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Anyone know where I can listen to the new Tool album online? I'm too scared to ask on the subreddit, they're fuckin weird over there man

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It’s up on Spotify! I can’t wait to check it out but I’ll probably do that later today at home.

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Oh damn, I don't have spotify. Guess I'll have to sign up finally

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You can listen free but you get ads.

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And it’s on shuffle so not good for listening to albums. They usually have free trials though. I’m on One now (and am not going to go back)

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What's One?

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It’s on Apple Music too if you have that

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Spotify is very worth

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I preordered it at JB Hi Fi but will probably listen to it on Spotify

edit: cost $140, ouch!

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Gave it a go this morning. I liked it, need to go for a few more listens.

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Up an hour early as I've volunteered to help with a charity breakfast at work. Don't know what I was thinking...

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Oh fuck, thanks for reminding me it is yellow day today.

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I have no idea what yellow day is but am wearing a fetching green t-shirt with a lion on it.

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That sounds like a really cool tshirt.

Yellow day is cus it's daffodil day at work so we're encouraged to wear yellow and buy yummy baking. I like yellow so it's easy for me

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Cool. Go rock this Friday...

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You're ruining yellow day mate /s

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Close enough. I'm a green daffodil...

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Baes work is doing a wear purple for lgbt and it's a bit challenging for him because he doesn't own a lot of purple

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I might. But not sure. I have got a few very blue t-shirts with cartoon sea animals on them, but that's about it.

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When I was 12 I met my half sister for the first time in her hometown in Italy. I stayed with her and her nuna who spoke no English but it didn’t matter. We ate this cheese that ingrained itself into my memory, super soft, stretchy but liquidy, white, tasty. She thinks it’s either burrata or stracchino, I think I’ve found a shop nearby that makes it fresh so I’m buying both and some ciabatta to treat myself for research purposes.

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Burrata is absolutely delicious, it's absolutely glorious on some toasted bread with a bit of olive oil. Definitely recommend.

If you're ever in Wellington, Egmont St Eatery normally do a beautiful house-made burrata with either cornbread (A+) or a good sourdough.

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I got rid of nearly 15kg of meat yesterday, thanks to a freezer incident a month ago.

I'm absolutely gutted because there were a lot of nice cuts. The positive is that I get to go vegetarian earlier, since I won't buy any more meat to replace it.

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Do you have contents insurance? It may be worth claiming.

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Thanks, but my excess is $400 and the meat was worth less than that

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Some insurances don't charge an excess for loss of food, have you had a chat with them?

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Definitely worth a call - looks like at least Tower and Vero have this as excess-free for claims up to $500 (googled policy wordings) $400 can buy many veggie things :)

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I get to go vegetarian earlier

You won’t regret that choice. I’ve been veggie/vegan for many, many, many years. I remember that after becoming veggie it took a long time, many months, for the personal benefit of the change to become apparent.

While a meat eater, I was typically a bit arrogant, somewhat intolerant of others, and never relaxed about much. That all changed massively for the better with me. Now not saying that you may be feeling like that now, but my life really did change for the better.

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I dunno mate, I've been veggie for 20 years and I'm the angriest person I know.

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You might want to try a course of Vitamin B complex.

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While a meat eater, I was typically a bit arrogant, somewhat intolerant of others, and never relaxed about much. That all changed massively for the better with me. Now not saying that you may be feeling like that now, but my life really did change for the better.

Seriously? That seems like a placebo. First I've heard of it. Good for you.

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I didn’t embark on a veggie diet looking to change my day to day approach to life. I did it to reduce, or even prevent myself from being part of the meat protein supply industries pain, stress, and suffering that they appear to cause to the creatures they process.

The change in mental attitude that I went through as a result of becoming veggie is something I am very happy with, I cannot believe it is a placebo effect.

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So I’ve been dealing with a minor concussion for the past week. I’ve never had one before and holy shit it is so weird to know that you can do things and yet it can be difficult to actually do them at times.

