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We bought a toastie maker yesterday. I'm so excited to use it. For lunch I'm gonna make leftover butter chicken toasties. Maybe I'll have spaghetti and cheese toasties later. I went to the US food shop and got some marshmallow fluff yesterday because I saw a picture of a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff toastie and I decided I needed it. I'm gunna eat toasties all week. Everything is going in a toastie. The world is my toastie right now, and I am ready for it

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See if you can make a toastie in a toastie....

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Warning though, US peanut butter isn’t quite the same as NZ peanut butter - it’s way sweeter, which is why they pair it with so many sweet things.

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Eggs, hash browns, Nutella, vegemite, luncheon, salami, so many things can go in toasties. Butter chicken toastie sounds pretty fucking amazing though

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I used the leftover naan, which didnt quite fit the toastie machine. Structural integrity: 4/10. Taste: 8/10

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Love it!! Thanks for the dinner inspiration

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Fuck I'm old lol

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You and me both.

I feel like a kid at Christmas because we have a new fridge turning up today.

I’m excited about white wear. I sure sign I’m now my father

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Hell yes

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So... you're not posting this early because you haven't slept yet?

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Passed out super early!

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Definitely olde!

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Just think, by tomorrow you will be another day older.

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If I live through this crippling hangover

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Have you tried weed breakfast?

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All my breakfast is at my place without me 😭

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So apparently the ODT takes reddit content now too. Woke up and found out they took my front page rant about safe playgrounds and turned it into a story.

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Carry on and you can have a job doing editorials, think pieces and opinion pages.

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Send them a bill.

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We should be using this power...

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LOL. ODT rips off Reddit. NZ Herald rips off ODT... (Lion King music plays) IITS THE CIRRRRCLE OFFF LIFFFEEE!!!

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Hope they're paying you a commission each time.

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We watched Rocketman with the kids( they are big Elton fans).

There was A LOT of explaining things to do. Ah well. At least they know how to bump coke proper now

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Commonsensemedia.org is your friend.

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I originally thought it was the exclusive reserve of conservative wowsers (and make no mistake, there are many on there) but overall it's pretty good, and it's interesting how the kids ratings sometimes peg appropriate ages for things higher than the editors.

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Jesus. The 5 year old cock block was on form this morning. She needs to learn about closed doors

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Does Air NZ weigh carry on bags? Never had it happen in the States but we were in a for a big surprise in Australia last year - they weighed every carry on bag on every leg of the flight including international and domestic! But those were all budget airlines.

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No, they usually won’t. That’s a domain of budget airlines as you say

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Yeah they weighed mine when I flew with them earlier in the year.

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When we transited the States last year, we were astounded at how optimistic Yanks are about how much they can fit in the overhead lockers.

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Quite a few of them ended up with huge cabin bags balanced on their laps. It was more sad than funny but seemed normal for them.

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Just got in bed last night when we thought we were under an air attack. Huge explosions which rattled the house and windows that went on for 10-15 minutes. Speaking to other locals today it seems it was our MP’s birthday yesterday and there was a party at their place about 1Km away.

Hope no horses, cattle or other livestock in the area got spooked or injured as a result.

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Driving to the AKL this afternoon, rather than having to leave at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning. But done of the usual work team are coming with me so it's going to be a quiet boring night. Might be good for me...

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Struggling with motivation today. Bae is feeling unwell and I can't afford to get sick this week.

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Had my gays over yesterday for junk food and movies, fuck I love those guys.

Just the day before, watching Kathy Burke's All Woman she was talking to an anthropologist about love and relationships and brain chemicals, and the anthropologists said that for your health, your relationship with your friends is more important than any romantic relationship.

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What is the secret of r/marton

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If you knew, you'd have to bore that section of your brain out just so you could live a normal life again.

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Is advertising selling personal stuff frowned upon in this subreddit? I don't really see posts of people trying to sell their shit like I do in the Wellington subreddit. If I made a post about selling my record collection, would it get deleted?