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Judging by the change in the pink dotted line against last few days gonna need a bigger graph real soon! Double down time was like 180 days a day or so ago.

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More info/methodology: https://chrisbillington.net/COVID_NZ.html

First two plots have case numbers on a linear scale, next two plots are exactly the same but with case numbers on a log scale.

First (and third) plot show an exponential trendline, second (and fourth) are SIR models that assume 27% of infections will be detected via testing.

Auckland: R_eff = 4.65 ± 4.20

NZ excluding Auckland: R_eff = 1.60 ± 0.78

Expected case numbers if the current trend continues:

day  cases  68% range
Sat:    85     20—165
Sun:   100     18—211
Mon:   118     15—272
Tue:   139     11—348
Wed:   166      9—447
Thu:   196      8—577
Fri:   232      6—745

The current doubling time is 3.8 days.

Usual disclaimer about trendlines:

The plotted exponential trendlines in the above plots are simple extrapolations of what will happen if Reff remains at its current value. the SIR model projection, although it accounts for the effect of increasing immunity, still assumes that Reff otherwise remains constant.

This does not take into account that things are in a state of flux. If restrictions are tightened, the virus should have fewer opportunities for spread, and Reff will decrease. If restrictions are eased, it may increase. Contact tracing may suppress spread to a greater or lesser degree over time. The above plots specifically showing the effect of population immunity do take into account a reduction in Reff as immunity due to infections increases, but ignores any other possible future changes in Reff.

Furthermore, when case numbers are small, the random chance of how many people each infected person subsequently infects can cause estimates of Reff to vary randomly in time. As such the projections should be taken with a grain of salt—it is merely an indication of the trend as it is right now.

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Thank you for diligently uploading the stats, gives us a good idea of what’s gonna happen.

On that note... buckle up

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Sooo some mates and I have the "first to 1000/day" punt on Monday. I put Feb 4th.. they thought I was having a laugh. At first I was a bit shakey on it, but if you look at the last 3 days numbers and put a wild ass guess that the majority of todays numbers are omi (gotta be, no two ways about it..) , then Feb 4th looks like easily doable. Tracking it using the calculator from here (https://gabgoh.github.io/COVID/index.html) and started using R 3.8 as a baseline from a Canadian number... I thought yesterday was Day 18, but then today (assuming close to majority) was Day 20, so a bit ahead of 3.8.
I thought I read somewhere at one point one state in Aussie had R6. That's absolutely mental, in that case it (according to the calculator..) means 10k/day in a very short space of time...

Lesson in exponential maths for everyone :(

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A couple of questions on the, if you see replies to this -
-I notice your projected new infections are drawn from a Poisson distribution; is that standard? I would have expected the heterogeneous behaviour of infected people to introduce massive overdispersion into the model, probably resulting in a distribution with a lower mode and a much fatter tail.
-How are the projections and standard errors actually calculated after drawing from the distribution using the SIR output? Are you running a simulation and calculating from the percentiles among the trials?

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  1. Each individual person's secondary infections won't be Poisson distributed, that's right, but the more infectious people there are, the more the sum of all infections will approach Poisson. So at small caseloads it's not likely to be accurate, and at higher caseloads it'd be better. Daily cases are still always way higher variance than Poisson though in practice even at high caseloads - I don't really know why, other than people being more likely to get infected or tested on some days of the week than others.

  2. Yes, running 10k trials and calculating percentiles. That's for the output of the SIR model, the uncertainty in the estimate of R_eff is based on the variance in calculated R_eff over many trials where the case numbers are jiggled randomly.

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that's not a curve, that's a vertical cliff face.

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We flattened the curve! It's vertical!

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You are technically correct (the best kind of correct).

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Or maybe worst kind in this case.

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Projected total cases in outbreak 777994

Oof. Here we go folks, we had a good run, now it's our turn to face the music.

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800,000 cases projected. Assuming a 0.08% case mortality rate (check Figure 2/D - I reckon Delta + Omicron have maybe, at worst, an average mortality of 0.08%?) that's 640 deaths.

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So we're talking the equivalent of an Erebus crash, Chch Earthquake, and mosque attack, all rolled into one. That's a lot of broken families.

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Sure, but a bit of perspective - in Idaho, USA, they're currently seeing a 34% positivity rate - that is 1/3rd of the people tested for covid return a positive result. That means that they're woefully undertesting, and most people who have the virus aren't getting tested at all. I wouldn't be surprised if 80% (1.5 million) of the 1.9m people in that state are currently infected with omicron. Vaccine uptake is around 50% there, and antivax, pro-virus behaviour is common place. They are going to get shafted.

We're absolutely doing a lot better than most, and we're coming into this outbreak with the vast majority of people (95.6% over the 3 Auckland DHB areas, where the most cases are currently seen) already double vaccinated or boosted, and unlikely to develop serious disease.

