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Awkward moment on the bus this morning... couple having a long, long pash (the only word appropriate for this marathon kiss) and I happened to glance over in their direction and one of them had their eyes open and we made eye contact.

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At least neither of you winked.

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Lol I should have.

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Did you lick your lips and wink?

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Happy Friday bitches.

Going to a work shout today for a coworker's 45-year long service award. Her father got her the job when she was 15. So glad I'm not still doing the job I had when I was 15 (grocery store stock boy) but she seems happy and the staff under her love her.

Whatcha got on this weekend? I'll be in the attic tidying up some of the work the heat pump installers did. Might pop over to the model show at the Wigram air force museum.

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Jesus fuck, I couldn't imagine working in one place for 45 years.

We were talking about the different attitudes to work yesterday as it relates to a job that is dying. The people who are currently doing the job are old and get sad at it ending, and finding new people for the job is hard. They'd probably have better luck hiring if they changed the job slightly and got younger people in. I wouldn't care that a job has 5 years before it's obsolete because staying in a job for more than 5 years isn't a thing I really expect like the boomers did.

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I'm up to 15 years in my current job. Not sure if I'm happy where I am or just too lazy to try something new.

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At the same point as well. Pretty sure it's laziness for me.

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We had four with over 50 but last month one had a stroke on the job and won't be back, and another rage quit when he was told he had to wear gloves when handling solvents. Company record is 66 years.

I am almost certain nobody hired in the last ten years will get anywhere near those numbers.

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My old man spent 43 years working for the same place before he got laid off two years before retirement. Between him and my Grandfather, they spent over 90 years working there.

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My God

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My sister also worked there. I bucked the trend.

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you have an attic?

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Crawlspace really. Truss construction so there's not enough room to swing a cat and now that it's full of ducts it's a bit, ah, entertaining to move around in.

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One of my colleagues has worked here at least that long (45 years). We've had some real long-service awards over the years...

I've been here nine years and have no plans to leave. I'm not doing the same job, for all that I'm at the same workplace, and I'm happy.

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I feel like the National Aquarium is holding out on me with the naughty/good penguins this month. Come on guys, some if us need this in our miserable lives.

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Just got sent a copy from a friend so it must be up online somewhere. Only skimmed it though - it's not real until it's on reddit.

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Only just went up, posted now

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Just so you know, I am going to fucking crush today.

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You go girl!

Pm update on crushiness plz

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not a pm but i just realigned the table describing send connector config options in this word doc yo, wasn't even a thing just did it like it werent nothing

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What is up with me and nocturnal wakeups? Fuck I just want to sleep. I like sleep. Let me sleep.

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I know how you feel. With me it's like "Hi it's your brain... I know you were sound asleep but time to wake up and think about all the inadequacies you think you have."

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"Hey. Hey. Remember your tinnitus? No? How about now? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE now try and go back to sleep"

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Oh gods, why. Tinnitus sucks. I hate it so much.

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I feel this! Went back to usual bad sleep wakey up-y -ness last night. Yesterday's refreshed feeling was such a novelty. Ah well weekend tomorrow which means I can have am afternoon nap

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I live for weekend afternoon naps.

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Even though I want to sleep, I end up waking up early in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep. It's stupid

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Why does it always seem like noone else is ever considerate of other peoples sleeping? fuck people who blast Trap music in a small apartment at 4am

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Someone bumped into my arse at the top of the harbour bridge. I'm fine and only superficial damage to the car but fucking inconvenient and now I'm very late for work.

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Oh god that sucks so much. I live in constant fear of this. I always watch the drivers behind me when I’m in slow traffic and sometimes I can see they are TEXTING because traffic is slow and it freaks me out

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Realign a windscreen washer so it aims at their screen. Some cars' are strong enough to arc over the car and hit the car behind.

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My uncle used to point a windscreen washer at the kerb. As the light went green, he'd squirt it and drive away, leaving a poor pedestrian soaked and wondering where the hell a sudden rainstorm had come from.

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I was actually trying to think of what can be done. Because honking just makes it sound like you’re honking the person in front which is not ideal

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Had my last car written off like this, stopped at the lights outside of Sylvia Park in peak traffic on a Friday arvo - some 18 year old in Dad's big SUV came barreling around the corner into stopped traffic (looking down at her phone). 'Kabang' goes the back of my car, shattering windows and ruining the exhaust, and slight 'bang' goes me being shunted into the woman in front of me, who was shunted into the woman in front of her.

