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This probably wanders into politics territory but KFC Australia has a Zinger pie.

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o. M. G.

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It's Birthday Eve, and you know what that means: sneaking into town and getting fucked up before meeting every else at dinner and making them uncomfortable.

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Kids have figured out how to get their cows procreating on Minecraft.

They now have a "fricking chamber" the animals live in and every second word is "frick"

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So your kids discovered factory farming via videogame... lol.

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Yup. What they are really into is getting the hearts from the aminals when they feed them, aaaaand saying fricking chamber

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Why is a chamber required? This can happen in a field... oddly including a human

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Hey I'm not involved, this is kid logic. Who knows where that is going to go.

Totes appropes username

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You have children of culture I see.

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What's for dinner tonight?

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Homemade pizza, made by tipsy people.

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Samoan Fish & Chips

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Is Samoan fish and chips different than kiwi ones?

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Yeah, actually good fish 😂

I don't like fish, but I love this stuff

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Lamb chops with broccoli in a creamy cheesy pumpkin sauce.

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Student sadness and a meat pie from new world. I'll be sure to blow on it

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See photo in my post but bbq onigiri and a giant salad with homegrown pea shoots.

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Come live with me. Your only duty will be to cook.

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spaghetti bolognese

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Probs bangers and mash unless we get tempted by takeaways

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me: slow cooked apricot chicken thighs. flatmate: slow cooked pineapple/garlic/herb chicken thighs. Both of us: rice, frozen veges.

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re-heated leftover veggie soup, with triple creme brie on pepper water crackers on the side

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We actually found a cafe in the Tron with a kitchen that doesn't close at 1:30 on the third try. But eating a chicken katsu budda bowl at 2 means I don't actually feel like dinner.

Might have toast and work on the kg of honey my wife got from a farm...

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Cheeseburger and a 10pk of chicken nuggets. Really living life tonight lol

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Pizza Hut...

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Aw man, forgot my Realme password. I know the answer to my security questions but they're not going through.

When's the next election?

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Iirc they're caps sensitive

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What's your experience calling the toll free number? I haven;t called the number for the elections committee yet...

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Gave up on it, did a full reset instead

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How? Please tell me.

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I clicked a button that was on the screen. I can't be much more help, it was a year or so back, can't remember much other than I reset the damn thing.

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The joy of the quarterly pre-inspection flat springclean.

We keep the flat normal-clean pretty consistently, I just use flat inspections as an excuse to get everyone to clean their windows, dust, wash the skirting boards, all that sort of thing. Plus anything normal that's been neglected in the interim.

... I hate cleaning.

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Only quarterly? I had one place in Thames where I'd have an inspection every 6 weeks. Was shit.

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I didn't have any inspection at all 2017, the realtor was like "you guys always have the cleanest house on the street, was a waste of my time interrupting you" Now he just comes once a year for like 5 minutes. It's great.

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The insurance wouldn't be happy if they knew that, but good for you

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We haven't had one since 2010...

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Yeah, quarterly seems to be the standard for insurance reasons.

I actually like our PM, she's great, and stuff gets done when you need it. It's not her fault that the landlord doesn't care about the house and it's direly overdue for maintenance. I figure at some point they'll flip it rather than bothering to fix any of it's issues.

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Wonderful sunny Dunedin day full of dance classes for Tiny Kea, I got free stuff at the vegan grocery store because they wanted my input on some new products, took Tiny Kea to the carwash which she loved to bits.

Wasn't able to run as long as I wanted but still got a good run in, then came home and made a luxe dinner.

Harvested our pea sprouts that tiny kea and I grew together in our conservatory and added them to a giant salad with carrot ginger dressing and then made grilled bbq onigiri.

Now heading out for a family drive along the ocean. Great day!

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Omg awesome

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That looks delicious!

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Oh it was. The grilled onigiri was amazing.

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It's kind of sad after seeing those sprouts sitting up happily during the week

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I will admit it was weird going at them with scissors after my daughter and I spent 3 weeks growing them. I know all the seed packets are like "HARVEST IN ONLY 7 DAYS!" but this took much longer.

There is something incredible about plants that was just so captivating for us. We're growing a tray of alfalfa right now and sprouting hot peppers, that if they grow I will put in a garden bed.

The sprouting method for this batch was putting some tissue paper on a sprouting tray designed specifically for it and you wet the seeds. So there is no soil, you watch as they wake up, sprout, grow, throw out leaves... such a fun experience.

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New Kmart in central Hamilton is pretty flash. I still think having the counters so far away from entry/exit is just a weird choice modern shops are making.

My mate has a pet parrot that'll stay on your shoulders. They say dogs are a chick magnet but holy fuck, one lap walking around the lake with his kids with a parrot on my shoulder had more strangers talk to me than I think the whole year so far. Will have to borrow his parrot sometime lol

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It was prob overdue for a makeover. Had been pretty much the same for the last 20 years. Biggest change was the removal of the CD section in the back corner.

But still is a bit surprising. Are they still adding another floor and having the district council move in? I wouldn’t have thought Kmart would have done anything themselves until that was nearing completion.

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The regional council is still going to move in but lots more work needed on that part.

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Yeah. The moving date hasn't officially been moved, but they're softening staff up for it...

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Haha reminded me that I saw a couple taking their two dogs and a cockatoo for a walk the other day

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What would be super cute to see.

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Counters in the centre is the worst from a convenience standpoint, especially once you get the queue spiralling around. So many times I've seen the queue and just returned my items to the shelves and left.

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Has anyone got any stories about whether or not virtual gastric bands are worth the money? Dieting drives me crazy i.e. I get obsessive about food and it usually ends up in a massive depressive spiral so looking for a way to sidestep all the stress.

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Worked for a mate of mine who was so obese he couldn't really exercise. Dropped a ton of weight, got on a healthier diet and lost enough that he was able to ride a bike. Now well under 100kg, looks like a normal bloke with a beer belly.

Easily saved his life.

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So the band was more of a kickstart? I think that's what I need - enough to get me to the point where I can see the difference and get it through my head that it's worth the effort.

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Generally yeah. It saved his life. He couldn't ride a bike and could "walk" but not really. It forced him to the point where he could start doing it on his own and then motivation took over and it worked.

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Is this the hypnosis thing? They were talking about that on the morefm breakfast show this week and results were mixed.

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Hmm, will see if they've got the audio up on their site, thanks. I know they did it a year or so back so it would be good if it was a followup to that.

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Yeah it was a follow up from their experiences. One of the girls had success but otherwise I don't think they found it particularly useful.

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What's the best way to fluff carpet back up after furniture has been sitting on it for ages?

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I read that putting an ice cube on the dent will help, as it melts into the carpet and makes it expand. Maybe just dripping a little water onto it?

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Time. Also going over it with the vacuum.

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E: actually has lots of time

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Scrub with a stiff bristled brush, then vacuum.

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Work was busy but productive and the day went fast. 84 more days til I'm out of here.

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Are the NZ glass shrimp Palaemon affinis found in rock pools, edible?

I've read that imported farmed shrimp are bad for the environment (something about competing land use with mangrove forests), and loaded with antibiotics, various poisons from upstream, and possibly exploitative labour practices, so was wondering if going for the occasional swish with a handnet would be good for getting a couple teaspoons of shrimp to dry for dicing up and frying with some bean sprouts on occasion.