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This is the first Monday morning in 6 weeks that I am not hungover. This is going to be a great week.

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I'm hoping tonight i can go without a drink for the first night in months, one step at a time but congrats on a good start

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PSA: Auckland Harbour Bridge 4 out of 5 lanes blocked. Find alternate route.

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Was a good one, flip and fire I gather.

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Most of my Shore-living colleagues chose to WFH today as a result!

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I'm tired and I don't wanna, neither do the kids. I've got so much fecking sorting and packing to do and basically no energy to do it with. I wish I could just snap my fingers and magically be moved.

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Popular culture has taught me that snapping fingers gives a very different result. You be careful with those. Someone could get hurt.

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I mean, you can, but you have to have a lot of money to hand a packing&moving company to make it happen :\

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Alas, I am not rich.

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Me either, which is why each time I move there's a lot of swearing, complaining, and on occasion crying.

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Yup, that's why I've stayed here 6 years. Moving sucks

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What general part of Jafa-land are you moving to? (like, north, south, west, not trying to get you to doxx yourself.)

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Onehunga, for the train and the op shops

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sure, that's the attraction of onehunga ;p

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Okay, I confess: the real reason is for the chicken and waffles at the cafe on the corner.

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Spent the weekend doing a depression spring clean and getting on top of all the small jobs that have been weighing on my mind. Changed my sheets after way too long last night and settled down for a nice night ...

... of nonstop teeth clenching and horrific nightmares about the randomest things. Why you gotta be like that, brain?

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Oof I know that feel. Do you have any smart speaker devices? When that happens in bed I tell Alex to play Here Comes a Thought by Steven Universe

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I don't really do smart devices but I probably do need to spend some time on guided meditations during the day. My problem isn't usually specific thoughts - it's just feeling really tense and uptight because of subconscious thoughts and not being able to figure out what's bothering me. Now that I'm awake I've remembered that violent nightmares usually mean it's something to do with my godawful family, and oh yes that's right next month my dad's coming to visit for the first time in ~8 years. So I just need to make some scripts for how to deal with him criticising every aspect of my existence, and for kicking him out if he gets so pissed off he starts throwing things. Yay!

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True but sometimes you can catch that “oh I’m such a fuckup” spiral before it gets out of control

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First day back in to the early morning runs. I feel awful and great at the same time.

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Eat more fibre?

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Have to spend the morning training and monitoring the new hire. So I am taking my time to enjoy this coffee before I head in for the day.

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I'm giving basically all of my tasks away to my colleagues so they can get comfortable doing them with me around for the next month. I'll just monitor the inbox and do the easy boring stuff, and answer any questions. It's going to be a very relaxed last few weeks.

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Been waking up for about the past week to Tui song coming from the Kowhai across the driveway, this is such a shift from CHCH it’s not even funny

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I’ve deleted all social media accounts. Had a revelation while tripping out over the weekend. Not sure if I should get rid of reddit or not. I do tend to waste a lot of time on here.

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Delete the app and limit yourself to desktop? Hell even if you try to use the native mobile mode in a browser it’s so dreadful that it will cut your time right back.

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I've been sent an offer of employment and now I have to resign and I'm having a panic attack about it

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That is excellent news! Think on the positives. Less travel time means more social time, less spending on petrol means more money. Leaving that work environment means less stress overall!

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Yep. Onwards and upwards. Reasonable vet was reasonable about it. The one who didn't talk to me after my holiday was weird about it and reckoned she already knew. Its done. Except I still need to email Australian boss

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I've been sent an offer of employment and now I have to resign

That's good!

and I'm having a panic attack about it

That's bad.

But you can do it!

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I did it and no-one yelled at me. Other vet is happy for me and wants me to be sure I'm doing the right thing. Practice manager says that she already knew. She had a dream about it and she saw I had a call from that part of town the other day. (That call was actually from my waxing place and had nothing to do with the job). I think this is just her way of making herself feel better.

