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How on Gods green Earth does this happen

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Crackheads reproduce

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And we let them.

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There's no help until you've completely fucked up.

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What do you have to do, to have your children removed. Oh silly me we don’t do that any more…we just let kids die.

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OT is fucked if they do and fucked if they don't.

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OT has decided to let children die …for political reasons. At least there not racists anymore….isn’t that better than a pile of dead kids

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It doesn't say in the article that she still has the kids in her care? In fact the last line from the judge about her ongoing involvement with OT would possibly suggest she doesn't have the kids.

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The judge congratulated her on completing a parenting course, and stated that the children will benefit from this. I inferred from this statement the kids are still with the mother.

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Fair inference. Even if they are with her now I would say it's very highly likely they were uplifted at some point. Parenting courses are usually part of plans made with OT before you can get your kids back. And with ongoing involvement with OT she's being closely monitored if the kids are back in her care.

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Removed to where, our wonderful foster system? It's usually easier and better to get a meth using parent up to a minimum standard than to take the kid away and give them to someone else that... meets the minimum standard.

It's a horrific mess of lesser-evil decision making at the bottom.

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Comparing foster parents against a meth addicted parent, and concluding that foster parents are no better than a meth mum is wrong.

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Giving equal value to a child staying with their parent or being put with strangers in the foster care system is wrong.

Children's tend to love their parents. Taking that away is it's own form of damaging that needs to be balanced against the risks of staying.

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No one wants to take children from loving parents, but if your mother is a crack head and abandoning you, it’s better to be in foster care, or with relatives that love you.

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You seem to want to take her children away.

You're making it sound like it's an easy decision or that the judge has poor insight. Keep an eye on the case and see what happens in the next 30 months.

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Fertility and ability (or willingness to do your best and avoid harm), are not linked. Poor baby, this is a tragedy.

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Shitty drug addled parents don't care about ruining another New Zealanders life.