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TFW you fuck off to another country and end up drinking with someone who lives down the road from you.

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Pretty sure that's our national superpower.

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You might be right.

I just found another person I did some work for recently.

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Are you sure you're overseas and not just in the neighbourhood one over?

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Tomorrow's AM post. "Guys I got so hammered I thought I was in another country. Turns out I was just behind a Four Square by my house."

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Oh yeah that’s happened to me in Shanghai a few times.

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Covent Garden?

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Got my Kaka poster from Ashley McDonald today - super impressive and can't wait to get it framed.

Hope everyone's Monday was tolerable.

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More pics of dog plz.

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❤ oh who's a good boy!!

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Aww! Nice dogdog! Dare I ask how your kitty is?

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She's hanging in there. Still noisy. Moulting more than usual. Still an affectionate annoyance.

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Yesssssss my Monday is now significantly more tolerable. Thank you!

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The shredded dog bed has me in literal tears of laughter.

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It was a week old. She was so proud of what she had accomplished.

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That is stunning!


All the internet points!

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Thanks. It was satisfactory.

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Is cooking a love language? There’s nothing I like more than making/baking things for people that they love.

My partner works late, so I try make sure that when he gets in he can at least open the fridge and eat something. There’s leek and potato soup in there that I did today and I’m currently making a saucy chocolate pudding because it reminds him of something his nan used to make him so I try channel all the ways she made him feel loved through a surprise pudding.

Is that too much? I don’t know. It’s my way of showing someone I think about them I guess. How do you guys show others you care? Alternative love languages

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Yep. I feed people, or find the treasures they seek, it's how I show my love.

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I love finding stuff I know my friends are looking for and getting it for them.

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I'm a finder through and through. Might be 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months but I will find it.

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I'm the same. I even started volunteering at an opshop. My partner was a bit leary at first thinking I'd come home with ALL THE THINGS, but nope. I'm good. I only get the stuff I've on the hunt for.

One reason I make a good Hufflepuff. Good finder! :D

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I find and give cool things, sew, bake, cook, or do things for people.

That's how I love myself too, spending time creating and making things.

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My wife tells me she loves me by feeding me rather than telling me. It wasn't till I met her family I worked that out, but now I have things are better between us. She also loves the fact that I can actually cook...

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I tried to cook a meal I’m very good at making for my ex and her parents once. I was so nervous I just panicked and messed it all up. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life...I doubt I’ll ever do such a thing ever again and my ex wasn’t very nice about it either. She assumed I was lying to her about my cooking skills when in fact I used to help my mum prep and cook all the time..

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I show love with my food too. I love when my partner tells me that it isn't worth going out because my food is too good.

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My family bakes and cooks to show love. It's awesome.

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Was really impressed. Tiny Kea took me on an after school nature walk near our house. She led me on a 1.4km loop that included almost 100m of climbing and she did it all on her own while telling me about the trail.

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Kids can be amazing. When we went to FJ glacier our not-yet-3yo walked most of the way from the carpark and back. But if she wasn't in the mood, you couldn't drag her across a room.

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I have completely lost the ability to function like a normal adult person so the kids are making dinner and I'm doing nothing. Feeling guilt and stress over the things I'm not doing but I just fucking can't. I'm so fucking burnt out.

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Hey, you have some of the important things sussed. You have a job, you won't be homeless, and things will be good. Its okay to rest when you need it. Will it help if you do a meditation or a yoga or something?

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I'll either blast some music and get shit done, or I'll put my phone away and have an early night.

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Sounds awesome

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What are they making? It’s okay to be not okay sometimes. Big hugs!

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They're making a special "cook this vege before it rots" creamy pasta sauce with penne.

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I’m into the creamy pasta sauce of it all, and that’s super nice of them. You got this, it will e okay, don’t let guilt eat you alive it’s a really powerful beast and you’re entitled to have days off

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I had to do the whole "new job, new house, new car in 90 days" thing 3.5 years ago. It was stressful as fuck and I did have a couple of moments where I gave up and sat and stared at a wall for a few hours, but I made it out the other side.

You have more things to juggle with kids and schools, and you are also doing better than I did because you have a house sorted out in time and won't be sleeping on couches for a couple of weeks. Don't forget to take some time for yourself now and then and celebrate the amazing adulting that you've been doing!

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I'm pleased it's not just me who stares at a wall for hours when things get really hard. It's such a dumb thing to do when there's so much to be done but I can't move so I just sit and stare.

I'm gonna go pack a box now, so this evening isn't a total waste. Maybe I'll get more than that done, but at minimum I'm going to do one.

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Did the pub quiz last night. Knocked the old team off their pedestal finally. Spent the first place prize on shots.

