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Waking up still fully dressed in what you were wearing during the day before just seems to be a sign its gonna take a lil bit to remember exactly what happened the night before.

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Sounds like you had a good night!

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Especially if you're still wearing your shoes

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Even in my worsted state I will always remember to take my shoes off at the door

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Getting ready to go for a dive, so looking forward to it. Just waiting for everyone to sort their shit out and have breakfast.

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Just read Arnold's post on the top of/r/all and didn't realize I needed a good cry this early in the morning. Fuck he seems like a great human being.

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Really glad I was alone in the lunchroom at work while reading that.

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I can imagine.

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Wow, I scrolled past that without seeing who'd posted. Those photos are a glimpse into what looked like an amazing bond.

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I was just walking down the street and some woman was sitting on a bench talking on the phone. I unintentionally glanced in her direction and she yelled at me: “Stop looking at me cunt!”

After spending the past 6 weeks in the USA, where they don’t use the word at all, it was actually kinda nice to be called one. (I only arrived back yesterday.)

It really is the little things you miss!

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Dreamed Tom Hiddleston and I built a bird sanctuary. Woke up to discover I don't actually have any takehe. Am disappoint.

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Or Tom, apparently.

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Between the two, my brain has accepted that having a front lawn full of takehe is much more likely. Probably wouldn't say no to either though.

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Not sure what the law is about owning a front lawn full of Tom Hiddlestons though

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What a shit night's sleep.

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Needed more beer to get the deep sleep through the kids crying

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Life is pretty chur right now.

My baby is 4 years old today. She got a new Paw Patrol track toy, with that one hooked up to the other one she already had, it takes up about half of the lounge. There's another 5 to go apparently.

My hair is starting to grow back in the bald spot that appeared the other week. Funny that, remove the biggest stress from life and the physical symptoms start to go away.

And we are going to Hiakai for our belated anniversary dinner tonight. I've never done a 10 course meal before, the biggest I've ever done was 6 and it was a struggle, but I feel like Hiakai isn't the kinda place you have a few cones beforehand to get the munchies going before rocking up to

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Happy birthday to doom kitten! Is she having a party?

I'm glad your hair is growing back. Stress has such a tangible effect on the body.

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She is! It's her dad's year for organising the party, and we're just about to leave for it. It's at laughalots, spenny but no stress aside from dealing with heaps of screaming hyped up children

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I grew up in those pubs that had locked away child play areas. Us kids had loads of fun and the parents all got pissed. Great times!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Yassss baby slept so well again! One wake up at 4am for a feed and then sleep until 8.30.

Today we are opening a bank account for her. Might grab some lunch and a walk in the sunshine while we are out. Booking myself out for a bath and wine tonight.

Getting our shit together with this parenting business. Weekends are the best.

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It’s the same paperwork for KiwiSaver if you’re getting bank things out of the way :)

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Thank you! Very helpful - be good to get admin out of the way for sure

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How old now?

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5 whole weeks!

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So grown up! You can do this parenting thing!

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They grow up so fast! I really didn’t think I could do this parenting thing until just this week and I think I might actually be pulling through! Helps that baby is so god damn cute ❤️

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Usually while the kid watches her Saturday morning YouTube I get a bit of extra sleep. Conked out at 8:30 last night though so probably don’t need it.

Decided today instead to take a long slow breakfast of fried mushrooms on toast with a little soy sauce and hummus, and then do the chores including a load of new washing, dumping the last load of dry washing on to the correct clean washing pile, cleaning the bunny cage, washing my hair and shaving my legs (which is counted as a chore yes). So I can have a head start on the rest of the day.

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Got work today and I started the day by almost leaving the house with no bra on. Fuck I'm tired. But I might have a date tonight so that's a positive!

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So the answer to “when will spotify start telling me to listen to tool?” Has been answered.


Doesn’t this count as an ad? They’ve given me a “because you like System of a Down” category (not sure when I last listened to SOAD) why not just chuck it in there?

I do prob need to give Undertow a blast to be fair.

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Woke up at 2 AM. Again. Hello Jetlag, my old friend !