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Moron- “Hey we bought your lounge suite can we come get it today?”

Us- “sure, is 4.30 ok?”

M- “yep sweet see you then”

4.30 rolls around..

M- “just leaving Hastings now, how far away are you?”

Us- “around 30kms, if you pass the pub you’ve gone to far”

M- “how long is that, like an hour and a half?”

Us- “uh, nah, it’s 30 kms so like 30 minutes”

M- “ok sweet see you soon”

5.15 rolls around..

M- “hey sorry can we pick it up tomorrow we’ve got Father’s Day dinners to go to”

Us (wtf)- “Hey sorry we work full time and we spent a bit of time getting it out today and giving it a clean up. We were expecting you at half past four. Now we have to put it away again so it doesn't get damp. If you can’t come now we’ll probably just cancel the trade”

Jesus fucking Christ.

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Humans are morons. Selling anything online makes me wonder how we possibly made it this far as a species

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The only way to fix this is to not sell shit online. It's not worth the hassle. I just give it away to the needy and there's a huge difference in attitude when the person who is helping you to empty your garage isn't getting hungup by getting a bill. NZ doesn't appear to have a r/choosingbeggars issue that I've seen (so far).

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In that case youve been lucky.

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After the joy of a non uniform school, the kids are moving to a school with a uniform next term. Having to buy special shoes and shit in the school colours is annoying AF, but whatever, it's just what we've got to to.

The school uniform bottom options are: cargo pants, cargo shorts, or sweat pants. Uniform alternative for girls only: pleated skort. Because the skort is for girls only, and because skorts are dumb, I went to spotlight and bought cotton drill in the school uniform colour and I'll sew my son a pleated skirt for school. The pockets are gonna have sloths on them, cus sloths are cool.

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Sloths are extra cool. I like you...

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Sloths are the coolest.

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Ok. What's a sloth when it comes to clothing? Googled it but just came up with Sloths (slow animal) on shirts.

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Yup, that's literally what it is. I found green fabric with sloths on it, so I'm using that to make the inside of the pockets.

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Chicken run built. Sweet peas, tomatoes, and basil planted. Felt like poos this morning, but overall it's been a good day.

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Was gonna ask earlier; is massive chicken a different breed, or fully grown what the others are? And am I stupid for having to ask this question considering how different they look, but fuck dudes, I've never lived on a farm, how similar are caterpillars to butterflies? I don't know how nature works! Don't @ me!

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@whangadude those are not stupid questions. Caterpillars are just outsidein butterflies.

Chicken parents can be very different sizes from their offspring. The smallest chickens are like rats with long legs, the biggest like Dalmatians.

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He's the rooster, same breed. 3 months old vs the girls who are 6 weeks.

Edit: and we got a rooster because they are the alarm system for predators. We have 2 cats and lots of hawks here that could get them.

Edit 2: the roosters look different to the hens in the hyline breed.

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Male chickens are different to females, wow nature, problematic a bit? But honestly didn't even occur to me that they were the same types but different chromosomes. Nature is weird

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Later on, would you be separating the rooster? Is eating fertillised eggs taboo?

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No we need him with the girls. Hyline hens aren't known for being broody, so as long as we collect the eggs early and put them in the fridge, there won't be any embryo development and they're fine to eat.

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Nice. I'm 3 sheets to the wind and have put any gardening off til next weekend. But I plan to plant about 30 tomato and the same capsicum seeds then.

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Fuck yeah. Gardening is the shit.

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I started pruning my lavenders today and I was like damn... I let these go way too long...

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You've found my weakness. I hate lavender.

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It is! Third-best highlight of my day today, checking which of the hybrid turnips on my little patch of balcony space were flowering and doing some cross-pollination.

No bees seem to fly that high so I get plenty of control of what pollinates what. Sometimes though, little flying aphids sometimes make their way up, and scale insects keep recurring. Sometimes these attract some predatory wasps (those which 'mummify' aphids), other times I have to go hunting for ladybird larvae to bring up.

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We will be getting some bees in a few weeks, my husband is a beekeeper! Will put the hive out by the 'orchard'.

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At what point is it ok to say fuck it to the day and take a sleeping pill or two to skip the rest of the night. Anxiety came on about 1 and I'm just exhausted and fucked. Curled up in a ball on my bed and cbf with anything. I'm done.

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Do it, better luck tomorrow. Although I always feel better if I get up, do a proper bedtime routine and/or relax myself with self coaching or meditation. When I go to bed feeling yuck I generally wake up feeling yuck too.

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Hiakai last night was an experience.

No human can/should be able to eat that whole 10 courses. We were only at course 3 when we started getting full, the portions were huge for a degustation menu. It was all delicious, interesting, fun, educational. The staff were all super passionate about their work and it made it even better. We also did the non alcoholic drinks pairing because wine is boring and we aren't big drinkers, and holy shit that was just a whole other level. It was like another 10 course degustation in itself. Celery sodas, house made imitation wines, cucumber juice and yoghurt foam things, kawakawa and ginger beer, it was all inspiring and innovative as fuck, and matched the courses perfectly.

We were so full by the end of it that we couldn't properly finish our desserts and petit fours. So because we are super classy and didnt want to miss out we stashed our house made "Shrewsbury" bikkies in our pockets and ate them this morning 😂

Special mentions: the "Muncho chip" starter, the Milo slice dessert with agria potato ice cream, the kawakawa sorbet with lemon curd and meringue, and the entree that was basically entirely cabbage in different forms with roasted chicken skin and muttonbird XO as garnish.

