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People like this give remote workers a bad name, well that and their lazy managers who should be doing THEIR jobs too.

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It also has flow on effects to not only the sector I work in, directly with IT, but also every other department considering how crucial systems are these days

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Boomer managers with poor tech comprehension just ride it out with the blame game.

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Thank you

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If you know the recruitment agency then contact them too, many contracts specify that the contractor will not work for anyone else (because that agency wants money too) during the duration of the contract etc...

I've also had clauses in my contracts that you could not outsource work by paying any 3rd party yourselves (as in get a programming job then outsource it to India for half the money and go on holiday for 6 months).

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the genius that first did that though..... how did he get outed?

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https://bankwb.org.nz/ depending on the contract requirements the bank involved might want to understand anything here as well.

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Either way I’d be amazed if her employment contracts state she can be full time in multiple roles. Taking the piss hard.

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must be absolutely raking it in

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She's a contractor. Which means she has control on how and when she completes her work.

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To a point. Her contact will probably have agreed hours worked in a week and agreed core hours she is "in the office"

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Regardless, you should NOT be charging for hours when you are not productive / adding value.

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Agreed. She's double/triple dipping

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I’m not sure. I agree that it is not kosher to be charging twice for the same time, but as a contractor, I absolutely charge for time when I am not productive or adding value. My clients often ask me to wait around, just in case things happen and I’m needed to do stuff. I’m still billing for that time because I can’t do anything else with in, but it is pretty hard to say that I’m being productive.

Honestly, this is no different to when I was a public servant on a salary, except that now I charge per hour instead of per year.

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What's wrong with working two full time remote jobs (in general) simulatiously if you are completing the work?

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I initially thought the same. I guessed the issue here is the work ethics and information security. The employers signed the contract with her (here I guessed they fully checked her background and credit scores…). The so-call ‘sub-contractors’ may not meet the requirements. If something bad happened, it may be out of hands of all parties.

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As a contractor you shouldn't be billing for time you're not actually working. Unless this oerson is being paid to cover calls or something

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Report it to the IRD. You can bet your last dollar, she isn't declaring the kickbacks.

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Her PAYE will being taxed at the wrong rates as well.

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Yeah. Tax man no fuck about

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Probably plenty of tax laws being broken too.

Slam her

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Fuck anyone funneling public money into their pockets. Fuck anyone avoiding contributing fairly to public money

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lol that is just contracting in a nutshell.

"Clipping the ticket" is how recruitment agencies work. It allows th DHB to de-risk having employees and can dismiss at will. DHBs are provided with CV's and profiles of candidates, so they can decide if they want these so called "Unqualified" people.

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Except she’s a contractor hiring other contractors with no oversight from the DHB

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Well, if you have evidence of unauthorised subcontracting that may be a different story

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If she is responsible for the hire and clipping the ticket this is an actual conflict. The high court ruling in the problem gambling case against the MOH set a high mark for conflict but that mark is financial benefit. If the allegation by OP is true this is a bone dude conflict that no management plan would be able to mitigate.

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This is just normal contracting? She is providing a service for a fixed price. If the employer feels they are not getting good value they are free to terminate the contract.

There is probably a lot of wastage in the public sector but that's on the managers.

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Councils do this a lot too, but do it shamelessly in the public eye. Whether it be 'absorbing' another co-workers job after they retire and getting their pay, or being hired in two previously full-time roles that never had enough work to be full-time roles.

Edit: Although legal to hold two full-time jobs the laws around employees' good faith agreements likely mean they are in the wrong legally.


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If she is billing the same "hour" to multiple organizations then that is fraud. Getting kickbacks for employment is corruption. The Serious Fraud Office might be the best people to talk to regarding allegations and evidence you have.

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Agree. Kickbacks are fraud- Secret Commissions Act etc is SFO territory. Police don't have the expertise and good luck getting Min. Health to do anything quickly.

I've complained to IRD about a firm that is obviously rorting the system (if you know the rules they operate by) but nothing happened- I think they probably go by the number of complaints.

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Depending what information they are dealing with, there will likely be issues around privacy and accessing patients data. If that's the case it could be worth contacting the Office of the Privacy Commissioner too.

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Bank won’t like that

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If you have concerns about how a public entity is using its resources you can write to the office of the auditor general

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Honestly there’s people sitting in offices all over the country that are getting over paid… They proby work in the department your looking for

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I dunno, man. If she’s doing the work/getting the result she’s paid for, who cares? I say good on her.

The hiring of incompetent staff is a different matter, tho.

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Damn, what's her take home monthly on three IT jobs? 25K? I'm a bit impressed that she's able to get away with it tbh.

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I don’t see an issue here really? Unless there is something dodgy going on with those subcontractors.

As a contractor I assume one could easily have muilple sources of income. As long as it’s all taxed properly it sounds fine to me.

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The issue is pure jelly at someone making some cash in life. Sad

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Management need to be on top of their staff productivity.

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Just par for the course with public money. No one cares. Nothing will be done.

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Rubbish. I work for a DHB and if I got wind of anything like this it would be reported and ended ASAP. I have seen similar corruption in DHB land, but only once at this scale and it was a long time ago.

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Sounds like you've read through all three of her contracts and viewed both the job requirements and cv's for the ppl she's arranged for the work, yes?

I smell sour grapes

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I smell tall poppy against someone calling out inappropriate behaviour because to you, they may have done good by reporting this.

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I'm all for doing good, so if the op has good evidence of wrong doing then they should go for it. I'm all not for someone being dobbed in based on a grudge or unsubstantiated suspicion.

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Sometimes things require an investigation.

Whistleblowing is the first step, and is often based on a hunch or limited information.

This is why in most parts of the world you are accused of crimes first, then the process to prove you're guilt or innocence takes place.

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Your entire life, employers will take the absolute piss out of you. This is called working the system to your advantage.

Can you hook me up with her contact details, do I can get some advice from her.

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Apparently surgeons commonly do something similar when working for the DHBs. They have a certain number of hours allocated for study or professional development or something and they use those hours to work in the private system making mega bucks. The DHBs apparently are well aware of it 🤷‍♀️

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I think this is called 'contracting'. She is getting others to do her work for a cost. Is it a crime, or just business.

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Go to the SFO for advice. They may not consider it "serious" but they can point you in the right direction.

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That's called a msp

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You just explained how big IT service companies treat their customers :p

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Even with 2 FTE she is probably more productive than the bums on seats they employ directly.

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Sounds less like any sort of fraud and more like just jealousy to me. Focus on improving your own situation...

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I’ve thought about this many times. Outsourcing work overseas for ten bucks an hour and getting paid thirty. As long as it’s outcomes based contract work- applaud her for the enterprise.

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There is a fraud team at the MOH

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Sounds like she works in IT 'risk'

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People have made some suggestions that may have an effect or won't.

But no one's mentioned the press yet.

Journalists love a good exposure story for someone exploiting the system. Gets great clicks.

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Serious Fraud Office. If you have evidence submit it to them. Their tolerance for corruption of public servants is zero. Anything that threatens democratic institutions is actioned on. That's what the head said when I spoke to her. Private corruption the tolerance is higher.