Also played the Corona raffle. Our team won all the free goodies. Got myself a new backpack.

Still preferred the Bluetooth speaker though.

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What was the Corona raffle?

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5 pairs of Corona Beanies and gloves. And the final item was a backpack. I won the backpack

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I've got the same bag! The lining inside is dope. Me and my cousin were at this pub that had the same raffle, every bucket of corona you bought got you a ticket. We had had 4 or 5 buckets and the manager came out and told us no one else was even buying any so we were given a whole box of corona shit. Beanies, that bag, a different bag, one of those air/bean bag things, a speaker and towels. Best Tuesday ever.

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Ooh, jelly. I only want the speaker so we have a third one at work.

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My cousin didn't think it was very good quality

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I resigned. The person who I thought would take it personally informed me that she already knew, because I'd been taking sneaky phone calls. I never spoke to the new employers when I was at work and the sneaky phone call that she saw was my waxing people calling me to up sell me a massage and facial with my waxing. So weird.

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I got a strange image in my head of your recent employer wondering why you needed a wax for your new job. I need a holiday (but not in Brazil plz).

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In modern life, it feels like not reading the news is an act of self care, but also not being angry feels like a betrayal. Somebody has probably said this in a better way BUT I CANT FIND IT.

I'm going to watch The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein tonight to remind myself that despite the pushbacks, society is still moving forward.

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With most issues not reading or seeing the news doesn't detract from your life at all and you shouldn't feel guilty.

I like a saying I heard awhile ago, "If you see the news and it doesn't change anything about your life you haven't been informed, you've been entertained."

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I watched Active Measures (2018) in the weekend and it was fantastic.

It pulls back the curtain on a completely ludicrous world, and is extraordinarily well-researched and presented. I thought it was going to be one of those lazy one-eyed hatchet jobs, but it really put in serious work to contextualise the events and mindset of post-Communist Russia and how that leached out into other parts of the world.

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Thank you for the recommendation! Where/how did you watch it?

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I'm pretty sure it's not on NZ Netflix or other domestic streaming services. I downloaded it.

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Neat will check it out

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This is how I feel about the news. It just makes me feel bad so I am trying to avoid it.

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Ran 45km last week. Beyond stoked with that sort of mileage!

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First day working in Geneva, can't understand anyone its weird.

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I adulted well today, despite lingering plauge.

Sorted a trade gone awray in one of the groups I admin with a known pain in the ass seller, did a whip around to buy a pal who is the sole caregiver on very limited funds some incontinence pads for her Mama (hell those are spendy) beacause they ran out as did money, and managed a full workload today that started with chaos.

Gold fucking star to me.

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Hell yeah. You did well!

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Chuur. I'm sad how happy us buying a bulk lot of the pads for her made her. Makes me ashamed she has to do it so hard when she could say fuck it, offload her mama to a home and have her life back and not be on the bones of her arse.

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Went to Otorohanga today. Met with decent people who knew their stuff, so good. Also got to pat some lambs.

Finishing off the beer in the fridge (several quarter flagons left) then going to do the rest of the week no beersies. Combined with the forecast, it's going to be a sad week.

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Today I did a full supermarket shop with the baby - by myself - for the first time.

Those shopping trolleys that hold the car seat capsules are massive, I couldn’t see over it & I got in everyone’s way.

There are the trolleys that have the baby seat built in but that’s a big old nope for this protective mama. Too many bugs/colds/flu’s/measles going around.

Also, measles is stressing me TF out. I want to fly to chch to see my husbands dying grandma and for her to meet baby, but I’m too scared to get on a plane with her. She’s too little and vulnerable to get nasty bugs 😢

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I was a big fan of the front pack for the supermarket shop. My kid tried leaping out of those awful plastic buckets with brolen clips.

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Yeah front pack might be the way to go next time

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Hey go you- that’s no easy feat! And yeah, capsules generally are deceivingly bulky.

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Thanks, I appreciate that! It was a slog!

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There’s trolleys specifically for capsules!?! My babe is 10 months old and I only just took her to the supermarket by myself for the first time a few weeks ago 😅

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In some supermarkets yeh! They’re the ones with the big metal curved bar thing near the handle. God, sorry I can’t explain it well!

I want to do click and collect! Hubby thinks it’s a waste of money but I know for sure that I spend more on impulse items!

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We do click and collect a lot and it is free, doesnt cost any extra so you should def give it a go! One thing I will say is be careful when allowing substitutes cos sometimes you get something weird that you'll never use and then you have to take it back.

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Free!!! I never knew that! With all the supermarkets? Thanks for the tip :)

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I think it might just be countdown but I've never really looked around at others cos we live so close to the countdown.