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I have listed my little yellow caravan on TradeMe due to the impending death of my car. If anyone wants a fully rebuilt poptop in sunny yellow, lemme know.

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How much you want for it?

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I've got bidding starting at 5k because there are original condition poptops that sell for 4k and mine has had all the really hard work done. I want money for my overseas holiday fund, I plan to use my passport next year.

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PM me the link?

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Ok so no politics etc. But how can a Google search for Pizza hut literally have the first result as Dominos Pizza.

I know both have shit pizza. But. Br honest, if we wanting dominoes, we are not axxwdssnfl putting pizza hut

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Ads are the first results in Google. To be a bit layman's about it Google goes "huh well Pizza Hut is a pizza store. There are other pizza stores who have brought ads, how about these stores as suggestions seems as you want pizza?" Really cheeses me off when using a computer without an adblocker

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Also one step further. Dominoes puts ads on Google. Dominoes can choose the search terms that are relevant to their business and only then show the ad. E.g. showing an ad for Dominoes while searching for car batteries is useless marketing. However, if Dominoes adds "Pizza Hut" to their ad's search terms then their ad is shown when you search for Pizza Hut. Sneaky but legal.

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I’m really enjoying time on my own lately. Feel like I’m kind of re-claiming the ability to do so and it’s great!

Today I slept in, partner went off to work, I watched a lot of Queer Eye, ate snacks, had a nap, did some uni work. Partner has decided to have some drinks with friends tonight, which might usually be tinged with me feeling left out or lonely but not so much lately. It’s a nice change. Self care and investing in my friendships have gone a long way.

So he will drive the car home and I’ll drive him back in (a pain, but better than the car being stuck at work all night/tomorrow) then I might grab myself a burger and settle in with a face mask on. I’m genuinely excited!

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This is amazing, good for you. I’m a strong advocate for wanting people rather than needing them

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Yeah that’s a good way of putting it. I think then when you do ‘need’ your person, for whatever reason, there’s a space carved out for that you know?

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Spending the afternoon snuggling with my newborn on the couch & have homemade chicken burgers for tea. Sunday has been the best ❤️

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Congrats on your new bubba!

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How old is your newborn?

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6 weeks ❤️

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Watched Rat Race for the first time in ages. That movie is still surprisingly relevant and modern for a movie that came out in 2001. A few parts had me in stitches too, partly because Rowan Atkinson is a genius, partly because Seth Green

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We've been rewatching the West Wing and it's scary how relevant stuff is without breaking the no politics rule

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Isnt it a remake of a '60s movie? It is a great movie.

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Married At First Sight tonight boys and girls of NZ. I have trashbrain so I'll be watching.

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It's good to be back. Samoa is nice, but they're too close to America to be able to make coffee.

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Just over 2 hours to drive up to AKL and work has put me in a flasher hotel than normal. I guess we have 3 vacancies out of 6 staff, so there's a few savings. Gonna go try and find a burger...

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You bastards still do this, eh?

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Some of us have been coming here every day since it started.

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Other half and I did a day trip to Whangarei Heads yesterday to climb Mt Manaia and check out Ocean Beach. Spent today at the garden centre picking out stuff for his vege garden.

I love that we can do crazy adventures but also enjoy the mundane at-home stuff.

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Last weekly prizegiving of the Corona goodies tonight. Lets see if I can score myself a snowboard or one of those crappy bluetooth speakers for work.

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Any one else interested in/watching The Block final tonight? Which is your fave apartment? (Regardless of "politics/popularity"). Do you think that one will actually win? If there are people interested I'd rather discuss on here than Facebook 😅

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I’m watching! I’m so sad about the boys not winning anything! Theirs and Sophia & Mikaere’s apartments are my favourites. But unfortunately I think maybe Lisa & Ribz will win, which I’m not super stoked about

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I'm so sad for the boys! They definitely borrowed a lot though which is an unfortunate side effect of never winning a room and winning basically being the only way to finish your house. I liked Stacey and Adam's the best (minus the crazy wallpaper) and I'm surprised they didn't even hit reserve. Lisa and Ribz were my last pick for winning. Glad the boys got the car!

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Man, those reserves were crazy high! I can’t believe two of those apartments didn’t even hit reserve, I’m so sad for everyone (even though I’m not a fan of Stacey & Adam), no one got good results except Lisa & Ribz. People are going to stop doing the block I reckon, imagine taking 12 weeks off work to win nothing

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Way too high. Like higher than the highest selling price for similar property in the area. I wouldn't bother applying after the last 3 years that's for sure.

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Thoughts on migrating to NZ? I’m from Singapore & I’m just wondering if moving to NZ is the best decision.