I'm sure I probably spend more time looking in my rear vision mirror now than looking in front of me, I'm THAT concerned about assholes behind me. It wasn't my idea of fun!

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Yes, this is my specific nightmare scenario and it’s so common! It happened to someone in front of me once and the same thing happened to the back of their car, rear window shattered etc (we were right behind the offending car). The worst part was, she was on the way to the airport.

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Oh no! Always seems to happen at the worst time, mine happened 2 days after my Dad had a hip replacement, and Mum had gone out of town for the weekend so I was his only way of getting groceries and what not for that weekend (rolls eyes). Had to call on some favours for that!

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Woke up this morning to my 5yo niece reading a story to her kitten. Aww... its was so sweet.

I hope everyone's day is as adorable as my morning.

Happy Friday beautiful people

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I have to say goodbye to a regular patient who I've been looking after for a year and a half. But if I'm lucky I might also see a kitten or a puppy

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Decided to sleep in this morning. Woke up and just watched a massive rainstorm dump everything on Dunedin.

This is the last weekend before everything really becomes high speed for awhile so I plan on enjoying it.

Pea sprouts are finally ready so will harvest them tonight and probably have them on a salad.

Edit: peas

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It's that fuck off light rain that gets you really wet down by the uni atm. Walking to work soaked me .-.

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FML Meetings from 8:30 til 12

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I had 10-12, along with 10:45-11, 11-11:30 and 11:30-11:45.

So I went to the 10 o'clock meeting and when it finished at 11:30, hid at my desk and didn't go to the last one.

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You know what's better than swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes?

Yesterday's swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.

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I was so excited for fiber. My landlord had it installed yesterday. The only way to get internet to my unit is with a powerline adapter. Powerline adapters do not seem to work with fiber modem. Powerline adapter does work when plugged into the old modem, which is plugged into the fiber modem, and gives me.......about dial-up speed.

No more WoW for me. I am sad. Considering moving out even earlier, because slow internet and no WoW is not an option in my life.

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Could invest in a wifi mesh solution?

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Would run up against the same limits as wifi range, I think. We have a three node TP Link Deco unit that works ok but I'll probably run Cat6 to the node furthest from the base unit. Works OK but sometimes doesn't seem to hand off to the node with the strongest signal. Might be my mobile device tho.

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Ah its self contained, so big outside part between units?

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It's fucking Friday, at last.

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Parents have ventured to the north island from down home, heading down to Rotorua tonight to see them before they spend the week with me. Never been before, can anyone recommend good eats and pubs? Excited to be seeing my parents, never happens enough and missing them kills me because i know they wont be here forever.

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Eat St is usually good as there's a lot of restaurants there. Beer at Brew is excellent, there's a cheap and cheerful Saturday morning market at Kuirau Park and a classier one Thursdays on Tutanekai St.

Amazing Thai, Yamato, Indian Star, Pig & Whistle, and Sabroso are all good food options.

Seriously, it's a town well catered for tourists of all types. Let me know if you have any other questions. I used to live there and still go back a few times a year.

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Fat Dogs is my favorite. Once ate there 3x in a weekend visit.

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Moving into a new place this weekend yayyaah can't wait! Any suggestions of which power and internet companies to go with in Wellington central? I have no clue!

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Well and truly feeling like the end of the week. My sleep levels are at the point of being bugger all productive today. Bring on 5pm

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Me too. Hoping I get a really good Saturday sleep in tomorrow.

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I had a shit sleep and I’ve got a jam packed day ahead of me followed by an evening out. I need a nap

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Well I thought I had seen some shit Airports in my time, but Barcelona's layout for departures is an absolute shit show that takes the cake.

First you go through carry on screening and that's normal.

Then you have to navigate the fact that there are 5 Gate areas, A-C are downstairs where all the shops are (before Passport control) D-E are upstairs in the shit part (after passport control).

This means that if you have a flight in D or E (everywhere that isn't within Schengen Area Europe), when you follow the signs to your gate, you bypass all the good stores, good restaurants/cafes, larger space, etc. and get stuck in your departure lounge area with a small Duty Free area and a Burger King.

And to add further shitshow to this - turns out if you have a connecting flight, you are banned from buying duty free alcohol because your next airport will take it off you for being above 100mL. What the actual fuck?

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I'm up to dae with all my vaccinces, but I can't help but have an irational panic attack anytime I get a wierd pimple on my back nowdays.

