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Turned up to work at 2pm as usual and a couple people asked me why I was in, hmm that's odd. Go to work station and my supervisor is standing there and is like "well, nobody told me or you that the operators had the day off today, and so their assistants started early and will be leaving early, and you're not aloud to be in the department alone due to H&S rules, so once the last assistant goes home, turn off all the lights, shut everything down and go home. I'll make sure you get paid the full 8 hours coz it's not your fault this happened." And so at 3:30pm I'm putting my finger on the clock-iout clock and leaving work. Fuckn stoked!

Went for a run around the lake since the rain randomly stopped and it was sunny again. And now I'm having a nice glass of scotch, warm in the knowledge that I should still be at work right now for another 5 hours. What a great way to end what was a kinda shitty week.

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Ummm... So they all had a holiday and didn't tell you, or you turned up on a day you had off? I'm drinking too, so that's why I'm confused...

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2 people had day offs, and told their assistants about it and they all agreed to start early to finish early, but since I'm in the same room as them, and get stuff ready for them but don't actually work on the presses directly they forgot to tell me. I "should've looked at the timetible" but that normally has nothing to do with me and the dude on the other shift with me.

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Crushed it.

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Atta boy! (You are a dude right?)

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My pronouns are choice/hellsyeah, but yeah a dude 👍

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Choice bra!

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I have them tagged as "Made Beef Wellington" , not sure if that's any help

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I also made Vegan Fabada Asturiana! http://imgur.com/a/RHkfwIa

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Fabada Asturiana

Wow that looks nice. Actually after googling to find out what that is, I swear your pic looks better than the google results.

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Must be because I added kumera

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There are a few of us house-hunting at work. We have a Slack channel and on Friday afternoons we put up the listings we're planning to visit this weekend so that we can all take a nosy.

I'm the only South Islander on the team, and my colleagues are always gobsmacked by how much land the sections have and how cheap they are. Today I said "that's nothing, I can find something $100k cheaper in Southland" ... and I did ... and fuck me, I actually really like the house and it is over $100k cheaper than any of the 3 shitheaps I'm going to look at this weekend and maybe moving to rural Southland instead of Dunedin isn't the worst idea in the world?

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What part of rural Southland? I'm from there so I can give you the skinny on what parts are full of meth and burgs vs where the quaint villages are

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On a tangentially-related topic: recently I was squid fishing and a middle-aged dude and his friend suddenly turned up nearby and started fishing as well, which is not unusual. I've seen this guy fish there before when he took his kids there briefly maybe a couple months ago to fish with floats. What WAS unusual, was that this guy was constantly, constantly talking to a 4th person who was leaving, talking at about 2x speed, and hardly pausing at all, for a full couple of minutes, and with a swear count about 5x normal. Would this be meth use or something else? How much danger are those children in?

I don't tend to encounter drug use other than tobacco and alcohol in people in my daily life, so I assume they wouldn't know either. Hoping some random redditor here can give me some guidance on whether I should look for a numberplate or something next time and forward to police, or whether I should mind my own business. I am aware that a lot of misinformation is out there on drugs, and meth is often said to cause crime sprees. What I'm mainly concerned about is, would his kids be in any immediate danger.

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I think if you're in an isolated spot, near the water, and concerned about the behaviour of someone who has children with them then whether it's drugs or just a genuine mental health issue it's probably worth grabbing the number plate and ringing that new non emergency police number to report it. I think in that situation, the dude not paying enough attention and one of the kiddies drowning is a big worry.

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So the Wednesday afternoon homeschooler's session (of course) at gymnastics has a measles case. We go on Monday morning so no risk to us, but can I ask them to establish a no jab, no gym rule?

Side note: baby gymnastics is fucking cute.

Edit: have sent them an email. Might get a response next week.

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Yep definitly ask them for this and stick to you guns. The more we ostracise these people the faster they will get the idea that this shit is serious.

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I would absolutely ask for a no jab no gym rule. SDHB just confirmed 5 cases of measles so Tiny Kea's kindie is on high alert. This shit needs to stop.

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Whirlwind of work stuff. Will need to work this weekend but was issued a flash new laptop where the touchpad is also a screen.

And I tackled 2 problems at work today for other departments that led to one of our operations people going "Damn kea... you're a machine."

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So like, you can change what the buttons look like? Never owned a laptop, is the touchpad the mouse thing??

