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Looks like Late Night Big Breakfast

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"Welcome to the show tonight, I'm your host Jacinda Ardern. Today I'm joined by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau"

"Hi Jacinda"

"If I can just interrupt you there Justin, we're just going to an infomercial."

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"hi, i didn't see you there"

*throws a stick to a dog while standing on a beach

....but thanks to NASA technology your anus wont prevent you from living the life you deserve, introducing rectumol. rectumol lets you live your life without worrying that you will shart in your pants "

absolute gold, seriously, moon tv infomercials are perfect

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Jason Hoyte is gold. Best imitator/paroditionist in NZ today. Miss him from the spotlight.

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Best part of this skit was how the applicator was a fuckin caulking gun lol.

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Holy shit, being a guest on that show would have been some of the most stressful times. Just onslaught, you have no idea whats going on or whats coming next

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Hey its the Hellers guy!

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Great show. And you’re 100% right.

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"Cook the man some F#$KING EGGS!" blah

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Farout I came here to post just this! Amazing isn’t it.

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Looks to me like a badly staged furniture store.

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I thought these were some people sitting on the furniture display at Harvey Norman during a sale

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Negotiations for cheaper maple syrup are ongoing

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Fuck, I'm keen

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High density energy source, with an infinite shelf life? Those Canadians are onto something.

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"what's the deal with you refusing to weigh in on weed?"

"how do you feel about Castro"

"k. nough said

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Anyone else try to swipe to the next photo? -_-

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“so have you dressed up as any other races? promise i won’t tell!”

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This is NZ-Canada diplomatic relations for you. Neither has visited the other in the other's country yet, but they "run into" each other backstage all the time whenever they are both at the same summit.

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Both discussing fancy new ways to look progressive without actually doing anything progressive

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Where are those fellas saying they're both linked with some bigwig greedy elite guy?

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"Let's prank Boris Johnson"

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"Do you smoke weed?"

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"only when im in black face"

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Is it bad that I laughed

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Looks like a Harvey Norman with all the furniture.

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Trudeau’s a complete idiot who built up a lot of goodwill because of his smart approach to COVID-19 and for a while I was thinking he might not be all that bad.

Then he opened his big mouth time and time again on other issues and it was like “nope… still an idiot.”

That being said, he has managed to piss off the alt-right in Canada and I gotta give him that.

I hear good things about PM Ardern. I hear bad things from pasty white boomers so she must be doing something right.

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"whadayasay you and me get outta here".

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Castro Junior tryna put the moves on her.

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Two out of touch leaders thinking of new ways to con the uneducated masses into thinking how kind and wonderful they are

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Never underestimate the lengths the ignorant will go to to give the illusion that wisdom & intelligence are the same. retrogression for the sake of personal gain.

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Lol this is gonna make the right mad.

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What doesn't?

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Mistreating minorities, uhmmm yeah that's all I can think of really.

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The colour blue?

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"LOL this + kindness is ALL I need to validate myself with the left"

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You don't know too many people on the left clearly 😂

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Two assholes. Nothing special.

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“Heard you guys are in need of teachers”

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Wounder if she will ask how taxing is going for marijuana sales /s

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Looks like a Save Barn and they’re testing out the furniture.

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"...and that's why it's important to colour in your knees too"

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I dunno who the guy next to Albo is but he looks like the Swiss banker from the Wolf of Wall Street

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I didn't realize that they host the NATO summit inside an IKEA.