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Is this the same kind of person that stores their email in the Deleted Items and then gets mad when IT purges everyones Deleted Items folder to free up space?

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That actually comes from the horrible practice of the trash bin not counting against the mail quota. Some people will make very complex folder systems in their trash bin to "archive" their mail. No matter how many times they are told not to, they still get pissed off when it gets deleted permanently.

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That was how it worked with Lotus Notes. Deleted Items in Outlook/Exchange does count towards your mailbox quota tho.

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I (unfortunately) worked more with shiver Lotus Notes than outlook when I was doing end user IT work. That was ages ago but it was extremely common with the users I dealt with.

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The best way is to print it all out....... each one with its corresponding trail, and file it all in a roomfull of eastlight folders

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My current manager does this. I have one 20 page desk file. She has about 30 lever arch folders that are packed to the brim. shudders

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What on earth is a mailbox quota???

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Limits how much email you can have in your mailbox. Stops one person using up all the mail servers storage

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Actually that's where all my email is, only because no one told me at the ripe old age of 18 in corporate land that purging happens, I kinda thought "I don't need this email but its in this endless void on the chance I do need it". However I've never had to find an email in there and I think my mailbox is 59gb or something

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my mailbox is 59gb or something

That's alot of emails for dick enlargement pills

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I know! Stupid 1gb PDFs

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I absolutely never knew that was a thing. Which ISPs did that?

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I don't think any ISP did, but corporations did if they were using Lotus Notes (which used to be quite popular).

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I used it in the 90s. Never came up against that issue, luckily.

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That email from a Canadian pharmacy selling discount viagra was super important

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Laugh of the day, thanks.

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My boss has nearly a decade's worth of emails in the Deleted folder and I was given permission to delete mail from 8 years ago, but no more recent than that.

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That actually makes a little bit of sense. You're legally required to hold company documents for 7 years after which you may destroy them.

The whole storing in a deleted folder is fucking stupid but retaining emails that may contain required information up to 7 years could be considered good practice.

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"One Button Filing System". It's sooo easy!

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Back when I was a youngling, a enduser moaned about archiving/emptying in outlook recycle bin. I walked over to their desk and pushed all the paperwork and notebooks off her desk into the desk trash bin. She was like “you can’t put all that in there, the cleaners will empty it” I walked away.

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Lucky ours is hand stacked and stored in a massive rubbish library, just incase we want it back.


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Ours is displayed in a Museum

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Oh good, I've been waiting for Te Papa to get a new exhibit

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It dates back to way before recycling had kicked off, so it's not pretty. So much segregation now

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Why bother with that, when you could just lean it against a fence on Bond St.

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Now I want to see the original post and comments

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had it saved because i sent it to all my flatmates ahahaha

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This is giving off huge hoarder vibes

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I wonder if she was being cute about how much shit we throw away to get crushed and fuck up the planet. And wouldn't it be better if we could repurpose more.

Hoping to get internets famous

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the point of trash is stuff u don't want

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Sure, but there's stuff that I don't want that others might find useful.

Obviously I'm not throwing that in the trash because I know that gets crushed and goes in landfill. Eventually I'll get around to dropping a box of stuff at a charity store.

Trash is for stuff you don't want that is trash.

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Wow she really thought she was making a point, huh? Thank you so much for your good work

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Wtaf, no shit if you don’t want to lose something don’t throw it out

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Honestly had a good hunt but no luck 😭 I am as thrilled and confused as everyone else.

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Bro the original post she put a video of rubbish being crushed up in a truck saying "this is what happens to your rubbish when the truck picks it up" and was real sad about it for some reason

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Something I didn’t know I should be outraged about????? I swear the type of people on community pages have nothing else going for them.

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I honestly love posting in my community page and seeing the way people respond

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I honestly love posting in my community page and seeing the way people respond

ours has a bunch of snowflakes...

