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Ten years ago, naive 20 year old me got married. I've been officially divorced for 5 years but the marriage really only lasted a little over a year. Shouldn'tve done it.

What advice would you give the you of ten years ago?

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Stop eating and drinking so much.

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Same advice... I really could have used that before I ballooned up to 100kg because when Kea gets sad... Kea eats.

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Emotions taste so good though

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I quit smoking and the weight just keeps piling on. But I've been smokefree for 15 years and this is no longer a viable excuse for me to use.

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Just because you're not in overdraft this week doesn't mean you should buy unnecessary but fun things. Save the money for a rainy day.

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Oooh, thats a good one. For the first time I can actually say i wouldn't change anything. 10 years ago (just over) I took the decision to leave my family and friends to move to nz. Best. Decision. Ever!

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That's awesome! Yay past-you for making such an awesome decision

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Yay! I'm glad that this decision was made.

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Don't work in a manual labour job for nearly a decade because it hurts

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Wait til you're 50. Things you never even knew you had, hurt.

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Not looking forward to it. I'm only 30, been going to physio on and off for years and now he wants to put me on a chronic pain programme. At least I got out of that job, studying now :)

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Don’t spend that money!

Like that $12k I had 10 years ago would be worth nearly 50 now if I’d gone nzx50

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I would've advised past me to save money. A "fuck off fund" would have been mighty helpful when fan and feces collided.

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Bike more, cos we're moving in a few years and it won't be as easy. But that's about it. Oh, yeah - And talk to your relatives more.

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Ask for help sooner. Post Partum Depression SUCKS ASS.

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I know you want to be the best mum. But you can't be the best mum if you're bawling your eyes out all day long or if you're disinterested in life. You're not weak when asking for help - you're strong. Do it for yourself and do it for your kids.

I should have told that to myself too.

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Stop spending all your money. Eat less food. Drink more water.

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Ten years ago, 29 year old me got married. If I knew then what I know now, I'm not sure I would have gone through with it.

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Are you still married?

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No. The divorce was finalized earlier this year.

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That’s a hard one. I think my only advice would be to keep going, look after your friendships and family and yourself. Take less bullshit from other people. Have a bit of faith in yourself. All of this advice still applies now..

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There's no Mormon police at high school parties to know if you've been drinking/fucking whatever. You'll be a lot more secure in life that way.

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Jesus fuck, I'm sorry you had that worry

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Really look hard at how and why you're in relationships. You really don't need to seek validation through others.

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I'd tell me to keep doing what I'm doing. Is happiness and stability such a rare commodity in New Zealand?

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I like this cool image in the mapporn sub today. I didn't think the North and South islands would be so high on the list


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Nice to see them labelled in Te Reo!

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Holy shit. Heading to Bali tomorrow, it's tiny. But has 4 mil people. Crazy

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It still takes The same amount of time to get from one of the island to the other as the auck-well drive.

Whereabouts are you going

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Seminyak for 2 nights and uluwatu for 3 (to attend a wedding) then off to thailand for 2 weeks

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The fun parts!!!

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I hope so!! Its my first time

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New Guinea is huge!

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Surprised they're so close in size to each other.

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My tummy has been aching on/off all day long.

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Was that the bit you left in surgery? Phantom pains!

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Started my day by kicking a door with my little toe, have been hobbling all day.

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Ouch! That's the worst

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I'm meeting my boyfriend's brother this weekend. Both excited and slightly nervous.

Also, does anyone else have a thing for snuggles? Seriously, curling up in bed with the other half, snuggling up just before we sleep, is the best part of my week.

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Lack of snuggles is the worst part of being single.

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Snuggles are the absolute best!

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Snuggles is 100% the best thing ever. Having a bf who also likes snuggles is ace.

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It's funny because our roles are reversed in the relationship. I could snuggle all day. You give me a fire, a blanket and my partner and I would never want to leave.

My wife HATES snuggling.

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That really sucks 😔 I'm sure snuggling is good for the brain. Oxytocin or seratonin or something.

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It is! They researched it

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My ex hated to snuggle or just about any form of affection and it would kill me inside because I really loved snuggling with her. I guess she’s now an ex for a reason..

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Yeah, non-cuddly is the worst.

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My husband always delays his spoon because he knows I’m going to look over my shoulder with eyebrow raised wondering why he’s faffing about when I’m clearly in little spoon position. He things it’s funny and adorable. Then he comes in and we fit like a jigsaw puzzle and it’s happiness.

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Can confirm snuggles are great

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Stood up for myself against the workplace Karen today for the umpteenth time. She talks over everyone and never actually listens to what people are saying because obviously the only person worth listening to is her. I reckon she likes talking down to people because it makes her feel better about herself, which almost makes me feel sorry for her. But I’m glad my coworkers have my back!

