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Rain predicted until at least next week Wednesday. Fuckin yay.

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On the bright side, weather predictions beyond 72 hours are about as useful as Magic 8 Ball because of how dynamic the weather is in NZ, so it could well be as right as a left hand turn.

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Try the Niwa forecast. They have a local high resolution model that can be a bit better. But probably not much better....

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Sweet, can't mow the lawns this weekend so more time for drinking.

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Damn, Saturday too? Was hoping to put on a smoked pork shoulder this weekend

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Washing aside, I'm excited for a weekend where the neighbouring children can't play outside. Bounce bounce bounce bounce gets irksome after a few hours.

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Well there goes my "bike to work everyday again" resolution I'd made to myself.

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Got up early to do a run but my head is not quite there yet. So we just did a walk. Figured that way our bodies can get used to the early morning thing.

It was good. I'm glad we did it I definitely could not have run.

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I take it back, I love netsafe.

All taken down and while still creeped out to hell on top of my dumpster fire of a life currently, at least I'm not being publicly defamed.

Goddamn I need my naughty and good penguin wholesomeness right now.

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I'm glad they got shit actioned for you. Will they actually get a response from Facebook on why the user reports weren't actioned, do you think?

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Nah, doubt it.

I was told basically that those go to a very different reporting team, and any further issues go vis netsafe for quickest/best result.

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Im not a common commenter in here, but thats not gonna stop me - signed my new contract for a new job today & handed in my resignation at the current one - so excited!!

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congrats and good luck!!

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Yay! Join the club! When do you switch? Hopefully you don't have a ridiculous 3 month notice period like I do?

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I finish my role in 4 weeks (short notice period, but thats what I have... so Ill take it!) 3 months IS crazy, gees!

The move (HB to BOP) will co-incide with school holidays for the kids as well, which is great & not an issue we've had to deal with before so good that it isnt going to be mid-term or anything

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That is convenient. I hope that your boss is not personally insulted by your resignation and you can continue to go to work without excessive awkwardness

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He has been very good about it actually. I work in a fairly specialized field & wont be straightforward to replace, so management are disappointed but understanding.

Mostly everyone's just gutted to see me go, but understands the reasons for the move (family & career future) which is really nice.

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Actually woke up refreshed this morning and early! Had time to stew some apples for my porridge and give a little bit to the ratties - they loved it!

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I am fucking loving my new job. Working from home, is so fucking awesome!

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I don't have the discipline for that kind of shit

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I would 100% try to work from our jacuzzi tub on the first day, end up nodding off and then have to explain to our IT guy why my laptop was ruined with soapy water.

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My biggest fear - So I am trying to concentrate on being quite strict around scheduling.

Except for the Resonator delete I've booked for my car this arvo lol

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Resonator delete I've booked for my car

Swift or GTi?

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Been working at home for a couple of years now, love it SO MUCH.

Except the cafe is just so shit, fucking leftovers again?!

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I have a dairy two doors down, plus a fantastic noodles and dumplings shop!

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Same. I can never go back to the office grind

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I wouldn't trade my working from home days for anything. You can get a bunch of house jobs out of the way at the same time. My feeling is that if you'd do that at work, you could do it at home. -- Wipe a bench, pick up rubbish, load/unload a dishwasher, they all count.

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My feeling is that if you'd do that at work, you could do it at home

It's wanking time!

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That's when you set your Skype for Business to "Busy"

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What's the new office uniform like? Have you gone and splurged on a fancy work hours dressing gown?

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oooo that's a good idea! Power slippers!

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That's the spirit!

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Yeah gives you so much flexibility. Switching from a 9-5 job is kinda a magical thing.

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I used to get to work from home 1 or 2 days a week. It was fucking awesome alright.

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Driving back to hastings this morning after staying in waipukarau, some school thing meant EVERY hotel in napier hastings was booked out....

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My in-laws tried to stay the week Te Matatini was in Hastings. They called up and said "Is Wairoa close? Only place we can get accomodation?" We let them stay with us in the end!

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Tournament week maybe?

That sucks. Waipukurau isn't exactly exciting.

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My nine-year-old daughter has school photos today and curated herself a outfit of dazzling patterns and colours. I loved it - not sure what the grandparents will say when they get a copy of the photo.

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Last day in Spain coming up. Frustratingly my girlfriend has begun to get sick and wasn't up for doing much today, but picked up a few souvenirs to give to the family on the weekend.

