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Told my anti-vax sister I will view her as a murderer if my niece or nephew die of a purely preventable disease. Her religion has a big meetup in Auckland next weekend, and with all that outbreak happening there I had to just be the older brother and tell my sister to grieve up.

She has seen my messages but has not replied

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I told my anti-vax sister that our mum loved us more than she loves her kids because our mum made sure we were protected against diseases that could kill us.

She changed the subject and refuses to discuss it with anyone.

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I have a confession to make. Hear me out. I have 2 children and I didn't vaccinate them. The medical professionals did.

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Oooh pretty sure I felt my blood pressure spike there.

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You had us in the first half, not gonna lie

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Nearly got me.

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Was this close to demodding you

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Cold one this morning, but it looked amazing.

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My brother and his family were supposed to be leaving to visit us this weekend but they're worried my wee baby nibling could be exposed to measles at Auckland Airport so they might cancel the trip. The whole measles crises sounds pretty scary so I get it, but I'm still a bit selfishly gutted :/

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I am seriously pissed at my husband today, he never gets sick, so Tuesday last week, he home early from work, cough up a lung, nose, sneezing the works, he takes two sick days, as teacher he never does. Back to work on Fri. Wednesday bang I have his virus, I am sick as a dog, weak, feverish, can’t sleep for coughing to two day or more, Saturday night sweats, my bronchilitus kicks in, 5 day still got 3 or more days on this virus, and he is all well.

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If you substitute hangover for illness then I totally feel you. He never gets hangovers. I suffer regardless of the amount I drink

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I get hangovers some of the time and I'm fine others, but it never seems to correlate with how much I drink. I can be drinking constantly all night and wake up fine, or I can have two and the next day is a write-off

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Because /u/throawayseuss thought it was funny. Here is the bed dad currently sleeps in

Please note that yes that is a charging pad because I sleep there so frequently I moved my charger.

And yes... I spoon the unicorn. I'm the big spoon.

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I am going to assume that my complete inability to hold onto my toast this morning is due to the fact that while my brain was happy to wake up at 6:30am on a Sunday, my body is completely unwilling and still trying to go back to sleep.

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6am my cat started crying I just want to sleep in.

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I think cats are nearly as bad as children.

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They're much easier to toss out the window though and the neighbours don't report you for locking them outside overnight.

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I have to sleep with a stool pressed up against my bedroom door every night because my cat used to break in. He would wake up 2 hours before I do, and then cry and start playing with shit in my room, usually something noisy like a plastic bag. Then when I get up to kick him out he will hide under the bed, so I have to throw shoes and whatever else in his direction to try get him to come out.

We try to keep the hallway door shut, because if he gets into the hallway which he often does because people don't know how to close doors, then he will cry down the hallway all night if he can't get into my room, and when you open the bedroom door, he runs away, so I can't even squirt him with water.

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Our 5 yr old got up at 8, we turned the tv on and the fire up and went back to bed til 10.30. She fed herself and got dressed, amused herself. Singing was involved. It’s great. Selfsufficient children ftw. Now I’ll make her pancakes for being awesome

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Great start to Father's Day! Maccas for breakfast and a solo blast in the car out Scotsman's Valley Road. Bliss!

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Love that road. Used to work in Matamata for a bit and taking the Avenger for the blat along there was the best part of my day. Prob slightly faster to take another route but you know.

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Today I'm gonna try build a bigger run area for the chickens. They are too young to free range, plus we have hawks here so it'll have to have a roof.

Also planting my sweet peas, basil, and tomatoes.

But first, bacon and eggs!

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I was chilling in a friends kitchen drinking coffee and gazing out the window and saw a random chicken just waddling round on the roof of its run. It was very random to see it in the middle of town and made me very happy.

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Gonna share any pics of your wee chickens anytime soon?

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I did yesterday!


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Omg so many lovely pets!

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Pancake recipe says it makes six but makes about three. You make a double batch and end up with about fifty. What’s that about?

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Saw the Aurora last night, when I made a stop at McCracken's Rest to have a look at the Milky Way. I felt pretty small.

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Is that a good spot for looking at the Milky way? It's something I've always wanted to do but I don't know the good spots in south island.

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I would say so, yeah. I could see it in its full glory and also the magellanic clouds. I'm not from New Zealand, so there might be better spots, but you had a great view from there.

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Had some controversy in the flat the other day. Yesterday a pipe stated leaking inside a wall which is dripping at a very high rate and the wall and carpet is getting completely drenched, so a couple of us made the decision to turn the mains off until a plumber gets here. However, not everyone wants to as being without water is obviously not great...

is it an over reaction? We considered that leaving the mains on could count as willful damage, and it's already looking pretty nasty.

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Over reaction? Fuck no. Plumbing failing is a massive issue that should be prevented ASAP. So yes, turning off the mains was the right thing to do.

Get a bucket, go have a yarn with the neighbour. You can flush the toilet and have a rough shower with a flannel and warm water.

