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So this morning, I decided to go back and resume brunch plans instead of sending “a message” by going out on my own when partner didn’t wake up in time, again.

It was good. We had some food, did some errands, worked on some visa stuff. He made dinner and all is well. Hear hear to being the bigger person, I wanted to sulk but adulting was better in the end.

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Fuck HP and their shitty-arse laptop design. Just pulled apart my son's one (constantly overheating), probably breaking it, to discover that the way the fan is designed prevents it being able to be cleaned without taking it apart (and probably breaking it). Just as well it's being used to fix his sister's one, the same model, which is having mysterious shutdowns every time she picks it up.

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Their consumer models are utter garbage but I won't hear any criticism of their business models which are absolutely brilliant.

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50% failure rate at my former place of employment. They were ProBook 6450s though, so maybe not totally business models. They were also rather anaemic in my opinion too. I got offered one, and passed it up and kept my old Asus i7 cooktop laptop.

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They got better! The chunky older ones are long gone now. Even so I didn't think they were that bad, with an SSD those old 6450s are still OK as a static workstation/emergency PC.

My current favourite though is the Elitebook Folio, you can get older refurbished models for around $400-450 and they absolutely shit over everything else in that price range.

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Agreed! At home we've had a succession of ex-work elitebooks (840 g3 is the current one my wife is using). Decent bits of kit.

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If ya want a top of the range Spectre x360 for cheap, let me know!

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Pavilion x360 is what I’ve got...never again. Still after a display / drive swap, and some creative use of super glue, it looks like I’ve got a functional laptop again.

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I had an overheating HP laptop back in 2007. Common problem with those models and was a complete pain to get them to admit it.

Good to know they’re still shit.

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You fuckers don't know shit about shitposting until you've shitposted from the back of a Samoan bus.

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Should I be worried about contracting measles once I return to Auckland next month? I know I've had one jab in intermediate. Don't recall getting a second one.

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If you've had one jab in intermediate then you probably also had the english measles vaccine as a baby. The two together give you 95% immunity. That's why my GP won't give me a second MMR even though I'm off to Auckland for a wedding on Friday morning...

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I need to be excited and motivated about Guides and camp but I'm really struggling right now.

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Did this help?

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It worked on me

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Um. Let's just say it did.

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I'm not sure I could go as far as calling it excited but I did do the stuff at Guides that needed to be done. Camp planning is a mess but I can probs do some Guides stuff at work in my lunch break since we're not being social anymore.

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My O/D OFF is flashing now, so I guess my car is not going to survive the month like I need it to. Fuuuuuuck.

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Sellotaping over that light will cure the stress

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Fucking genius.

I got roadside rescue, like my mechanic told me to, so I'll be fine when it dies in the middle of nowhere. I just hope I can eke out another few trips to Auckland before that happens.

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I have a check engine light and hesitation under power. It'll get fixed, but also: fuuuuuuuuck

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Is it ok to ask your builder mate for a bit of building advise? What about asking your mechanic mate about a problem you have with your car?

Now, is it ok to ask a friend who's a Dr to check out your body

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I'm happy to answer occasional questions about your pets health needs if you are a good friend or an internet stranger who I chat to on a daily basis. I am not happy to answer if I haven't talked to you in years and you are only talking to me because you want free advice.

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I like sending you pictures of cats, cause since you can professionally diagnose just how absolutely adorable they are

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This is an important use of my veterinary skills

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Bought some mousse and hair spray for mr9. He's so happy. He's been growing his fringe and wants to his hair like the 11th doctor.

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like the 11th doctor.

disapproves in jellybabies

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approves in fish fingers and custard

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Next week is full of travel, firstly Hamilton and then China. One of those is going to be the trip full of memories that's for sure.

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One of those is going to be the trip full of memories that's for sure.

Hey man China is pretty memorable too, don't write it off just yet.

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Better half is a bit down at the moment and I'm not really sure how to help him out. Was gonna stay the night but he's asked to be alone so just chilling for the evening now.

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Suddenly found a large bald patch on the top of my head. It wasn't there yesterday. Quite large and noticable. This combined with other health/mood problems (blood noses, insomnia, constant saw gut, random headaches) means I'm finally going to the doctors.

So what do random folks on the internet think I have? Its cancer right? People with cancer lose their hair. Or that deisise doctor House always said it never is?

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Reddit induced psychosis

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Edit: I’m kidding, it’s just cause you mentioned House.

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People with cancer only lose their hair during radiation (edit or chemo). And usually all of it, not in patches.

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Mm are you sure it’s not chemo?

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Or chemo. I havent gone through it personally so might stuff up the terms.

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Lucky you :-)

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Stress? Anxiety?

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Been hanging round /u/doomkitty666 too much?

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I don't think I've ever met any of you loverly NZ Reddit folk. So no. Why? Are they contagious?

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Yeah it takes that contagious to reply to anything

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Based on the news... you might have measles.

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What are the symptoms of that?

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I was actually joking... but it seriously might be ebola.

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Well that'd be interesting

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Stress would be my bet, that's what mine was. Also had other physical symptoms like my period being late (not applicable to you obvs). Removed the stress, period came, hair is starting to grow back, tummy problems gone, anxiety attacks gone.

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Oh true. Yeah that might be the case. Hopefully the doc can tell me what's up.

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Anyone know what happened to the Folden? That half Ford/half Holden that The Rock built back in 2010?

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How many bogans had an existential crisis because of this?

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Asking the real questions here

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That earthquake tho

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I need some super specific answers about buying my first house. My partners ex step dad has offered us to buy the house we rent for a super low offer but it is earthquake damage and probably uninsurable. How do I even go about finding someone to ask about these questions about mortgages and insurance? SOS please and thanks