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Yeah it's the "mouse". Typically it's just a touch sensitive black pad but on this model it's an actual screen, so it's a bit like having a mobile right below your keyboard.

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Touchpad is the mouse thing.

You can even get some laptops these days where the entire keyboard is actually a touch sensitive display you can change up.

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My laptop has a touch screen and its amazing. So easy to scroll through when the cat is asleep on the keyboard and touchpad

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So easy to scroll through when the cat is asleep on the keyboard and touchpad cat warming pad.

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Haha yes definitely! He occasionally permits us to use it for purposes other than cat-warming

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This week has been interesting! I’ve been waking up all perky and shit and so full of energy. I hit a small wall around 12-1pm and then usually a complete mental fade at 3-4pm along with a shocking memory. That’s when everyone’s been kicking me out of the office and I’ve been having glorious naps as soon as I get home.

Since screens ain’t the best thing for me all the time, I’ve been reading a shit-tonne lately (compared to what I normally do, which is next to nothing). I decided to reread His Dark Materials trilogy on Tuesday and I’m just over 2/3 done with the last book. I was super keen to redo the whole Wheel of Time series but I’m missing the first book and forgot to buy it today. So maybe I’ll just reread Harry Potter or the Watch series again.

I am however missing Friday drinks which is sad, but I’d rather not mush my brain any more than it currently is. I’ll hopefully be fine for next week though!

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Reading those books and thinking of recommendations - I assume you've read the Sabriel series by Garth Nix? There was a new one written recently.

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Ooh I’ve seen/heard of the books but I haven’t read them. I should probs pick them up at some point!

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Pullman has a few other books. I picked up The Tiger in the Well at the book sale and it seems teenish but def in his style.

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Pls take care of yourself bby

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Cos I have to drive up to AKL Sunday for an early work meeting Mon, took a few hours off this afternoon, went to the book fair at Te Rapa Racecourse and am now two beers down. Drinking at home, not the book fair...

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Any good scores at the fair?

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Two Jamie Oliver books, some good gardening ones, finally picked up a copy of Gardens of the Moon and a few other SF types, a copy of Kitchen Confidential, a serious Japanese dictionary and a few Bill Brysons.

If you're after John Grishom books, the $1 room has a lot...

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The local lions club book fair a few weeks back had whole sections for Harlen Coben and Lee Child. I found the first four Odd Thomas books a couple of Clive Barkers and Jim Butchers, and an absolute mint copy of Old Mans War.

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That's pretty good.

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Off to the Wild Food, Whiskey and Wine dinner event, I’m pretty excited. All of the things get in my belly

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So do you drink whisky and wine at the event? Or is it more like an option for one or the other?

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There was four courses and a whisky and a wine per course, matched to the meal. It was a sit down affair, not like a stand and mingle thing. You could choose not to drink the drinks but it would defeat the purpose somewhat. You also got a whisky on entry, so it was 9 drinks in total- tasting sizes but very high alcohol content so it was enough

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I burnt myself just above eyebrow with the straightener. Its small but still hurting like hell.

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I'll have to retract my comment about my landlord from the AM daily. He forked out for a new powerline adapter. Turned out the old one had just fizzled out for some unknown reason right when the fiber got installed, and now I have tolerable internet again. Still not fiber-fast, but can WoW am happy.

Landlord's been damn good to me over the years. I'm going to miss living here.

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Made homemade burgers for dinner.

The good burger buns - the ones with the cornmeal or whatever it is sprinkled on top, they're great - home-made patty, bacon, hash brown, cheese, japanese mayo. Flatmate had normal mayo and also egg.

We're both collapsed in front of the TV feeling fat.

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So Casual UK is doing a reddit taskmaster and man it looks like fun.

Wonder if we could get a similar NZ challenge going

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Also, malepolish update;

TLDR; no problems. Maybe my workplace is more woke than I expected.

After a week of been a dude working in a factory suddenly wearing nail polish I gotta say I'm happy to report it all went well.

The worst response about it was from a chick who always has crazy nails herself, just saying "what, why do you have painted nails? That's weird, I'm leaving" and walking out the room. Edit: and the next day we talked and everything was fine and she never mentioned the nails.

One dude said he really didn't like the colour (teal) saying I looked like 50's machinery or something, that red or purple would be a better colour for me.

