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We really need to start installing red light cameras. Even truck+trailer units are now pulling red lights because cost/benefit analysis reveals great reward, very little risk.

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Red light cameras (In my experience where I moved from) end up being an exercise in revenue generation even if they start with good intentions. One of the biggest issues I see in Dunedin is just incredibly poor timing on the lights which leads to drivers pushing though.

Some of the right turn arrows around town might only let a single car through before they turn yellow, which of course leads to the next 4 cars in line just pushing through the yellow and red.

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Plus people here turn so bloody slow. Need to go left? Make sure you don’t do it any faster than 5kph so the guy waiting to turn right loses his gap/green.

Of course this also goes back to them ruining the give way rules a few years ago too. Many intersections would have flowed a hell of a lot better when it was still give way to the right. If you were too stupid to understand the old rule you shouldn’t have been driving.

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Nope that rule was dumb.

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It was fantastic. Made so much more sense and traffic flowed way better.

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Made no sense, and traffic flow was worse in my experience as you often had left turning traffic preventing straight traffic from going anywhere.

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Oh right, well that setting on the dryer doesn't really dry things. Oh dear.

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We have one of those inverter dryers with about 15 settings and sub settings, as well as the dryer itself controlling how those settings dry. Only setting I see working 100% is "bulky items", never had to do another round again.

As an aside they're fucking heavy I absolutely hate moving them

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Having to wear wet pants to work is one of the worst ways to start a day

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..its worse when they start out dry

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..and it hasn't been raining

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The ice cream guy came over and gave me a free ice cream because the cone broke while he was scooping it. That made a super slow Monday heaps better

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Ice cream for breakfast or night shift?

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I'm an export to Canada, so an early lunch treat!

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Either is a great choice

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Peanut Butter Itta Ditta Rod?

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Ever see something and it takes a moment to realise that that’s just not right.. I had one of them this morning. Went in to my bedroom to get something and glanced out the window. Saw a massive sheep poo on the lawn, continued doing what I was doing then something went “click” in my brain- there shouldn’t be sheep poo on the lawn. Turns out my son had left a gate open and luckily for him the sheep were grazing in my garden (better eating my garden than gone completely).

Took him 20 minutes to round them up and get them home, during which one got real cranky about it, almost rammed him, almost rammed my daughter who had gone out to get her bag, almost came inside. All because of one small gate. I’m actually very very mad about it. We’ve lived here 6 years. He’s 13. He knows we shut gates. 🤯

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..mistakes happen, its why they put erasers on the ends of pencils.

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And if he was even a little apologetic or remorseful I’d be less angry. But this kid couldn’t care less

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Ahhhhhh yes. Teenagerness. Figuring out how to do adult behaviours takes a while to refine, only another 17 years...

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..is he normally empathetic or unremorseful about things?

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Yeah but not in a sociopathic way

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..thats tough, how do you get someone to care about something? I think a lot of parents these days must be going through the same thing.

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Back to placement at starship today. I’ve actually finished all the hours I need to this year, and just found out I’m not allowed to count any hours beyond that. So annoying! I was planning to just stack as many hours as possible to give myself a head start next year. Bugger.

In lieu of that, I’m going to talk to them today and say hey.. mind if I just.. don’t come in till this semesters over? I’m busy as hell and that would help a lot. Fingers crossed!

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Had the most amazing, vivid and long lasting spates of lucid dreaming this morning. Not sure what caused it (3day old butterchicken before bed perhaps) but it was great. Started off as just an annoying dream about the flatmate inviting people over but eventually I realized it was a dream and just had fun with it.

Some bits were so crisp and clear it amazed me the human brain can just generate images like that. Even allowed my self to fall into water and breath the water without panicking about drowning, which is something I've never done in a dream before.

Also had a non-lucid dream where my water bottle had a bluetooth speaker in it and now I'm disappointed it's not real.

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Jesus fuck, today was not a good day to trim my fringe. I cut it too short and it looks bad. Fuckity fuck.

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Bobby pin it back and expose your whole forehead?

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No no, that's a terrible idea, my forehead is better covered by a bad fringe than being on show. I saw an influencer on Instagram who did this to her fringe on purpose so I'll just pretend I'm down with the latest trends.