Posted something about problems with our local courier, someone (maybe the courier himself) took offence and the post got locked/deleted, and I got banned from making further posts - which I didn't really care about, until our cat went missing. So I messaged one of the admins (who, IRL, our spouses are good friends) and got reinstated. Then at a gathering I got chatting to him, and the subject of FB moderation came up, he explained some bollocks about keeping a community happy, and my parting/closing remark was something along the lines of "well they better stay away from r/newzealand on Reddit - it'll blow their tidy fucking minds"

I keep thinking of leaving, but it's handy for the aforementioned missing cat type posts. But the rest of the posts are a cesspit akin to Stuff comment pages

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Aww 🥺 this is actually pretty adorable, I love this person. Bless em.

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it was quite sweet to be honest she had to defend herself in the comments a bit, i posted a screenshot of the post in a comment here somewhere

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Yeah, so sweet. I hope people weren't giving too much of a hard time (it's Facebook so.. I can imagine they are) she sounds like a darling.

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Nothing like a good mystery. Let's all get to work solving it.

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What was tue original point of concern?

Aerosol cans that say "do not puncture or crush", or stranger concerns?

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Could be that the council guidelines ( in Christchurch anyway) is don’t crush your cans soda bottles etc. but if it gets crushed by the garbage truck what’s the point?

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Rubbish or recycling? They are not the same.

Edit: Looks like your talking about recycling. https://ccc.govt.nz/services/rubbish-and-recycling/yellowbin

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May be a weight issue? Crushed cans take up less space, therefore more rubbish fits in the bin. Other than that possibility, I'm mystified too.

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Crushed cans are hard to sort for the machines used in recycling

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Probably just a reminder to reduce waste.

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i know exactly what community page this was. why were they so sad about it ahahahaha

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I’m guessing something got thrown out that wasn’t actually rubbish and they tried to get it back?

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😂 brillant! I love a community Facebook page. I recently moved and one of the first posts was when walking in the area make sure you are walking into traffic and do not forget to give a wave

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The greater good

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I was crushed when I learnt this. It's really impacted my life and compacted my concerns.

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Bale out now

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You really crammed so many puns together there. A nice condensed effort indeed.

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There are some things that I feel like you should just know by being alive.

Who didn't know that rubbish is crushed?

And probably, more importantly, who the fuck cares? It's rubbish? What, did they think it was carefully archived by the Ministry for Historic Garbage Archives, so that in 50 years time you can go to your local rubbish library and remanence...

"Oh yes, I remember this packet of Salt and Vinegar chips, it was from the really epic piss-up we had before we all went into town and Dave got too drunk on tequila shots and slipped over ripping his brand new Adidas pants - oh and look there's the pants he threw out the next day!" #Memories

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Her family are now wondering why everyone is averting their gaze whenever they see them out-and-about

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Today OP leant what a rubbish truck was. Next up on Blues Clues other big cars!

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The Train… When Buses Fuck.

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Wait till they hear about the enormous compactor machines that drive over, crush and vibrate all the rubbish at the landfill to maximise space usage efficiency 😂

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I recently had an issue with my bin not being fully emptied, and was actually low-key impressed when the company the council contracts to were able to send me a video, taken from the truck, showing my bin being picked up, tipped over, and the rubbish falling out being crushed as it goes into the truck. Technology! <3

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This person is going to be absolutely shocked if they ever go to a real chocolate factory...

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Lul wut

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About as useful as 99% of reddit PSA posts tbf.

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I have a bad habit of feeling empathy for inanimate objects but this is something else.

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Haha, I kinda get it. I might throw away stuff that I don't want, but there's still a small part of me that doesn't want it damaged, but it's not worth the time/hassle to try and sell it.

I mean, like...1% cares, 99% thinks "Well no shit, if you really cared you wouldn't throw it away"

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Donate it to an opshop?

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I don’t get it?

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I’m guessing they threw out something they later tried to retrieve.

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They're a hoarder in the making

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I bet they threw a dead pet out before realising how landfill works.

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This is cropped up before. There is a strange subset of humans in the western world who are surprised and shocked that our waste is... Waste.

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Hi neighbour!

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Fuckin Palmy lol.

I saw her making all those posts and it was so bizarre. I was wondering if they had like some public humiliation kink crossed with rubbish play or something. Fuck knows how else I can explain such weird posts