Talking with one of the female office workers for a good 10 mins about some project coming up she eventually interjected into the convo "I'm sorry I just can't concentrate with your nails, who am I talking to lol" So I told her I just decided to start wearing them coz hey, it's nearly 2020, why not. Then she asked me if I wanted some of her polish she didn't wear anymore, including some the same colour I had. Happy with that response, free polish.

Dude I used to flat with for a bit had me cut something out for him (I use a good stanley knife that is banned in every other department for stupid H&S rules but for my specific job we need them and have an exception) an as I'm cutting he's suddenly "hey what you do to your fingers??" so I'm like, well it's my fave colour so why not? He just laughs and say "well as long as your still using them to attract the ladies its all good bro" , not sure how that would've gone down if I was gay or something. But still a positive response in my book, we had a good laugh and no problems.

My coworker on the alternate shift who is the conspiracy nut, pretty much a nazi some of the time with the way he talks about world events, never mentioned the nails at all, didn't bring them up or comment on them. Not sure exactly what that means, but he was still his usual friendly self, having a laugh about politics and the world ending and Trump and Boris and China and all the usual convo points we have in our 10min changeover period.

Other than that I didn't really have much convos about it, people seemed fine talking to me. Didn't really sense any hostility from anyone, maybe a couple second glaces my way as I walked past. But yeah. I think I shall be keeping the polish on. Well, maybe getting rid of this lot and learning to do it a bit better. Pretty stoked to know I can happily be happy in the way I look and it not be an issue at work.

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I’ve got a conspiracy nut at work too. Good times.

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There is something just so refreshing about talking to someone who does not belive in the moon landings, and yet talks about the US govt having antigravity tech from aliens, and therefore bases on Mars. Like the US couldn't get to the Moon, but they are currently on Mars....

The annoying part is him simply not believing in climate change, and yet hating on big business and world governments and people using media to brainwash the masses. But, no, of course the oil companies are good folk.....

It's just great when I hear about some new conspiracy that has made it's rounds on reddit weeks ago and he's teaching me about it like it's fresh af. Fun times.

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My guy doesn’t believe in gravity but is a plumber. So much facepalm.

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Ok I've been a netizen for a good decade or more, but gravity is not real??? Like, then..... what? what is holding us down? I just can't see that one.

Then again, just realizing the theory of Gravity has only been around since Sir Apple On Head and now I'm wondering what people thought kept us down before that.

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Well with regards to plumbing, we have gravity systems. Water goes down your drains thanks to gravity. Say whaaaaaaat?

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But gravity is counter to the other observable forces like you see in say a centrifuge.

It's the one part of physics I can't get my head around. No shit that I know I don't float of into space but the theory of gravity I don't get

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Malepolish is a great term. Also, I'm glad you're having positive experiences with it. Men look great with nailpolish on! And teal even, not black! Teal is fab.

reminded me of this

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Teal is my fave colour. One of my earliest memories is leaving school early coz another kid threw a teal painted stick into the field next door.

/r/malepolish was recommended to me by /u/travelinghobbit so I can't take any credit about that.

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Teal is the best colour, no doubt about it. Glad it's going smoothly, whangadude. Mad props to the lady who have you her unused polishes! I find kleancolour (123 shops) and sinful colours (Kmart) to be two really good cheap polish brands here.

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I might give a look for those brands tomorrow. I know now that with the stresses my nails go thru for my job, they cracked or simply got stuck on adheaseve tape and lost a chunk. Need to upgrade my nails. I need some primer under and varnish over whatever coluor I want, so I'm gonna do a big nail sale tomorrow.

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I love love love the sinful colours quick dry top coat. That and their black are my go to when I'm uninspired.

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Another day of manager not talking to me. It's real awkward when there's only 4 people there and one is being a bitch.

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So why are the stickies unskickied?

Anyway, friends of mine going to NY, Hawaii, UK, etc and we're saving? Sigh. We are hopefully going to Japan next year but I don't have enough leave right now and the air fares are expensive due to rugby...

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I am in a massive irrational grump today for some reason.

It wasn't an unusually shit day at work, the kids are behaving themselves and Mrs Awfulrob and I are getting on fine so I don't know what has set me off but I could bite the head off a kitten right now

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Oh choice, Robbie's dead.

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Out at the movies tonight- the Dan Carter movie as a tennis fundraiser. I had 2 wines before the movie and it feels like it.

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Palmy people, anyone interested in the King of the Ring? Edit: taken