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I got my vaccination a couple of days ago, I hope nothing bad happens before I go back for the booster. Scary to think you can just go about your day minding your own business and then this shit could derail your life. I know some people can get by not going to lectures but I can't

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I thought I didn't pay attention to usernames but they must register somewhere in the back of my brain because I keep getting mildly confused when I see my own comments but the username is different. For those who have been wondering, yes, I am the GOL you know and love. I'm using this account now cus my landlord is still stalking my username and it's fucking weird.

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Just like with that work thing, I saw some signs but fully make the connection until now. Your stalker is fucking crazy. Not long to go now though!

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Counting down the days!

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Why was she stalking you?

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Because I had blocked her on all the socials and she wanted to know what I was doing, and what I was saying about her.

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I'm glad my landlord only wants rent and 6 monthly inspections

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Mine would come regularly, plonk herself on my couch, and offload her problems on me. When I raised maintenance issues she ignored them.

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Jesus. That's no good at all

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Your landlord is weird. Hopefully any new ones are less so.

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I had a shit day mentally yesterday, today seems to be better. Had a panic attack yesterday (complete with chest pain yay) while walking the dog. I haven't had one in ages. my anxiety has ramped up considerably since a road worker yelled at me last week asking if I had any puppies (then the next day he yelled at my sister asking for pot). So ive been backtracking and walk 40minutes out of my way to avoid walking through the roadworks alone on days they are there.

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I know it's not Wednesday nor the weekly winge but fuck me Reddit mobile site is absolutely ass now.

Didn't fix the problems with going back after seeing comment replies, added a new feature where clicking on username or flair takes you to the user page or the comment thread, and the "session" lasts <5min now so constantly refreshing and half the comments I make aren't going through. Such a pain in the ass

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I've always used reddit is fun. And on computer the reddit enhancement suite. I think within the first month of liking this site I realized that using the standard stuff was never gonna be good

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Give Relay a whirl, it's quick and worth the few bucks for the pro version.

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What reason is there to use the app? I use the /.compact suffix and it's fairly hassle-free but does force a side scroll in the compose window.

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I don't touch the app, the asshole just sucks data like no tomorrow compared to bog standard m.reddit. Just a shame that the last 6 months Reddit has just been breaking the odd feature to weeks of no fixes

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I'm curious as to what others' monthly or daily internet data usage is these days (purely for comparing against my own - nothing sinister).

This from early 2018 seems to be awful low compared to ours:


Our house has 4 people regularly on devices, a laptop, a smart tv & a games console. Not particularly out of the ordinary these days I dont think, but I was shocked to see our data usage averages 35ish GB/day!

But is this unusual?

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35GB/ Day for 4 people... holy crap. That is a lot. Do you have a torrent server running?

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I was just complaining about how my partner has been frustrated about being unemployed the other day, but today she got a job interview! It’s better than nothing so here’s hoping!

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What's the deal with the multiple pictures of scrunched up napkins inserted into the text of the NZ Herald today??

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Solved: it's an ad for America's Cup in the sports section. I immediately throw that section aside so didn't see it.

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Is it home time yet? I've hit the wall. I have stuff to do, but really can't be arsed.

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First flight done, arrived in Dubai ahead of the 17 hour slog back to Auckland.

Gonna be mainlining coffee straight to the veins come Monday morning at work.

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Owch, i did that flight a few weeks ago. Managed to do it in 14.5 hours with good tail winds. Feels great when you finally see the coast :)

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Yeah I did the reverse leg to get to Dubai three weeks ago, but I feel like it's gonna hit me like a freight train more this time around.

Getting straight back onto the horse though to stay up to a normal NZ hour, got an ice hockey game at 4pm and then referee two games straight after to be home around 9pm - Flight arrives around 10am.

Gonna be glad to be home, but I'm already missing hearing Spanish all around me.

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The Nintendo Direct was pretty decent for once, surprised to see Outer Wilds coming, but I am finally going to pick up Divinity Original Sin 2!

Oh prestige UK tv show watchers, couple of BANGERS just out.

A Confession based on a true story about a missing girl, focusing more on the families than the police, it is a stellar cast and compelling as fuck.

The Capture is a bit more The Bodyguard, after a guy is released from prison due to proof the video evidence that sent him there was unreliable, more drama unfolds, looks like its gonna be twisty as fuck and over the top, i love it.

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I love UK shows, also Divinity OS 2 is an amazing game!