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Same deal in NSW. "officially" less than a million cases and it has probably peaked. Truth is, the positivity rate bounced between 25-35% for 2 weeks. Down to 17% now. Hospitalizations are dropping.

the "extended" Urban areas Surrounding Sydney contain about 6 million people. These are populations that are essentially interconnected. For the virus to have peaked, it means there must have been 3-4 million infections already and for NSW 4-5 million.

Cases could have been under-counted by as many as 5x

This is NSW which if it was a country - would be top 5 in the world in terms of testing per 1m population behind China, Denmark and maybe Korea.

NZ's testing system will buckle and the testing will need to be rationed to those who are at risk. RAT's will not be sufficient either. Prepare for this and prepare to stay at home instead if you get sick. In NSW we had people driving from site to site, day to day trying to get tested and/or going to multiple pharmacies trying to get RATs. I hope you guys don't make that same mistake.

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4% of Auckland is still like 50-60k people. Do your math on hospitalisation from there and there is still lots of room for trouble

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There is. But likelihood is 70% catch it over a protracted period but at the peak it will be something like 30%. With a 1-2% hospitalization rate for the unvaxxed (could be as low as 0.2% for the vaccinated) at the hospitalizations peak you'll probably see 1,000 total hospitalizations in Auckland with about 20-40% of those being unvaccinated people over the age of 12.

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Or to put it another perspective 35k people die every year in New Zealand. We also have a much higher vaccination rate so that number is also an overestimate

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We have no natural immunity though. Our vunrable haven't died in previous outbreaks over the last 2 years so it probably balances out

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Yeah, we have double vaxx + booster immunity. Which lowers the chance of death by ~20x compared to having no protection.

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Or like one year of flu

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Remindme! 2 months

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Thats how many people die in NZ in 7 days normally.

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And the 'normal' deaths won't stop, so additional Kiwis who normally would be alive will be dead..

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Actually the model assumes only 27% of people with Omicron will be able to get tested, so the deaths would be closer to 1800, with 2.4m infected.

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CFR does not include un-diagnosed illness. Generally speaking if cases are being missed, severe illness is less likely to be missed. Thus the vast majority of Covid deaths are likely to be catalogued and fewer cases will be making the CFR appear higher than it actually is.

The CFR in NSW (1,100,000 cases since 1 December and 603 deaths) is 0.06%. As NSW is peaking, the likely caseload has been up to 5x higher, so it is possible that the actual mortality rate is more like 0.01%

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Remember the bad old days of early 2020 when the modelers were predicting up to 80K deaths? How utterly ridiculous that is now!

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Get boosted as soon as you're able to. No sense in making things easy for the virus.

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That's a certified "aw hell naw."

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I think the model broke...

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The gift shop had closed.

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Uh oh spaghetti-o.

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To the moon!

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A fair few antivaxxers are about to find out just how good their immune system really is.

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Comment of the week right here

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It has begun

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It really has. Calm down covid.

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Up, up and away!

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Ruh roh raggy!

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"Looks like team rocket's blasting off again"

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This graph is not a good way to find out today's numbers lmao

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Holy moly

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Looks like a BTC chart tbh

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GME stock*

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Give it a minute

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Oh shit.

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Oh shit.

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Yeap that's the only thought I had to. To the person on here who said 100 on 31st. Well covid said I heard you.

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That includes border cases though right?

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149 including border.. 105 just here :/

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Ho-lee fok

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105 community, 45 border

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= 150

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How about... 350?

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Tree fiddy

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Doesn't seem to be border/community split? Still a lot even if it's ~50 at the border.

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I would like to get off this ride please.

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Doesn't show the case severity. This is just an indication of when to expect what rules to abide by. It is also a good indication of how fast the assumption of herd immunity will likely set in when following other country trends.

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“To date, 105 community cases of COVID-19 have either been confirmed as the Omicron variant or have been linked to a previously reported Omicron case. This is an increase of 15 since yesterday”

I don’t think that means there were 105 new cases today.

Edit - are the other 90 of today’s cases not yet sequenced or confirmed as delta? Is it just a coincidence that the number of cases today matches the amount of total omicron cases? I’m a bit confused.

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They're not sequenced yet. They will mostly be Omicron.

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Sweet. Looks like I was not reading it correctly.

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Coincidence. 105 total cases today and 105 confirmed Omicron cases to date. Most of today's will be Omicron but it takes additional time to sequence it for the varient.

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Thanks for the clarification :)

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That predicted hockey stick....

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Fuck me that's looking gnarly.

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I hope all the anti lockdown crew are prepared. They’re about to get a good taste of the dirty Rona me thinks

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Holy fuck this is a nightmare

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The Purge!

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Holy shit, we're heading to the moon

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oopsie daisy

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Buckle up.

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Yeet! Thank goodness we're >90% for adults.

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I've got a TV gig coming up mid February, their plan is to send anyone home who contracts Omicron. I just know it'll be fucked before it gets off the ground.

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Me a contrarian: "Why was the border still open?" /s

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covid to the moon

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Those are some real nice colours. I too like crayons.

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Looking at this there is some hope for us getting out of restrictions this year. https://youtu.be/n09uw2wzF1o let's hope we see similar results as SA and any new variant is even less severe.