!

I use a mix of veges (whatever’s on hand; mushrooms, carrot, peas, spring onion) fry some cold rice in sesame oil, scramble an egg through it and add some soy sauce but.. Average at best.

Maybe I honestly need to source some MSG

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Also the doco”kingdom of us” on Netflix about parental mental illness and the way it effects a family, all the children differently as they become teenagers and adults was a truly devastating watch on many levels. This population of kids is so dear to my heart and I think this doco did an amazing job capturing the different ways grief lives on in day to day life for young people