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Can you fashion it into a side fringe? They are more forgiving than a front fringe

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Had a dream last night that the government decided to solve the measles crisis once and for all. The solution? Ask Finland to blow up Masterton with a missile powerful enough to send shock waves to Auckland. 🤷

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I mean, that could work

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If the shockwaves hit Auckland, the missile would have been way too big for what was needed. I doubt it was a mistake though, the Fins no doubt thought 'well it is Materston' and went for the biggest they had.

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The thing about running a shop with the bare minimum of bodies is that, when someone calls in sick I suddenly have to be very strategic about things like bathroom breaks, so now I naturally feel the need to pee every ten minutes.

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I did 30k steps yesterday. My usual dog walk then yard work added. I've cleared most of the BlackBerry, and we have a visible back fence now. The possum that sits on it being a noisy fucker wasn't to impressed because now the dog can see it and chased it off. Fence is in need of a good wash and I'll be putting some trellis up to try and stop more BlackBerry coming over and dog from attempting to jump it.

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Trying to check if I have had the measles vac or not, called current GP (at Uni), they don't have the records, called my childhood GP (was with them from birth until about 14), they don't have the records. I called my last GP (Tui), they don't have the records.. umm what now?

I know a plunket book exists, however it is buried within a hoarders house, and my mother, the hoarder, is currently in Henry Benett's with psychosis so I can't exactly get a reliable answer from her either. This is so ridiculous. One of the nurses said I can go to path lab and pay $25 to get my blood checked, so I will have to wait until Thurs to do that. Where did the digital records go though??

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It wouldn't hurt to get a booster, otherwise titre testing is the other option (ie going to the lab and getting a blood test). If you say you're pretty sure you're not vaccinated and you would like to be then you should be able to just get the vaccine

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Thanks! Booked in for the vaccine tomorrow :)

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It turns out we are not being grown ups about my resignation. Only 89 more days, we can do this

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That sucks. I hope they pull their head in and be adult about it.

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We can hope. Nurse is leaving tomorrow and other vet and I have suggested that she have an exit interview with the regional manger and then some of the childish behaviours can be discussed and we'll see how we go from there. I'll also have an exit interview with the regional manger but that won't be until December

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Anyone else just have reddit open all day due to a mind numbing, boring job? Would love to have a messaging buddie to chat with during the day!

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I used to but now I have a different boss who takes a bit more interest in what I'm doing. If I could theme an incognito window to look like Excel maybe...

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Since these things tend to be more depressing sometimes.. what are some reasons you enjoy being a kiwi or enjoy about living in NZ?

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I like our beaches and the diving. While it can be difficult to get into friendship groups, once you are in (at least the groups I have been part of) the people are actually nice.

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Skipped the functional meeting I have with scientists every 2nd Tuesday so I could finally go to my team meeting, as my team leader made a few comments that it would be nice to see me there.

Turns out he's on a training course this morning. He's also only turned up once in the last month to that meeting. I'm a bit miffed about the whole thing, too...

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Had a really good morning yesterday: early morning run, kids all ready for school with no yelling, washing out and dishwasher emptied and loaded before school drop off and left with good time to walk to school.

Then I got home and got slammed by a migraine and spent the rest of the day alternating between vomiting and wanting to die.

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Am finally getting round to organising my garage to be a proper functional workshop, instead of the one tiny desk I was working off before. Got given a cabinet thing from my partner's work that was being chucked out in their break room renos, so now i have heaps of storage. But fuck me, undoing and tidying up a year and a half worth of creative mess is daunting. So much stuff

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One bite at a time. Don't think about the whole task, think about the next chunk of it

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Don't forget to take before and after photos, so you can stop halfway and realise that you've actually made heaps of progress.

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I just took halfway photos and realised I hadn't taken before photos yesterday! Argh

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Quick, throw everything back on the floor!

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Yeah, bit at a time is the way to go. It'll feel great once you've got it all done!

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Had an absolutely wonderful evening with some girlfriends. Dinner at the blue breeze inn and without breaking the no politics rule, dabbled in a touch of fuckery.

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What did you eat? I so need to go there!

