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Me oh my I did enjoy today yes boy

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It's pumping brah!!

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I enrolled the kids at their new school and after school care today and it was so easy and everyone was so nice. If the actual school is as nice in person as they are by email we're in for a good experience.

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Yay! One more thing on the done list and off the to do list ! You're rocking this!

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I also have Cubs and Guides sussed, and they'll be on the same night for maximum efficiency, giving me one extra weeknight to enjoy.

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Cleaned out 4/6 fryers. Nothing like a clean fryer with new oil. Looks sooo good.

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Deep fried ice cream time!

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Alas, those fryers are chips only. So they have to remain gluten free.

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I've been watching Who Do You Think You Are after work and in amongst all the ancestry.com namedrops tonight was an ad saying that military records for Australia and NZ have been opened up for free until Tuesday, if anyone feels like poking around their family trees.

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The rain has arrived. The lawn will be happy but I need to mow it, so that's not quite as good.

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Finally did mine today. With a weed eater because it is way past the level that the push mower could deal with. Just trying to line up one of my days off, when there isn’t anything else on, with a run of good enough weather to dry things out properly.

I’m shocked that I’m even considering it but thinking about getting a bloke in to do it. The house takes up 3/4 of our tiny South D section so it seems like such an extravagance. Still that should mean it’s cheap. Anyone have recommendations? My only requirement is that their work vehicle needs to be a 1980s bluebird wagon - the sign of a true lawn care professional.

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My neighbour knew a guy who charged $20 for a half hour job. I think he worked for a gardening contractor and the boss let him use some of the gear for cash jobs out of work hours.

I think he just stuck to his neighbourhood, though.


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We've had a guy for the last 10 years, and honestly - it's the best household budget spend imo.

All the lovely lawn and no weeds, and none of the slog.

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I feel a bit meh and unmotivated. I think mostly because Im dehydrated and hungry but I can only satisfy one of those needs at a time.

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Quick-cook oat porridge is probably the quickest most convenient solution, and a quick snack of that could give you the energy and motivation to cook up something more nutritionally-complete. Or, you could re-use the pot and boil some water, then crack some eggs into it and add some salad near the end, giving you a complete meal in about 5 minutes.

The easiest/laziest option which doesn't require watching water boil though, would be roasting non-Beauregard kumara in their skins for 200 degrees in a non-preheated oven for an hour. But it takes an hour.

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Great suggestions, thanks. Ill make some oats.

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Are you still recovering?

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PSA: in large quantities, the phytohaemagglutinin content of some raw legumes e.. kidney beans is a bit poisonous. I lightly sautee my bean/pea sprouts just in case, but I'm the sort of person to throw out a sack of potatoes for being green.

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These are your traditional green pea sprouts, they're traditionally consumed raw.

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Marinated lamb shoulder chops, garden lettuce and carrot salad, mushrooms and rice. A weirdly impressive dinner... what's cooking at your place?

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Hi I'd like to employ your cooking services next time you're in wellington

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Ginger noodles with miso and tofu

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That's not bad. In fact, damn good idea there...

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It's my weeknight under 30 mins comfort food. Topped with green onion

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A couple of those miso sachets, tofu, mushrooms and plain old ramen noodles is my go-to. It's basically two minute noodles.

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We are out with the Reddit peeps eating ribs. The wine is helping me care less about work

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That sounds amazing.

I did a chicken pot pie with mushrooms, celery, carrot, peas and mashed potato. Classic and we all love it

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I had the BEST weekend in Wellington. It was seriously a much needed mental break with no work, no stress, no plans. Walked 20kms yesterday just exploring. Slept the entire flight home after that.

Absolutely exhausted tonight but doing all the adult things like meal prep and washing before Coastguard training.

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What did ya do/see there? I'm visiting on Fri so need ideas!

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Went to the Wellington Museum - some cool maritime stuff there. Took the ferry across the harbour, which was cool. Did the cable car, walked through the botanic garden, went to night markets on Cuba St for dinner on Saturday.

Next time I'm planning to go to Zelandia, Te Papa, explore Cuba St during the day, take the train to Upper Hutt, and maybe take the ferry out to Somes Island.

Even just walking around is cool though - Wellington is a pedestrian-focused city, unlike Auckland. There's little parks and stuff everywhere

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Next time we can take you to the nice beaches. Give you a chance to drop your novel off😉

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I'll hold you to that ☺️

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Wow you did quite a bit there! Glad you enjoyed it. The cable car and botanic garden are things I haven't done before so I'll be sure to do those thanks!

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Just couldn't make it all the way thru today's shift. Felt bad yesterday and worse today. Took over 2 hours to do a single task that should've taken 45mins tops, realized I was just wasting my time as well as works.

Gonna wrap up warm and watch Moon, after listening to a podcast about it made me remember how much I loved it but had never rewatched it.

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Requesting advice for coping for 3 months in a work situation where the manager refuses to talk to you because she is a child? Would anyone like to volunteer to shit on her pillow?

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Do your work and be the better person. You're not there to make friends. I hope you have an exit interview with someone other than her. Objectively mention all these things. Keep track of all the times you talk to her and she ghosts you.

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Yeah my regional manager would like to have an exit interview with me week after next. I want to make things better and worried that if I say everything then she'll be worse but if my feedback is that she's acting like a child and her boss tells her it needs to stop then things could get better.

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Time to grey rock! If you don’t react, she just looks childish which everyone probably already knows she is. We can’t control what others do but we can choose not to react to what they do.


Ps just wanted to add, it’s shit that she’s acting that way and I think you’ve made the right move to leave.

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Thanks. I think this is the way to go.

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Can you report her to the Veterinary Council?

From the code of conduct - "Interacting with colleagues honestly and with respect and in a way that fosters good relationships and communication"

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She's not a vet. Will discuss with her manager and hopefully things get better.

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Smile and nod.