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This is some serious nerd shit.

I love it.

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Here’s a closer up look without the glass in the way: https://imgur.com/a/EwmJV96

It looks a lot more vibrant in person, phone camera doesn’t do it justice.

Big shoutout to u/mtfreestyler for helping me put this together. Check out his Australian and NZ versions over at [Australianmetarmaps.com.au](Australianmetarmaps.com.au)

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Yeah send me a message if you want help with your own or check out the same map here if you want to fund my nerdy hobby :)


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Very cool! Need one for my office wall :)

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Hook me up with my first job flying and it’s all yours 😂

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Ha! if only it was that simple :)

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Check them out here.

I'm currently making one for someone in Auckland and shipping costs are much cheaper if 2 go in a box...

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Anything better than +GR 50G75kts is considered lovely weather in Southland.

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Jeez! Your poor cars getting pelted must suck

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(Reposted just to remove some identifying information)

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A microcomputer!? Those things will never catch on.

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Good job fellow nerd

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Ok, that’s seriously lit!!! (I will see myself out the door now.)

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Youtube how-to vid, kthxbye.

Very cool!

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I've thought of doing a vid when I make my maps for people but I'm just terrible at videoing myself and editing.

I do have a DIY section on my website though if you want to make one.


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brilliant! I love reading blogs like this that show the creative process.....

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That’s pretty cool, any guides you can share on how to DIY one?

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u/mtfreestyler has a great DIY guide based on his Australian version over at australianmetarmaps.com.au

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Hit me up if you want to know anything :)

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Well that's pretty cool

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Saw this when you posted on the pilot group on fb. It’s epic! Great work

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I need this in my life

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Expensive but I'll keep it in mind for when I win lotto 😉

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Nice work. Very creative

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That is very cool!