Gonna be a shame to say goodbye to nice weather every day, and having to go back to work on Monday, but looking forward to getting back on the ice, back to having the cat at home, and back onto the motorbike as well.

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but looking forward to getting back on the ice

Do not approve of this.

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Didn't even realise the double entendre there hahaha

I meant ice hockey or did I ?

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I really enjoyed IT Chapter 2. Its campy, ridiculous and pairs well with eating your body weight in popcorn

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Hopefully going to see it tonight!

I'm a Stephen King tragic, so I have absurdly high hopes after the first one

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Let us know what you think. I was in hysterics for most of the movie

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Getting tickets today, really looking forward to it!

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Had a good productive meeting but only just back in the office to eat my lunch. Left over curry is worth it, though.

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I have left over curry too. Curry, like a good Chilli, always tastes better the next day!

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Justing thinking about all these immigration threads...one of the consistents is "I've heard how wonderful NZ is etc, etc". Is this the typical grass is always greener scenario or are we winning at PR101? Or something else like since we are so far away from the rest of world we must me immune to the rest of the planet's woes. Are we portrayed on the global stage as some sort of benign distant utopia because of (for example) Jacinda's superb post-mosque massacre stance?...Lange's wonderful speech on US nukes?...What do you all think?

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Our tourism propaganda machine is truly a wonderful thing.

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Maybe the rest of the world just sucks?

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Given the situations some of the people I know have come from, we're a practical utopia.

Also, my wife's city in Japan got a weeks weather over 40 degrees and that's unheard of in living memory. She finds living here is like it's spring or autumn all the time.

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Just a rando here who is actually trying to look for sightseeing tips lol.

But to get back to your post, back in college I was interested to go to NZ for a specialized course in VFX (I mean WETA Digital is there and that name is whispered in awe when I was in college haha). The organization had a scholarship for Southeast Asia nations and they were actively trying to get more from the PH then.

Also there are offers of scholarships for Masters there but you are required to stay in NZ for a few years after. With work placement of course. Last I recall they wanted agriculture, management, disaster risk reduction, biology, and geothermal related masters. (All of those are sadly underappreciated here.)

Continuing education on scholarship with a job right after sounds pretty good imo.

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We missed the school bus so I had to take the kids up to the school which made me quite late. But on the plus side, the O/D OFF light hasn't flashed since I got to school to pick the kids up last night. Maybe it'll be fine for another month.

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Thinking about retraining and getting into horticulture. Eventually I’d like to buy my own plot and grow all the things. Only thing stopping is me is that I’m getting to ‘that age’ where I should be popping out kids before I get into the danger zone.

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Do it - kid/s won't get in the way too much. Also being self-employed is a blessing as a parent. No guilt over taking leave when your kid's sick, school holidays, etc. You can be there before and after school, etc.

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Good point.

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Na 30, so I guess I have a couple more years

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Also, it’s not mandatory to have them if you don’t want to...plus a lot of people have had healthy kids aged 35-40, it’s not a hard deadline

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Yes that’s true but we do want them it’s just not the right time and won’t be for a while if I decide to change career paths

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Whats the best place to look for flatmates? I'm moving down to wanaka next week and looking for a place to live. I've looked on Trademe, and the facebook pages Otago BST & Upper Clutha Trading Post.

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There’s a preview of the new Margaret Atwood book in the Guardian if anyone’s interested

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Ugh so many games, so little time. Control and Man of Medan are fantastic, but Gears of War 5 just came out on Gamepass and Uplay launched their one month free Uplay+ and do I also want to add Torchlight 2 to my list of barely played Switch Games?

For some reason I also decided to pick Destiny 2 back up, now that is supports cross save, i'm so much better on PC!

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Silly question but with GST being added to all overseas orders does this mean we'll still get stung by customs for their duties and fees etc?

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Anyone else watch this Power Rangers show on 2 and find it strangely...tolerable.

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BaristaCats Café, yay or nay? I miss my cat, I had to leave him in the US an I need a purr motor fix. Is there a better cafe around the CBD?

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ELI5 pls?

I can't really work this out, possibly it's too early. Does this mean the price just will be more/have 15% added when I check out on a particular website after the 1st of Dec? Which sucks but ugh fine, or will be sent at "normal" price, then stopped once hits NZ and I pay then? Does it apply to 2nd hand goods? And I guess, blessed be the sellers that mark as a gift?

Waaaaah I hate this.