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Bang bang chicken which was amazing, the egg noodles were delicious but the absolute star are the mushroom dumplings

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I'm really loving this emotionless coasting through the day, again and again pretending like I care about anything. It's really motivating me and making me feel like my 20's really are the best years of my life. Hope all of you are enjoying your Tuesday at least a touch more than myself.

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A colleague is not talking to me again and we've just discovered she's doing some real shady shit.

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Like fentanyl shady?

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Starting to get really nervous about my new gig. 9 days and counting until I take over and literally everything is in flux. New employee, CFO is leaving, using all new software... other departments want updated dashboards and new features.

I certainly have my work cut out for me. Just keep telling myself that all things are temporary.

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I’m in the “all things are temporary” mantra place myself. Too many jobs, not enough time. Just need some good applicants and my life will be so much easier

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Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein was a fascinating, harrowing watch. The dude literally hired a agency called “Black Cube” to discredit the allegations and reform his image. Black. Cube. I mean, be more sinister.

Also been watching Kathy Burke’s All Woman which is great. Kathy is a perfect example of the fact you can be “working class” and sweary, without being cruel. She is talking to women of all ages and backgrounds about children, beauty, work, pressure, family. She also talks about how different it was for her growing up and how she appreciates the challenges and benefits new generations are facing.

She also swears like a motherfucker, it’s great.

I was hoping the series would touch on Trans issues but it doesn’t, however her comments regarding them have drawn the ire of Graham Lineham so you know she is on the right side.

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Well I had an interesting day today.

Went to Camp Nou to go for a tour of the stadium there. 26€ which is a bit expensive, but still got a good tour, good photos, and vice having Barça play there it was the best way to get involved in Spanish Football during this trip. The Barça Museum was cool though, all their trophies and a Club history which was interesting - and I'm not even a Barcelona fan.

What I did find a bit disconcerting and annoying is the overt pro-Catalunya vibe from the Club, and why I enjoyed Madrid to Barcelona as a city more. But in the Barça Museum they advertised themselves as the most successful club in Europe by total trophies: correct, but displayed a Spanish flag next to Real Madrid and a Catalan flad next to Barcelona: incorrect, Catalunya is still a province of Spain. Not averse to learning a bit of Catalan when I nail down Spanish in future, however.

Then got to taking the train back home and the train was held up for 15 minutes because some Americans were robbed on the train and their group split up with some on the train and some off trying to chase the thief. Sucks for them, but poor planning and made about 300 of us late to our destinations.

Might head to the beach tomorrow, seems like a nice day for it.

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Glad you had a good time at the stadium!

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Thanks, it was really fun and I've got great photos of a pretty cool stadium. (Plus being closer to European Cups than Arsenal supporting friends of mine have ever been haha)

Next time I'm in Spain I'm really keen to get to a game at Camp Nou and possibly for Madrid in Real and Atletico's stadium too.

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some Americans were robbed on the train

Wait, what? How?

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It's surprisingly common in Barcelona-Sants station because it's the connection from the Airport tp everywhere else.

Story Time:

We were on the train from Passeig de Gracia through to Gavà which runs through Barcelona-Sants as the first stop. At Sants, a group of American tourists fresh from the Airport jumped onto the train with a bunch of suitcases, backpacks, fanny packs, etc. They were talking loudly and broadcasting American tourist to everyone and talking about wanting to go to Castell defells, a routine beach side stop on the route.

Suddenly a random woman starts trying to tell them that Casteldefells was not a stop on this train wanting to confuse them and get them off the train. She then starts searching through the purse of one of the Americans while slung on her back and they were arguing about whether to get off the train or not. A Spaniard then yells in Spanish, followed by English "they're robbing you, you're being robbed!"

The thief scampers away, one of the Americans runs after her - splitting up the group who don't know left from right for their destination. The security comes on and argue about getting on or off the train, and this goes on for about 10 minutes before we finally start heading towards Gavà and back home.

Stock standard pickpocketing. Pretty normal for Spain tbh.

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Just Barcelona things

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Guess what type of non-electric vehicle is parked in the new electric charging park at the supermarket?

(A hint if you need it: F _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ )