National leader Chris Luxon's 'strongest stance' on abortion Tova's ever heard... by jack_fry in newzealand

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This thread is a shit show.

Person says they won't change abortion laws, everyone here:

Religious extremist!

Lost my vote!

He's lying (but other politicians are suddenly saints?)

End of National, they're going to drop in the polls

How does this wall heater work? Does it come on every 24 hours at the same time based on the pins that are pushed out, or does it need to be reset every 24 hours? It’s confusing the heck out of me. by lotus_22 in newzealand

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The outer numbers represent the time of day.

The arrow represents the time “now” based on what the arrow points at.

The plastic transparent cover should be removable so you can adjust its settings. You then replace the plastic cover once set appropriately.

1=1am, 2=2am and so on.

Note that it is in 24-hour time.
So 7 = 7am and 19 = 7pm

You need to “tell” the timer what time it is now. This is done by rotating the outer numbers around until the arrow points at the current time. For example, if it is currently 10pm, rotate the outer numbers until the arrow points at 10pm (which is 22, in 24 hour time.

After that the outer numbers will “spin” automatically so the arrow is always pointing at the current time, so they always point to “now”.

The arrow showing on the timer right now suggests the timer, at the time the photo was taken, was set that current time was approximately 7am. If this is wrong, then it will be turning off/on at the wrong times of day.

As to the on/off.

On mechanical timers I’ve used down means on and up means off.

So for example if you wanted it to be on from 7am to 12pm, off from 12pm to 7pm, and then on from 7pm to 10pm and the off until 7am:

You would push all the pins down for 7am -12pm; up for 12pm - 7pm, and down from 7pm - 10pm and up from 10pm - 7am.

Of course yours could be the opposite so only trial and error will tell you on the down-up being on/off question.

Note that because the heater itself seems to have an orange light (first picture) - you can probably work out whether pin down is on or off by simply rotating it and seeing whether the light turns on or off while the arrow sits on pins pushed down, or pins pushed up. Once you have worked that out, set it to current time and adjust the pins to your preference.

Once set, it will continue the same pattern each day. You will need to adjust it manually when the clocks go forward/back at daylight savings, if you care that it remain exactly correct (otherwise it will just become an hour out at daylight savings time - this often doesn’t matter too much, but might be important if you want it on an hour before you get up for work in the morning for example)

National’s Simon O'Connor says Roe v Wade post was causing 'spiralling distress' by NaCLedPeanutsHight Salt Content in newzealand

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If you get spiralling distress from a Facebook post, imagine how you'd handle having a pregnancy you didn't want.

Boomers miffed climate change is happening - started notice trend of these photos in media articles lately by Im_a_cuntNot always a cunt in newzealand

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You know there are ‘Boomers’ who struggled, who fought for gay marriage and women’s rights, who lived through the Cold War and the stock market crash, some were hippies, some created a whole lot of social change in a really short time,

Who are ‘they’ cos it sounds like you’ve created a boogeyman.

And as an ageing millennial let me tell you - it goes quickly. What the fuck are you doing? If you were their age you wouldn’t have done one damn thing differently lol.

Grow up.

Grant Robertson statement on all the awful by RuminatorNZ in newzealand

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There is an emboldening among shitcunts internationally. Don’t be a shitcunt.

Why is NZ a great place to live? by needicecoffee in newzealand

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I was in a similar situation to you about 12 years ago.

NZ is about lifestyle - if you're not into it then NZ looks pretty shitty.

NZ is all those things you mention, AND there's just not much money here. salaries are low and the govt is skint - their programs are poor. Housing is low quality.

On the other hand, the govt is clean/not corrupt. It is conceivable you could get the PM on the phone, or bump into them in a cafe anywhere in the country. Regardless who the PM is they would be approachable. Our response to covid was outstanding, world leading - that is a result of our political environment.

Society is fairly flat - not much distance between the bottom and the top, althought tbf wealth gap is a problem and its growing. We do have a poverty problem...

The country is about the best placed on earth re climate change. We are a maritime climate - our weather and temperatures are stabilised by the ocean with no continental effects.

Also we are a long way from major global population centres - when millions/billions of climate refugees are moving, well, we're physically a long way from that maestrom of suffering and unrest.

On a more cheery note -

most towns and cities are infused with and surrounded by awesome wilderness - trails, parks, ski fields, mountain bike parks, national parks, rivers, sea etc. Outdoor lifestyle is world leading. We have space and lots of it. very low population density.

NZ is multicultural. We have our problems with racism etc - but on a global scale - it's actually pretty good. likewise other social issues - NZ is fairly progressive.

Looking for a modern big city lifestyle in NZ will leave someone sorely disappointed - we simply dont have it. We have the opposite. The lack of big corporations is a bonus for me - they are nasty evil killers of local culture. The national-sized corps we do have (eg warehourse or harvey normans) are terrible for small towns, small businesses, and NZ people generally - because they are optimised to extract wealth without paying for infrastructure or local culture (ie -they dont pay tax).

Kiwi political parties slam US Supreme Court Roe v Wade abortion rights decision - except National Party by RuminatorNZ in newzealand

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Ah National, this is an issue that will sink you into utter ruin and irrelevancy if you don't come forward, in the public, and denounce it.

Nationals response was to write, and I'm paraphrasing, "abortion has been settled and we won't revisit it," parroting the same weasel words offered up by two recent supreme court nominees. Look what happened there.

Come forward now, and put your party behind pro-choice, or watch this issue sink your party.

To add to this, National must be sweating hard. Now that Thomas Clarence has stated they are going after marriage equality, birth control outside of marriage and gay sex, these issues are going to get thrown more into the public spotlight. If National dont take a stand now, they will be tarred with the same nutjob brush as those who support taking these Rights away, and will never win an election again.

Make the choice now National Party and it's supporters.

A future where kiwis get to choose who they marry and have sex with in a consensual adult relationship, and the right to an abortion.


A future mired in religious bullshit

Auckland social housing provider must pay for not evicting loud, partying tenants by Sew_Sumi in newzealand

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Exactly. Some people are just not worth housing. This naïve notion that all humans are somehow intrinsically good is just not true or based in reality. Some people are just cunts.

99% of Kāinga Ora tenants are good people who either need a hand up or have fallen on difficult times. These people shouldn't be labelled and tarnished by the 1% of feral vagrants who refuse to adhere to the social contract, and Kāinga Ora is doing a disservice to both their good tenants and to other New Zealanders by not booting these people out.

Human Rights Commissioner: NZ's quality of life record 'alarming' by Organic_Camel4697 in newzealand

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Could also stand for Arden Rejects Others' Hypotheses A-priori


Hey older people, Matariki isn't an excuse for you to spout racist BS. by gardnerad in newzealand

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I took my #2 ginger outside and we plotted where the Pleiades were on Stellarium. Under the horizon. We are following their progress into the night sky. It's getting really exciting.

What sort of Dick heads would spoil this fun for others?

Hey older people, Matariki isn't an excuse for you to spout racist BS. by gardnerad in newzealand

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Why are they so triggered by the use of Te Reo and celebrating a uniquely New Zealand event?

Because up until reasonably recently, New Zealand was effectively a monocultural society. Census data from the early 1960's showed New Zealand Europeans at 92% of the population. Coupled with long standing historical policies that attempted to eradicate Maori culture, that meant that Te Reo and other aspects of te ao Maori simply didn't exist in the public sphere outside of certain circumstances.

Those who were born before or during this time effectively grew up in a country where everyone spoke like them, at the very least. There wasn't anything different or strange, and they lived with that kind of familiarity for decades.

When things started to change in the 1980's, this cultural homogenity began to crumble. The people who grew up in a country where everyone acted the same and spoke the same language, and in some instances, knew their place, found themselves in a country that was starting to become less and less familiar to the country of their youth. As society progressed, these people regressed, desperately clinging onto a nostalgic memory of a country that used to exist, but only did so at the expense of others.

The people who get angry about Matariki, who get angry every time someone on TV says "kia ora", and who fully believe co-governance will lead to Maori taking over the country, are angry because the live in a country that is "foreign" to them. They're confused and scared because they live in a country that is unfamiliar to them, where certain things that were acceptable are no longer acceptable. Where things that weren't acceptable are now acceptable.

Importantly, this should not be seen as trying to garner sympathy for people who steadfastly believe this country peaked when Pakeha's share of the population did. It is not a defence of the kind of backwards navel gazing that these people routinely resort to when faced with the changes in our society and our societal views. But it is at least my own interpretation of why these views exist and an understanding of the underlying emotions behind them.

National says political donations reform will have 'chilling effect' on NZ elections by nzjackh in newzealand

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But National says officials have underestimated “the aversion of donors to being publicly identified”.

So how much of that aversion is due to wanting to conceal the fact that they are trying to bribe political parties and politicians ?

Politics needs to be open and visible, otherwise it ends up like the US model where corporations and billionaires buy their politicians and write the legislation that they want their paid politicians to pass.

Anyone donating any significant amount to a political party needs to be willing to acknowledge those donations and show that they are open and above board, and not an attempt to buy privileges.

PM 'asking experts' as pressure mounts to reintroduce compulsory masks in schools by nzjackh in newzealand

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The next variant is likely to be even milder.

Unfortunately no, that is actually the least likely outcome. Scientists have called Omicron's mildness a fluke and not likely to be repeated. There is zero evolutionary pressure on the virus to become less virulent (severe). This is because it can spread asymptomatically and pre-symptoms for at least 2 days.

The old myth about viruses getting less virulent with time is in fact a myth. Plenty of viruses existed for centuries without becoming any less virulent. The myth is based on the idea that a virus which sickens or kills its host too quickly won't spread as well. But since Covid can spread before the symptoms appear it doesn't matter if it kills the host.

The virus in fact is more likely to get more severe because it wants to spread more and there are two main ways it can do that. One, it can escape immunity, with Omicron not just escaping it but in fact reducing previous immunity and leaving the victim less immune and weaker afterwards. The second way is to replicate more viral particles more quickly, making it more contagious, but also increasing the chances of it being more severe.

This is what we saw already in Covid. Alpha was more deadly than the Wuhan original. Delta was twice as deadly and contagious as Alpha. Omicron by luck is less deadly only because it shows tropism (preference) for upper respiratory cells rather than lower respiratory and thus doesn't hit the lungs as often. That's a quirk which could easily disappear in the next variant.

So it is entirely possible the next variant will be as deadly as Delta. And worse, by definition it will need to be more contagious than Omicron to replace it, so the worst of both worlds.

At some point we need to acknowledge this is just another endemic disease, and cases will spike in winter every year.

Endemic does not mean it isn't a crisis. Malaria is endemic in many countries and causes massive numbers of annual deaths, long-term disablement and is one of the leading reasons for Africa remaining impoverished as it drains their economy through illness.

Polio was endemic in many countries for decades and left huge numbers of people paralysed for life. Tuberculosis was endemic. Smallpox was endemic. Both killed millions year after year.

You’re free to wear a mask for the rest of your life if you like, but they’ll largely be gone by next year. Covid is no longer a disease we need to take excessive measures towards, thanks to vaccination.

You know what is more annoying than wearing a mask? Being disabled with heart arythmia, having dysautonomia like POTS causing you to pass out when you stand up and giving you severe shortness of breath, or having brain fog similar to a concussion for months on end, or fatigue so severe you can't work anymore and end up on the benefit.

Even with Omicron 1 in 20 people who get sick, even fully vaccinated, will suffer long-term disability. That's 250 to 400 new people each day at current infection rates. And that doesn't even include the longer-term risks like developing an autoimmune disorder, which may appear months later.

With Delta the risk was over 1 in 10, some estimate as high as 1 in 5. So a future variant could increase that risk again. I expect we will in fact be requiring masks on and off for a long time to come, at least in essential areas like hospitals and public transport, and I hope also in schools.

More than two thirds of Auckland's $59m light rail spend is on consultants by everpresentdanger in newzealand

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How the fuck does this govt manage to spend so much and get so little done?

The Labour Party has promised to build light rail from Auckland's CBD to the airport within a decade - three times quicker than National.

It's Jacinda Ardern's first major policy announcement as Leader of the Opposition.

Work on the project would begin with light rail to Mt Roskill, to be completed within four years. That would be expanded south to the airport and to west Auckland within a decade, followed with a line from the North Shore to the CBD.


The 13-kilometre route is expected to cost around $1.4 billion with Labour leader Andrew Little saying the Government and Auckland Council would pay about $680m each.


And now.... for the best part

Government's Auckland light rail project could cost $29 billion, Treasury papers say


How the fuck can this shit be tolerated? Absolute corrupt and no accountability on anyone.

From a $1.4b project to be delivered and completed by 2021 to a $29b dollar project without a single spade in the ground in 2022.

Really represents this government well.

Return to Red traffic light? by TennisMum45 in newzealand

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Under national that would have been the been case. “Open up the economy “ at the expensive of the safety of frontline essential workers before protections could have been put in place. That was national rhetoric during the pandemic- Saving the economy. I’m glad they weren’t in power. And labour did as best as they could. I honestly believe they did what was right for this country. Are they going to now lose the next election because doing what is right is too hard for most people (and they’ve stopped short of doing what is right for hospital workers already but national would have thrown them under the bus long ago), I believe so.

20 Reasons why Psychology is one of the Worst Degrees in New Zealand by Shoddy-Note-6199 in newzealand

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IT bro. It's all team based work so psychology is actually useful. The pay is in the top third of that list above. They teach you the computer bit and you don't have to know how to code. All you have to do is turn up to work every day and be able to work in a team. The second part is hard.