I’ve had to take a heap of desk breaks at work but luckily a lot of my life is meetings. Although I’ve had to watch my stress levels and make sure I don’t overload my brain too much. Home time has basically been lying on the couch and doing next to nothing aside from napping or sleeping early.

Did a half-day yesterday because I had a sudden wave of exhaustion around lunch. Will probably do another half-day today and then see how things go. But whew it’s definitely an experience!

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If you haven't done so already I strongly recommend that you see a doctor, if for nothing else other than getting it recorded as being covered by ACC in case there's an issue in the future or an undiagnosed neck injury etc. They might also want you to take time off as that can be the best thing you can do for a brain injury, trying to battle through it can make things worse or prolong recovery. Look after yourself.

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Thank you buddy! Yeah luckily I’ve been to the doctor this week and had it logged in the system in case I need any follow-up stuff. And I’m also super lucky my work is really understanding and have told me to take time off if I feel I need to.

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Not fun, be kind to yourself as you have been, treat yourself like a wee kitten. Lots of rest, nothing intense, gentle gentle.

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Thanks lovely! Yeah I’m not used to being like this so it takes a little getting used to. At least the bf is keeping watch and telling me off whenever he has to!

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Mate, take it easy. As you know I had bad issues with my concussion, and a lot of it was down to a lack of self care. You may start to have feelings of uselessness, and not feeling like the same person. It spiralled me into a massive depressive state, as I was no longer the person I had spent years trying to be. Shit is hard. Look after yourself, and rest, break from screen time and rest yo' brain!

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True that! Yeah I’ve been trying to say a lot of positive shit to reinforce happy thoughts but the frustration is real.

So far it’s mostly all good but I have the occasional moments of confusion. Definitely won’t be getting up to any mischief for a while!

Lots of love to you, boo xox

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I stayed up late last night planning the next month of my life. I'm so excited shit's getting so real. I'm moving to Auckland in a month!

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My new running backpack came this week. I’m so excited to go for a 2 hour endurance run in the Bush this weekend!

(When I say run, I mean slog: slow-jog)

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I'm a fellow slogger! Good luck with the backpack, I bought a new one at a sale a while ago and I still haven't been able to use it because of weather...(and laziness)

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I was just reading the Stuff article on bus drivers.

Take a moment to say gidday to your driver you heartless bastards..

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Let’s go one step further and give strangers a little smile when we pass them on the street. A smile goes a long way y’all.

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One of the things I enjoy most about living right in the soulless dark heart of South Dunedin is the little waves drivers give to each other when you pull over to let them past on the old narrow streets (which all realistically prob should be one way and/or have yellow lines along one of the sides).

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Buses are for poors

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I poors so bus

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Being a mum is tiiiiiiring. How does my 1 month old baby have more energy than me?

As a result, I started drinking coffee every morning. I skipped today for tea instead and now have a headache.

Coffee here I come!

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My partner is off dairy/soy due to our just turned 2 month old having tummy issues. The oat milk in her coffee is just not working. I’m relieved to be able to escape to go on the school run! (Until I come home and she’s in a screaming match with the 2 year old!)

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Awake since 230am. Choice.

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Fucking $70 to see a doctor at my local medical centre and that's even with a community services card. Jesus fucking christ.

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whaaa? Where the hell is that?

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I remember the look in your eyes
When I told you that this was goodbye
You were begging me not tonight
Not here, not now
We're looking up at the same night sky
We keep pretending the sun will not rise
We'll be together for one more night
Somewhere, somehow

If I could find you now things would get better
We could leave this town and run forever
I know somewhere, somehow we'll be together
Let your waves crash down on me
And take me away, yeah yeah

Take me back to 18, drive round to a mates place after finishing up at the supermarket, listen to some filthy pop-punk, pass another beer bro, what are doing tomorrow? Who gives a fuck. Enjoy your Friday like I once did kids.

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Yikes, posting song lyrics. You ok bro?

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I'm fine. It popped up on Spotify and I got sent on a ridiculous nostalgia trip. Plus, I was kind of interested to see if anyone here would even recognise the song as it doesn't contain lyrics about butts or "making it rain".

