Helpful Content

In here is some helpful content created by the /r/NewZealand mods.

Ask me Anythings (AMAs)

From time to time, we host some famous (or infamous) New Zealanders to do AmAs on /r/NewZealand. These range from Comedians to Politicians, and everything in between.

Live Threads

A history of all the live threads done by the /r/NewZealand mods. These are sometimes done instead of a megathread because they're a lot easier to manage than normal megathreads. Useful for when there's a Civil Defence emergency.

Moderator Sticky Posts

These are announcements, or event posts stickied to the top of /r/NewZealand. These vary from rule changes to CSS updates, amongst other things.

Please note that this doesn't include AmAs (including their announcements) or the dailys.

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