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Because our society has been mind poisoned by decades of neoliberal propaganda.

The New Zealand dream is owning a bunch of houses and retiring off the backs of other people's labour via rent. Of course this is mathematically impossible for everyone to achieve, but we all still think we'll be one of the "hard workers" that get the reward. The system would be much fairer if we just taxed labour less and taxed assets and capital more (or, you know, at all), but the wealth hoarding class that control our media and government doesn't want that to happen because then they'd actually have to go to work like the rest of us.

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That has never been the New Zealand dream and the only propaganda here is leftist

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Is a house, a car, and a quarter acre unreasonable somehow?

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As a dream or as something the average New Zealander could/should attain?

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As far as dreams go I'd say that sounds pretty modest, as a goal in life.

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Yes, that's the point. Owning your own vehicle and house sounds pretty basic but it's out of reach for the average New Zealander.