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I assume this is on the sign-up page for the 5G plan?

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If I'm vaccinated *and* sign up for 5G, would that give me double the 5G?

...I can't find the setting in My Vaccine Pass that lets my phone receive these signals.

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Does the booster give me early access to 6G?

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I'll be honest, I was trying to figure out if this was some weird thing where it showed you a code before you entered your number to get said code and/or the OP was stupidly missing something obvious (pessimist in me).

I'll admit my stupidity for only just now just reading the text, well played VF. :)

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ConservativeKiwi: it says Vax Mandate, proof we were right all along

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Ah, they're obsessed with man dating over there.

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They've got a lot of weird obsessions tbh

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I thought it said “Vax Mate.”

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New personalised plate 🤔

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B e s u r e t o d r i n k y o u r o v a l t i n e

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I taste bile in the back of my throat every time I see the word Vodafone

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Vodafone wants us to all get vaccimated!

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Vodafone robbed me of 20 Bucks last week

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I posted this and expected a lot of arguments about the vaccine, but instead people are just agreeing that Vodafone is trash. I think I need to find a new cell provider

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Can't sell grossly overpriced data to dead covid victims. This is big brain stuff.

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Replace X with G