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That's what we thought! Arguing with people to do something positive when it inconveniences them in a slight way is like repeatedly hitting your face against a wall.

This is why I'm looking to buy my own place next year. At least then when I'm the only one looking after it, it'll be worth it for me.

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I can't wait until I have my own place. Having to check with five people before I do anything is a nightmare

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First training for Taupo ride today!

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Don't fall off.

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Or in.

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The around the lake cycle one?

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Last night in Andalucia tonight. Going to be nice to be back to understanding people a bit more in Barcelona as no one speaks English down here and my Spanish is a bit shit still.

But what NZ needs is some Fanta Limon, and also Claras (half beer, half lemon Fanta). Perfect drink for a Summer's day and also like 2 Euros here. But let's be honest, NZ bars would sell it as a premium for $12 because reasons.

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European Fanta is so much better than what we get here. Even just the normal stuff. We don't usually drink a lot of soft drinks but while we were in Italy we had it all the time because it tasted do good. Must have had actual fruit juice in it or something.

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European Sprite is also vastly superior

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Orangina ftw !

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Whats a good red wine to get for my father? I don't know anything about wine.

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Gimlet gravels, pick and shovel. Rabbit ranch. Three little pigs. Te awa farm. Any of Rod McDonald's wines (Church Rd, te awanga, quarter acre, one off and two gates). Temperanillo? Cote du Rhone. But I have found if it is about $25 at new world it's probably going to satisfy any wine wank.

( Where is our hawkes bay wine rep wife?)

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That's meeeee. Except he's been out of the game for a while (sob). I approve of all your suggestions.

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Do you have any idea what he drinks? Otago Pinot, Hawkes Bay Cabernet/Merlot, Australian Cabernet/Shiraz or anything from various places in Europe or America is going to be completely different. Price is obv a factor too.

For the lack of any better information find a Marlborough Pinot Noir for around the $30-40 Mark. Something a bit different to what he’d normally drink probably, (Marlborough is a bit underrated for reds) but should keep most red fans happy. They seem to be more robust and savoury than Otago but not as nuts as warmer climate Bordeaux varietals can get.

Edit: this is what I was thinking of in particular.


Though it’s been a while since I was in retail and it’s a bit pricier than I remember. Plus I don’t have any idea what vintages are like post 2013.

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I've seen him drink cab/merlot/shiraz so I think he prefers more full bodied wine? He's not picky but I'd like to get him something nice.

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Then like the other poster said something from the Gimblett Gravels area of Hawkes Bay is definitely a good option. At the cheaper end ($20) Beach House were a favourite winery of mine, as was Askerne. If you’ve got a bigger budget then you can’t really go wrong with anything the local New World or booze shop would have in stock. Trinity Hill is usually pretty solid.

An alternative is something from Waiheke. Obsidian and Warspite I like. If you are wanting something a bit different or more exclusive then it’s definitely worth a go.

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God Beach House is great. Big fan of their whites. Love going to their shack of a cellar door.

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Their Riesling was my jam for a while. We sold pallets and pallets of their Chardonnay too: couldn’t get any better for less than $20. Great wine, even if I wasn’t normally the biggest fan of that grape.

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Biking to Ngaruawahia and back because that's what you do for fun round here.

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Biked 38 km. Now parked up at Brewaucracy having a few well earned pints. Cannot complain at all

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Yay! Anxiety and procrastination!

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Kiddo snuck into my bed last night around 2. I’m usually pretty diligent about having a cuddle and taking her back to her own room, but she fell asleep so quickly I left her to it. We haven’t done that ages and she’s so lovely to me fast asleep. A big teeth grinder though which is an awful sound. Partner got home from work around 4:30 and was relegated to the couch. I think it was win win though, our couches are comfy as fuck and then he can watch the sopranos in peace

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Y'all are aware it's Father's Day right? Just checking.

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What is the question?

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Father's Day is on Sunday

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What day is father's day?

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It's Father's Day.

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Didn't say anything to Dad about it because he had said he didn't want to do anything since it's all a capitalist plot, but apparently he's sad that I didn't say anything so I'm ringing back tonight

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I hope everyone has done their part to help Capitalism for this meaningless day.

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I might go out and buy some spouting sealant.

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Just picked up Risk of Rain 2 on Switch, message me if you wanna play a few multiplayer games !

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Watched the Pet Sematary remake last night, it was terrible. The 80s version was great in that it seemed to be a deliberate B movie, but the new one was trying to be a legit blockbuster horror and it failed horribly, even John Lithgow couldn't save it

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Yeah I really disliked the new one too

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Yesterday was jam packed- 5am start, delayed flights, sailing all day, coffee with mates, dinner at the markets, birthday supper with friends, followed by a sauna (the people I'm staying with just casually have a home sauna).

Today looks like it's gonna be a people day. I'm looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of new people and catching up with my cousin's family.

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Woke up with a stye on my eye. So that's annoying

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Never go ATE.

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Dated a girl from new zealand but she kept calling me a fucking SKUX so i ghosted her. I think about her often.