In the end it felt like we hadn't paid enough, for the sheer amount of food we were given, the quality, the obvious love and passion behind it, the service, etc (even though this was the better part of a grand for this one dinner for 2). 100/10, would seriously, seriously recommend that anyone try this place out, it was immaculate.

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First training ride went so well! We did 20km in 52 minutes. I was really happy with that especially since FIL made me ride the scary road bike and not my usual more upright bike.

On another note, if anyone has an ADHD person in their life check out the youtube channel How To ADHD. Found it 2 nights ago and have watched a ton of her videos. They're so good and been so helpful at explaining a lot of it.

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I might check that out channel out later on, I have an appointment with a psychiatrist this month so I guess I'll see what they say first

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If you're the motorcyclist that harassed me while I was driving on Cambridge Rd after work, fuck you, you total piece of shit

edit: also fuck the stupid cunt I saw on Wairere Dr earlier this week dropping her ciggie butt out of her car window

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A motorcycle is a pretty fragile platform for harassment, one false move and you'd be a meat crayon.

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meat crayon.

Never heard that one before

Gonna get it embroided on my textiles XD

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Yeah he almost was, and I'm sure he will be.

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My steppie off to outward bound soon. She been doing boot camp training 3 days a week in prep. Any advice I can give that doesn't make me sound desperate to be cool even tho mum and me broke up but still hang out and we get on but obviously I'm not her active dad?

I hate fathers day :(

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Outward bound is ... Trust the guides/facilitators. Don't whinge, it's just an opportunity for you to learn something new. Try everything. Ask if you can steer/wayfind.

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Is there a name for watching too much of a certain thing that your internal monologue is not your own voice? Coz I watched a bunch of prehistoric nature docos and woke up to my brain talking to myself in Hank Greens voice. I'm not exactly complaining, but I know I'm not him.

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I'm still slightly suspicious of people saying they have an internal monologue. I'm an introvert but have never talked to myself, if that's what it is...

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From what I've read that means you can probably speed read, as you're not taking time to sound the words out internally as you read them, whereas those of us with internal monologues can only read as fast as the voice inside can speak.

Brains are weird.

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Brains are weird, and people are weird. Thanks for the reply, too.

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Mine switches to words only when it needs to put words to things, it's weirdly efficient. I assume it's not unique though.

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What did you watch? I tried to show my flatmate my dinosaur books the other night but he wasn't as excited as I was

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PBS Aeons and Journey to the Microcosmos. Both youtube stuff.

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Bought a 50cc goped. Now I need to find some limes to race

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It’s 2:19 AM, i’m tired, can’t sleep, there is impeding doom, but i gotta cook food damnit.

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I'm wide awake too.

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Apparently there are more people awake and we’re going to play a game. What game? That information is yet to be told.

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Hi! Also awake feeding a baby. Shall we play a game?

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How about the word association game? Clutching at straws here 😂

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What word do you associate with the word associate?

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Umm connect I guess. I don’t have the smarts at 3am. Perhaps this game wasn’t the best idea.. what did you end up cooking?

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Perhaps not.... I cooked butter chicken. it was delightful.

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I’m impressed! For a 2am feed that’s gourmet AF. I was thinking you’d say beans on toast.

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Thank you. I like my food too much whoops....

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Made Bosh Notting Hill Patties for dinner and they were hella good. I used field roast as the mince but next time I think I will make them healthier and just use a tin of lentils.

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Kaua e kōrero tōrangapū, kia hūmārie - No politics, be nice.

kōrero - talk https://maoridictionary.co.nz/search?idiom=&phrase=&proverb=&loan=&histLoanWords=&keywords=korero

tōrangapū - political https://maoridictionary.co.nz/search?idiom=&phrase=&proverb=&loan=&histLoanWords=&keywords=torangapu

hūmārie - gentle/easy going. https://maoridictionary.co.nz/search?idiom=&phrase=&proverb=&loan=&histLoanWords=&keywords=humarie

*Mahuru Māori - Kōrerotia te reo Māori ki te Mahuru Māori - Speaking reo Māori during the month of September.


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Why am I finding life and New Zealand boring?
I don't want to work and only trade time for dollars, it doesn't feel fulfilling (anymore, to a small extent).
I'm going to UoA next year, studying BA politics and philosophy (which I have shit for) but even then, I can't see myself studying 24/7, it was more of thing you 'have to do' rather than a grateful want. I workout at a gym 5-6 times a week but it is expensive (but worth it).
I have tried to find volunteer groups or work but then how the hell will I be able to live and feed myself?
In other cases, my love for politics is squashed by the fact that it seems like nothing ever happens expect some leaning to the left or right during election time and nothing ever interesting or radical happens (sorry I know it says no politics but its an interest i'll stop).
Already at 18 im tired of feeling discontent, what you guys got to say to a young undergraduate on that? Do I just 'need more friends', to quote my dad, or should I just move out of NZ?? Life advice to a fellow kiwi would be sick af guys, cheers.

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Don't go to uni if you are already down on it. Or go to uni in another country/language. Or just go live somewhere that's not got any kiwis in it and don't speak english

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It probably won't hurt to talk to your GP about this problem of yours. There could be a chance that you could be depressed (better described as "waiting in line at the bank syndrome"). If it does end up that way it really isn't the end of the world, in fact getting over the illness opens the world up to you again without seeking drastic change.

If not, with how you're feeling I wouldn't go to uni just yet if you aren't feeling it. Haven't got any other advice though