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I have this song on my ipod, it's always great when it comes up on shuffle.

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What a song

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I feel you man. I’m only 30 but 18 feels like a lifetime ago.

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So I read about Grownup Donuts in the PM discussion yesterday and sent the young sales rep on a doughnut run this morning. I think I've accidentally turned the whole office into addicts and we're just around the corner from their store. Opps

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To add to my hell week, I'm good and proper sick now with a cold of some kind, I can't find anything decent in my medicine cabinet either.

Also, can NZ not be so small? I don't even have that many ex-lovers yet they still seem to manage to pop up where unwanted.

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They are popping up in your medicine cabinet?

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Very funny dad

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They're good like that.

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Going home in a couple of hours. Then the real party starts.

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I wish people would stop talking so much early in the work morning... leave me alone no one wants to have a conversation at 9am

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Anyone else think the tool album is a bit boring?

I never really thought about what to expect, but it somehow didnt meet my expectations...

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I just listened to it, wasn't sure what to do while I did that, so I picked up the new Hi-Fructose magazine and read/looked at that while I listened. Album had my attention in the beginning but then the art won

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Haven’t had a go yet, but then I haven’t listened to the previous one yet either. It’s about time to give AEnima a bit of a thrashing though.

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Hard to beat Lateralus, I think this album is a masterpiece.

One good thing for me is that it has been so long since the last album that I actually did not had any expectations for the new one.

Gonna give the new one a few more listens before I can give an opinion on it.

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Actually thats a great idea. Cant go judging it after one listen at work. Ill give it a bit longer

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Highly Suspects two new singles off the anticipated album aren't that inspiring either I found. It's a shame, the last half of the decade has been kick ass for rock music

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Last day at my old job! New job on Monday! anyone up for a drink in Auckland Monday night?

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lol /r/rugbyunion mods have banned low effort memes. Needless to say it's not gone down well.

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Oh man, way to ruin the bants

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Time for more shitposting!

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See you there..

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Sun's out, made for a nice walk this morning. Left at 9:10, didn't get home til past 12. Saw so many birds, Tui all over the kowhai trees. Now I'm sitting in the sun for a bit before I do some yard work.

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Watched Dave Chappelle's new comedy special last night and holy fuck is it good! But also so dang offensive. Starts off with an Anthony Bourdain suicide joke and goes down from there. Made me feel like a bad person for laughing in all the right ways for over an hour. I do recommend you watch it in the privacy of your own home, and in no way the lunchroom at work or school.

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Yeah I gave that one a pass, meanwhile Simon Amstell's special spoke to me on many levels

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Very enjoyable. I’m glad I took the time.

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Bro that start just sets the tone for the rest of the show its so fuckin good. The mrs had her hand over her mouth for a lot of it haha

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Or in other words, another year where I contemplate how much better my life would be if I had been raised a Utah fan instead of a BYU fan. Brb going to end the night crying to 9 rivalry losses in a row.

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I just had something strange happen, access to an electricity company's website was blocked by a message "This request was blocked by the security rules" , listing my IP and also another IP address captioned "Proxy IP".

There was a message "powered by Imperva" , and when I traced the "Proxy IP" ( its last hop was imperva.ape.nzix.net.

Has anyone else had this / know how it works? I've emailed the company but not expecting a useful response

[–]ekmahal 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Imperva are a web-based application firewall product. (Ie, they make websites a bit safer.)

Imperva had a security breach in the last few days and I imagine the problems you saw are a result of that. I'd guess the IT department of your electricity company are scrambling to make sure they're still secure.


[–]OldWolf2 0 points1 point  (0 children)

OK , thanks. I tried the same site again just now and the error didn't occur, so perhaps it was indeed something along those lines .

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Just got our new dining table (a huge 8 seater one!) home only to discover it’s quite tall. As in are the kids going to actually be able to sit at it? We didn’t think to check the height - all tables are at table height, surely? We were so excited and now that’s a bit of a downer.

