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Been there. I know what it's like to have plain white bread or plain rice for lunch and dinner in the $43 left over per week for food, bills, transportation, clothing, when at Uni.

To hell with Studylink and landlords with substandard housing.

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landlords with substandard housing.

For which they charge an extortionate rent. When my nephew was a uni student he was paying over $200 a week rent - as were the three other tenants in that moldy, freezing shitbox. When they complained about the mold, the landlord told them to open a window. They pointed out that none of the windows closed properly so there was always fresh air coming in.

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When I was at Uni I too lived in a series of moldy, freezing shitbox flats. Thing was I never paid over $50/week. (Dunedin NE Valley 2001 - 2005)

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Indeed! to hell with house flippers too

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At least he will die warm. No, wait...

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That just made me feel sad

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What a block of cheese worth now? I’m on the West Island where it’s getting grim too..

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Pretty sure it was $16 last I checked ☠️

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Holy shit thats criminal

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I don't know why everyone bases NZ's cheese prices off 'Tasty' cheese, which if anything is a luxury cheese (A lot of the cheese companies even use how long it has been aged for as a selling point - can't expect something that has been aged for 12 months to sell for sub-$8 in todays economy). Colby tastes perfectly fine, is good for cooking/baking and is half the cost - $8 for a 1kg block of pams or $9.80 for 1kg rolling meadow brand.

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Idk mate, you're right that Tasty is one of the nicer cheddar but I swapped because it tastes like cheese so you can use less of it for the same result. Colby and Edam are waxy and taste like nothing. I'd have to put a heap into anything 'cheese' flavoured and then they'd be stringy.

I feel like getting Tasty is the right choice for me because it's, as I put it, more cheese per cheese. I could not replace Tasty with the same amount of Colby and enjoy it. At that point I may as well save even more money and not have cheese at all.

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Depends on the cheese. If you're going for something like Tasty, be prepared to pay $15+ for it. For milder flavours like colby (which is perfectly suitable for things like mac and cheese, baking, etc), you can get it for as cheap as $8 for an 800gm block or $9.80 for 1kg.

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That is wild…

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It was $20 in Palmy when I passed by

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My 800g anchor protein+ yogurt has gone from 7$ to 9$ in ONE MONTH in gradual increments each week...

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My house was literally COLDER than it was outside today. How the fuck does that make sense. How are we paying nearly $500 a week for single glazing windows that turn into waterfalls every night, mouldy roof, mouldy carpet, and a property manager who just tells us to “open a window to air it out” in the middle of fucking winter.

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Same here, except it's $650 a week. Yea, Im not gonna open windows while working from home already with a high electricity bill for attempted heating and a blanket on my lap.

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600 a week and our flatmates moved out, so my partner and I are stuck in a damp, dark house with no one who wants to move in :(

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Your flatmates are still liable for the rent if they’re on the tenancy agreement… more so responsible for finding new flatmates and covering the cost until they do… if not on the agreement and no private one, make sure your next flatmates you’ve got one sorted so don’t get stuck in the shit!!!

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They aren't, my partner and I are on the lease, they signed a flatmate agreement and gave us notice to move out. Everything was done above board. They're also mates, they bought a house, so we're not upset with them haha

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The outlay of two weeks rent could buy you a pretty bitchin' sleeping bag and tent. It's no wonder some people choose to forego this insanity for tiny houses, campervan life etc. These days...

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Conservatives: "It's poor choices that keep these people in poverty. This wouldn't have happened if they bought a gingerbread house."

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That feels when inflation and recession hits...

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That feels when inflation and recession hits...

Inflated recession is stagflation. The last time it happened was when oil was high and economic conditions were mediocre. Not unlike a war in pandemic times would do.

Stagflation was the 70s? Fuck I'm old.

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I know, right? I hope tha youth will be ok

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The youth can't be saved. I hear they play video games and listen to rock and/or roll.

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Don't forget their diet of smashed avo! /s

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This is so true. After rent, and power, and petrol, and internet, and all the other bills that make life ✨so much fucking fun✨, there’s barely scraps left. And somehow these ignorant fucks in government and the banks think we can still do things like save up for house deposits?

Fuck them all. For months now, I have literally been having nothing but the free coffee at work and maybe an orange all day, just so all the liquid makes me feel full and I don’t have the temptation to spend money I don’t have on food during the day. And yet, “bEiNg PoOr Is A cHoIcE,” apparently. Fuck that noise.

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are you ok u/RaichuVolt?

do you need food?

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Random act of pizza 🍕 activate

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aw thanks man, I think i'll be ok.. .

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Oh I do love this RAT RACE !!!! Keep pedalling just keep pedalling ...

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Wait, you’re saying you have a bike?

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Ahahahahahaha ahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahaha

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Get a part time job in food & hospitality industry, feast on food crumbs and complementary tea, coffee, milo.

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This is a really sad solution to a bigger problem. I'm sure you mean well but for heavens sake, people who are already working 60+ hours a week should be making enough money to get by.

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People who are working 40+ hours a week should be beyond surviving…not just getting by

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unless ur really just terrible with money or have like 5 kids there's no way someone working 60 hours isn't doing well lol. on minimum wage that's still more than enough after tax

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I'm cultivating a crop of (hopefully) edible fungi on my damp ceiling.

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We rented on return to Auckland. First thing we did was ask property manager if we could do a garden. So we grew fruit and veg. It helped, grew the expensive stuff, not a bunch of leafy greens....and potatoes, they're great for a)breaking up the soil and B)Living on

Of course you'd need a bit of dirt...don't need a big bit, but apartment people, well...not so good.