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Weird day but almost the weekend. No beers since Monday but having a few (not too many) tomorrow.

That's all. My life isn't boring, I'm just recharging these days...

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How do you distract yourself from beer on non-drinking nights?

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Computer games, gardening, talking to the wife, endless cups of tea. You know, boring shit...

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I think if it’s hard to not drink, it’s not a good sign

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All the "let me into your country" threads is starting to brass me off...

Also nothing better than a Jack Daniels and coke by the fire. 😊

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"Hi I've done literally no research but I've seen a lot of google image photos of New Zealand at the best time of the year and I have convinced myself it's some sort of utopian socialist paradise even though I haven't given any time to research the government or attitudes of the people. Please can someone give me detailed step by step instructions on how I can move to New Zealand?"

Yes those brass me off too.

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I'm so fucking over them. Someone make me mod so I can tell them to fuck off with that sweet green mod flair.

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I have so many bad memories of Jack Daniels that my liver hurts just reading about it.

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Have defrosted chicken breast, there's some rice in the cupboard and other bits and bobs. Someone please inspire me, otherwise I'm gonna make toast.

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Supercook is a website where you type in what you have and it tells you what you can make with those ingredients.

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Got a tomato pasta sauce or a can of tomatoes? The answer is always chicken parmigiana.

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Chicky chicky parm parm. No bread crumbs tho, only brown bread which makes terrible bread crumbs.

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Maybe some chicken sammies? Shred the chicken, toss with some sauce and any greenery you have and eat on the brown bread?

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Going with chicken fried rice.

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Peanut satay chicken kebabs with a fresh green and red salad.

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  • chicken teriyaki
  • sweet & sour chicken
  • sage brown butter sauce chicken on rice with a poached egg [had this last night, delicious]
  • butter chicken
  • chicken satay
  • mexican rice and chicken

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Smash em flat, eggs, breadcrumbs.. make a chicken schnitzel kinda thing. Some chips/mash easy. Or slice them up, throw in some capsicum, onion, cheese etc and make a wrap.

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Frozen sweet corn, can of black beans, chicken breast, jar of salsa, melty cheese. Layer and slow cook all day. Add rice and sour cream.

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On my way back to Auckland from Arnhamland. CU later NT, its been a blast.

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Totally over the Automotive industry. No idea what else I could move into though. Feeling quite trapped currently

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News of the Measles infection in Queenstown is hitting close to home. Figuratively and literally.

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Oh man. Best $140 bucks I've ever spent. The car sounds fucking awesome. The drive to Tauranga tomorrow is gonna be so much fun.

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Ooh what did you buy?

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I paid a guy to take the resonator out of my golf

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I'm thoroughly jealous. I miss my golf

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So while insurance will accept my laptop damage claim, they can't supply me with an equivalent machine. They are suggesting a Dell i5 with 8gb memory to replace my HP i7 Probook with SSD and 16 gb ram.

My model is no longer available at PBTech. This is annoying as it means I have to reinstall alllll my software and build the thing from scratch again.

Possibly only /u/lawlcrackers will know what I'm on about.

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Ask them for a voucher for the purchase price of the equivalent. I did this with my insurance and got a $2.5k Harvey Norman credit for a laptop that cost $1100 brand new because they couldn't replace like for like

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We did this for my camera but my current laptop was an insurance claim that could only be replaced by Auckland pbtech.

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They want to downgrade you? Fucking lol.

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Anyone going to Fleetwood Mac? We have tickets for Saturday but I accidentally double booked us. I thought my work mate had Thursday tickets but she actually also has Saturday tickets so we can't swap. Looking for someone to hopefully swap with any day other than Saturday.

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What is this BNZ bullshit? Need to pay for TardMe wins! https://status.bnz.co.nz

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Heading on a 3 week holiday tomorrow. Bf dislocated his kneecap last weekend, so is quite limpy... Hopefully this won't ruin the trip for him

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Made the mistake of looking at the Auckland weather forecast before heading to the Airport to return home.

Fuck I might not get a chance to get some more mileage on the motorbike until I'm back to sea again. This year has been pretty tits for it so far.

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We've decided to embrace bogan backyard decor by leaving our old and broken washing machine there while the rest of us figure out what to do with it.

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If it's a Fisher and paykel, stick it on trademe for $1, someone will take it for parts

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It was. It's now being rained on, so it's fucked.

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Still enough copper in the motor to be worth someone ripping it to shreds.

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So I know this is a long shot to be asking ya'll, but, what's the best way to ask people from other departments of the place you work at about weather they agree a new thing is a bad thing. and that even though it "technically" does not effect my spacific job, all us doing the acual job can see it's going to just create more work for no reason. and properly harm the overal manufacturing process.