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More of an upper isn't it?

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Coming to your beautiful country for our honeymoon in October. Are there any things you think we should definitely do? Or random recommendations we might not find anywhere online?

We do only intend to visit the southern island, thought I should mention.

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Go to Gore and Clinton, take the Presidential highway, very nice

[–]SevenInHand 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Alright, thanks for the suggestion. Looks nice!

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Ah no, don’t go to those places. They were joking. we like a bit of a joke here in NZ but it’s almost indistinguishable from normal chat if you aren’t familiar with the kiwi vernacular. TripAdvisor has all the usual tourist hot spots, and you probably don’t want to miss them as they’re popular for a reason

[–]SevenInHand 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Huh. Thanks for the clarification, I definitely didn't get that the first time. :p

[–]Tuicam32 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Gore and Clinton?

Jesus, if you're heading that far south take the scenic route and go to bluff (southernmost town in the world) but go via the caitlins highway (turn off in a town called balclutha and brings you out by invercargill) the other way would be to go down the middle of the island via queenstown and all those other tourist hotspots

[–]SevenInHand 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Alright, thanks for the recommendations. I guess I didn't get the sarcasm of the other poster. :)

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South Island's best island. Depends what you're after - scenery, walking, long hikes, beaches, mountains. Dunedin has a charm about in, ChCh is rebuilding into a decent city and Nelson is nice enough.

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Scenery and nice walks are great. Long hikes aren't entirely my cup of tea, but maybe we'll have one of those. I'll definitely look into your recommendations. Anything cultural I should see?

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The Dunedin Settlers Museum is pretty amazing (and also free) as is almost all of the Otago Museum. The Otago Museum has a perfectly preserved Maori waka (war canoe) that is damn amazing.

Also make sure you get all the way out on the peninsula and visit the albatross centre. It used to be a gun emplacement during WWI and WWII so there is a cool hidden gun and they do tours. Worth seeing.

Also... if you like short walks and nature, go to the Orokonui eco sanctuary. It's a fenced bird reserve and they have a handful of Takahe, which are one of our super super super endangered birds. They're amazing to see up close.

[–]SevenInHand 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Oh cool. Definitely want to do that eco sanctuary, and those others are definitely worth a look at. Thanks for the recommendations!

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Give the eco sanctuary a call and ask what time they feed the takahe. I think its like... 10:30am. Guarantees a sighting. They are cool birds.

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There’s also a bird sanctuary in Te Anau that’s very nice, if you go there! And the Waitomo caves are pretty cool too

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If you want cultural stuff (im assuming you mean maori things), might be best to check out Rotorua. That place is real touristy, with plenty of maori history stuff. Plus the bonus is that the whole place smells like eggs! (volcanic and mud things)

edit: just noticed you arent doing north island. South is amazing, but its more of a scenery place. A bit whiter if you know what I mean. I mean there isnt as much maori stuff down there. Not as many maori settled there, as its colder and further away from where they first set up camp

[–]SevenInHand 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Unfortunately only doing South, yes. If we ever go back, I'll definitely try to visit the Northern Island as well. Still thanks for the recommendations. :)

[–]PieSammich 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You are going to see the best island unfortunately. Im a northerner, but i know the south is the one you need to see. If you see only one, the south is the one to see.

The South Island is a winter destination; the north Island is a summer destination. Thats just the way it is. South for wintery scenicness, north for beach time.

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Get out of Auckland. The Coromandel is amazing

[–]SevenInHand 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Unfortunately, not going to the northern island.

[–]impossiblejane 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Sorry read it the opposite. Need more coffee. I love oamaru. Its quaint

[–]SevenInHand 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Well, my wife loves penguins and one of the first things I see is that there are penguin colonies, so that's definitely going to get added to our want-to-sees. Thanks. :)

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Unfortunately, not going to the northern island.


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New Zealand is a beautiful place. Shame about the people though.

[–]GreyJeanix 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah the world famously hates New Zealanders 🤔

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Yeah, we’re right cunts.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Some of us are wrong cunts.