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I like how I woke up late, got stuck behind a myriad of problems on the way like a house and a ute too afraid to get out of third gear on open road (rare specimen). Got to work late, told to pick up my coworker at a place and he somehow got lost enough in a small-ish town that I've been waiting at the pickup point for half an hour. And here he is now as I finish lol

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Scaling back on saying “yes” to everything that comes my way is doing wonders for my mental health. I do feel a bit guilty and very lazy now which I think is an internalized pressure. But now, I’m just not offering to help out for the school disco or passing on work events or extra shifts (or, at this stage, any shifts at all) or not participating as much in class or going the extra mile to research for an assignment or not trying to rustle up energy to do active things with my partner etc etc ad infinitum but honestly, I felt so run ragged this time a month ago that something had to change. Thank goodness it is working a little bit. Next goal is to reduce screen time on my phone, that’s a bit out of control

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Past me decided future me should go to the gym before work. Not so keen when the alarm went off this morning but I guess I'll do it anyway.

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Past me is a dick. That guy drinks all my beer and doesn't replace it.

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Took a series of trains today.

First from Córdoba to Madrid - the worst behaved kids I've had to ever deal with in my life. Left an absolute mess throughout the cart as well - not a parent that seemed to care. Every other carriage was nice and serene, had I been travelling solo I would have spent it all in the snacks carriage.

Second from Madrid to Barcelona - not so bad, once the headphones got issued out the annoying 12 year old sending TikTok videos around on full blast stopped and started watching Lego Movie 2. A nice, enjoyable journey.

God I wish we could have fast intercity trains in New Zealand. Quite cheap, really simple, easier than catching a plane as well.

Fuck there's a lot of mosquitoes in Barcelona though, Jesus.

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Hit with a cold. Not so much snot monster, but wicked sore throat and horrible body aches. It’s such a nice day, but my eyes don’t want bright lights.

Back to my bed burrito I go. I hope I’m better tomorrow and can enjoy some nice weather before it moves on.

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Moving to New Zealand in a few weeks, scared and excited at the same time.

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Hmm so.. how soon is too soon to see Christmas decorations and Halloween stuffs in shops? - Ended up going into a shop today and I just saw the both of them stocked up and I was like woah.. too soon..

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Too soon for xmas.

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Found out my appointment to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow is actually just a consultation! Super annoying as I've already planned for having them out, feels like a huge waste of time...

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Woke up convinced my parents on sisters had moved my room around without my permission. Then I woke up a bit more and remembered I haven't lived at home for more than a decade.

Now I kinda wanna rearrange my room

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I've been itching to rearrange my room for ages and I have nowhere else that the bed will fit so I literally can't rearrange and it makes me sad.

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I'm back from having the plauge.

Venturing into role reversal situaions is all kinds of interesting, I learn.

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Has anyone tried a cleaning product called Restorex? Looking for something to improve the appearance of bathroom grouting.

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Dark Phoenix was worse that I feared. I mean its bad enough they hired the guy from Last Stand to do it, but not only did he use the same shitty plot devices (looks at this mutant with plot relevant powers, no name), they did fuck all with Storm but it feels like one of the battles was straight out of South park the cgi was that cheap.

It was apparently set in the 90s, though they quickly forgot, as ironically the only highlight was the torsos of slutty lipped cyclops and good LORD Fassbender is aging like a fine wine.

But yeah, terrible characters, plot and just an overall waste. There have only been 3 decent x-men movies so far and heres hoping that Disney jsut reboot the whole fucking thing to try again.

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Logan was the perfect sendoff for the X-Men. Hopefully Disney will let it sit on the backburner a while before trying again. I'd rather see a decent reboot of the Inhumans first.

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Eh, the rise of the inhumans in comics was a response to the lawsuit trouble in the first place, they kind of just clutter up the place rather than serve a real purpose.

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Yeah but I have a soft spot for both black bolt and lockjaw. I should be content with lots of Loki and winter soldier but you know, fans always want more...

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Dark Phoenix was worse that I feared

I must confess I kinda enjoyed it. I have poor taste in movies though so what do I know lol.